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This Man Said He Traveled To The Year 2749 – And He Made Some Disturbing Claims About The Future

Time Travel

Ever since the H.G. Wells novel, The Time Machine, was released, people started wondering if time travel is possible. The book is about a Victorian inventor’s journey in time to the 802nd century. While many people see time travel as nothing but science fiction stories, some believe that it could really happen someday. The late Stephen Hawking believed that one day, man could travel through time to see the future. Some people claim that time travel journeys have already happened.

Al Bielek

Al Bielek was known as an unusual child. He was born in 1927, and he was brilliant. He could recite things that he just read word for word, which earned him the nickname, “walking encyclopedia.” His ability to remember and understand was incredible. He claimed to have been able to have overheard a conversation when he was nine months old, and he says that he understood the whole thing.

The Philadelphia Experiment

Al lived a relatively normal life until he saw the 1984 film, The Philadelphia Experiment. He didn’t see it when it was first released. It wasn’t until 1988 that she saw the movie. In the film, a group of sailors was on the decks of the USS Eldridge during World War II. The U.S Navy wanted to hide their ships, and they thought that they had a way to do this. In the movie, the sailors on board the vessel disappeared was sent back in time. After seeing the film, Al felt something strangely familiar. He felt like he was suppressing something, He tried a variety of New Age treatments, and many long-buried memories came back to him.

Edward Cameron

When Al’s memories came back to him, he discovered that he was born Edward Cameron in 1916. The people who he knew as his parents were legal guardians assigned to him by government officials. Also, he had a biological brother named Duncan, who he hadn’t seen since he suppressed his memories. He says that when his memories came back, he discovered that the Philadelphia Experiment was real, and he was part of it. He says that he and his brother enlisted in the project during World War II, and everything started in 1931. When the tests were carried out in 1943, he says that he and his brother were there.

The Projects

Al says that a group of scientists was working on hiding the U.S. ships from the Nazi U-boats. They were John Hutchinson, John von Neumann, and Nikola Tesla. By 1940, they had some success with hiding smaller vessels, and three years later, they worked to hide the USS Eldridge, which was a larger vessel. According to Al, on July 22nd, there was a serious problem. He says that the ship did disappear, but after 15 minutes of invisibility, the people on the ship were suffering from nausea and delirium. John von Neumann wanted more time to run tests, but the Navy insisted that they go ahead in just a month. Al and his brother were on board again. This time, Al and his brother weren’t on board when the ship came back into view.


The two brothers knew that something was wrong, and they jumped overboard. When they hit the shore, they weren’t in Philadelphia, and it wasn’t 1943. They were on the shore of Montauk, New York, and it was 1983. According to Al, when they got to shore, they were swarmed by helicopters and guards. They were taken to an underground facility, and there, they were introduced to John von Neumann, who had aged 40 years. Al claims that he and Duncan had traveled in time. John von Neumann explained that the Eldrige was stuck inside a Hyperspace bubble. If it continued to grow, it would destroy the Earth. He told the men that the only way to stop it would be to return to the ship and destroy the onboard equipment, and he needed Al and Duncan to do it.


The men went through time again, and they used axes to destroy the generators on the ship. It began to stabilize, and the rift in time began to close. The USS Eldridge returned to 1943. After destroying the generator, Al lost consciousness. When he woke up, he and his brother were in the hospital. It wasn’t 1943 or 1983. He says that he was in the year 2137. While traveling through time, Al says that he and Duncan suffered from radiation burns and were bring treated. They were in the future hospital for six weeks, and during that time, they learned a lot. The doctors weren’t using gauze and medication to treat their wounds. Instead, they used ultra-advanced light and vibration energy to treat the patients.

On TV, only history, geography, and new channels were broadcast. He says that there were no sitcoms or soap operas. After watching TV, he learned the U.S. geography had changed. Between 2000 and 2025, he says that the U.S. lost parts of its landmass. Florida was gone, and Atlanta was where Florida once was.

More Changes

Al says that in the future, the world is under military rule, and the U.S. was no longer a nation. The population on earth had gone from 7.7 billion to 300 million. He claimed that nuclear war was the cause. Al says that when he was healed, he tried to get back to his time, but this time, he traveled to 2749. Nuclear war had devastated the Earth by this time again, and society rebuilt itself into a utopia. Al says that mankind had mastered the mechanics of anti-gravity, and artificial intelligence took over jobs, so people didn’t need to worry about money or work. Since money had no value, there was no war.

Traveling Again

Al found himself back in 1983 again, but his brother had side effects. He aged quickly and died. Al asked his parents to have another child and give him Duncan’s memories and thoughts. Using Duncan’s psychic abilities, they sent Al back. They first deleted his memories and sent him back to 1927 with a new name.

Truth or Fiction?

This Man Said He Traveled To The Year 2749 – And He Made Some Disturbing Claims About The Future. Many conspiracy theorists believe Al, but others don’t. He insists that he did travel in time. We don’t know if his stories are true, and in five years, we will know if it is for real. According to Al, by 2025, Florida was gone. In a little over five years, we’ll see if he was right.

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