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This Mom Heard Screeching Coming From The Baby Monitor – And What She Found Was Truly Harrowing

Roy and Bernita Rogers

When Roy and Bernita got married, they talked about having a big family. Since they had both come from big families and knew how great it was to have siblings, they wanted the same for their children. Whenever the couple imagined their future, it included a house full of children.


Bernita was thrilled when she found out that she was pregnant. She and Roy were planning for the baby, setting up the nursery, and doing everything that the doctors told her. Sadly, her baby was born prematurely, and he died. The couple was devastated, but the devastation turned to happiness when Bernita found out that she was pregnant again. Sadly, this pregnancy ended in another premature birth. As if the couple hadn’t been through enough after losing two children, fate struck another blow, and she lost her third child. She and Roy couldn’t handle anymore heartache, and they considered giving up hope on ever becoming parents.


Bernita says that not having a child to care for left a hole in her heart that she never thought could be filled. One night, a stray kitten came up onto the couple’s porch. When Bernita saw him, she instantly fell in love. The kitten was all black, and the couple named him Midnight. It wasn’t a baby, but it was someone for the couple to love and care for.


It wasn’t long before Midnight began feeling comfortable in his new home. He was very affectionate and always wanted to be petted. Roy and Bernita may have given Midnight a home, but he did much more for him than that. Midnight managed to fill the hole in the couple’s hearts that they never thought was possible. Over time, they became a family.

12-Months Later

Midnight had been the light of the couple’s lives for a year when Bernita found out that she was pregnant. She and Roy were scared and excited all at the same time. They were excited that Midnight was going to have a sibling, but they were terrified that they would go through the heartache again that they both knew so well. They tried to believe that Midnight brought them good luck when Bernita got pregnant. They hoped even more that he would bring more luck and their baby would be born healthy.

May 1986

In May 1986, Bernita went into labor before her due date. She thought that tragedy was striking again. The baby was premature and weighed just 5-pounds, but she was healthy. Roy and Bernita named their baby Stacey, and finally, they were able to take a baby home.


At first, the couple worried about how Midnight would feel about Stacey. They heard stories of pets being jealous of new babies and acting out. With Midnight, it was the exact opposite. It was as though Midnight knew that Stacey was his sister and he was fiercely protective. He was always lying beside Stacey, and he even slept right by her bed. Roy and Bernita were thrilled that Midnight and Stacey got along so well.

Stacey’s Illness

One morning, Stacey woke up with a cough and Bernita panicked. How could she not? The woman had lost three children over the last few years. To ease her mind, she took Stacey to the doctor. The doctor told Stacey that it was a minor cold and nothing to worry about. Bernita felt better and took her daughter home. When she got there, her mother was there for dinner. Bernita put Stacey to bed and turned on the baby monitor. As usual, Midnight went up to bed with her. Everything was fine until Bernita and Roy heard a blood-curdling scream. This Mom Heard Screeching Coming From The Baby Monitor – And What She Found Was Truly Harrowing.

Racing Up the Stairs

Bernita and Roy raced up the stairs to see what was happening. It wasn’t Stacey who was crying; it was Midnight. Stacey was in the crib, barely conscious, and her lips were blue. The couple quickly got their daughter to the hospital. The doctors told the couple that Stacey was in respiratory failure. They were able to treat their daughter, but the doctors said that had they waited even a minute or two to get their daughter to the hospital, she would have died. It was then that they realized who the true hero was. It was Midnight. Had their cat not screamed to alert them of Stacey’s condition, they would have been burying their fourth child.


The couple was thankful for Midnight. Fast forward 12-years later. Stacey is a happy and healthy girl, and she and Midnight are still best friends. She knows that if it weren’t for her feline best friend, she might not be here today.

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