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This Man Decided To File For Divorce After Getting A Girlfriend – But His Wife Couldn’t Be Happier


Family dynamics have changed drastically over the past several decades. Back in the ’40s and ’50s, families consisted of a mother and a father. If a woman wasn’t married, she either remained at home with her family until she got married or found a place of her own until she married. It was uncommon for a woman in her ’30s to be single. Back then, being gay or bisexual was not accepted, and those who were, kept it to themselves.

The Evolution of Families

Over the years, family dynamics have changed. Today, some families have just a mother or only a father. Some kids are raised by grandparents. Many families have two fathers and two mothers. There is no longer a mold of what a family should look like. It took time, but society has finally accepted the fact that kids can grow up happy and healthy as long as they have a loving person or persons caring for them. The caregiver’s age doesn’t matter, nor does the sex of the parent or their relationship to the child.

Benno and Cristina Kaiser

Benno and Cristina are a married couple from Las Vegas. The two started dating in 2005 when they were both part of the U.S. armed forces, where they served as military police officers. They dated for a while and fell in love. They got married, and shortly after their wedding, Cristina found out that she was pregnant. The couple was thrilled, and Cristina gave birth to a baby girl. A year later, they welcomed a son and then a daughter. For a while, they were the perfect American family. Cristina loved her husband, she loved her children, but she felt that something was missing from her life.


Cristina was bisexual. This is something she had known since she was a teenager, and Benno was aware of this when the two met. When the couple got comfortable in their lives together, Cristina became restless. She wanted a girlfriend. When she expressed her feelings to her husband, he was more than supportive. He had no objection to his wife looking for a girlfriend. Benno says that he knew that their love and marriage were strong enough for Cristina to bring another someone special into the relationship.

Sierra Kuntz

Cristina and Benno went to a pet store in their neighborhood, which is where Cristina met Sierra Kintz. The two women hit it off, and they became friends. Soon, friendship turned into something more, but Sierra wasn’t sure if this was something that she could handle. She knew that Benno and Cristina and Benno were in a loving relationship and that they had three children. The women started dating casually with Benno’s blessing, but Cristina wanted more. She wanted to bring Sierra into the marriage and the family.


At first, Sierra was reluctant. She was worried that Benno and Cristina were going through a phase and that she was disposable. She didn’t want to make a commitment to this family, only to have them decide that the phase is over, and Sierra would end up out on the streets with a broken heart. Sierra decided to take things slowly.

Polyamorous Relationship

Sierra realized quickly that she wasn’t just a phase for Benno and Cristina. It wasn’t long before they were in an active three-way sexual relationship. Benno and Cristina’s children loved Sierra, and they had no problem with the new family dynamic. Sierra became their children’s caregiver, while Benno and Cristina worked. Everything was going great, everyone was happy, but they had one concern.

The issue that Benno, Cristina, and Sierra had was with their situation was that Sierra had no legal rights over the children. If something were to happen to their parents, Sierra had no legal rights. They decided to solve the problem by Cristina and Benno filing for divorce. Once divorced, one of them was going to marry Sierra, which would give her legal rights to the children. This Man Decided To File For Divorce After Getting A Girlfriend – But His Wife Couldn’t Be Happier. It may not be a traditional family, but it works for them.


Cristina says that when some people hear about their unique family dynamic, they have negative things to say about it. Cristina says that some people can’t understand that three people can be in a loving relationship without jealousy, fights, or two against three issues. Maybe none of these things occur in her family. She says that they have a loving, respectful relationship, and they have boundaries. Cristina, Benno, and Sierra don’t let what other people say about their family get to them. They know that their family works and that their children are happy. All three children are satisfied with their home situation, and they have grown to love Sierra.

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