Times People Absolutely LOST The Food Lottery

#1 The Saddest Carrot Ever

Carrots are supposed to be large, orange, and they are supposed to have long stems growing out from the top. The person who ended up with this carrot was extremely disappointed. The carrot is less than an inch long, it is dirty and misshapen, however, it does have very long stems growing out of the top. This carrot wouldn’t be enough to fill up a baby.

#2 Lemons and Strawberries

The most common things that people look for when they buy produce is the color, the firmness, and the size. The person who bought this fruit did find a very bright strawberry and a bright lemon, however, they failed when it came to choosing the size. Both pieces of fruit are about the size of a person’s tooth. This strawberry won’t bring much to a fruit salad. If you are planning to squeeze this lemon over a piece of fish, you better buy your lemons in bulk.

#3 Watermelons and Avocados

It can be very difficult to tell if you are getting a good watermelon when you buy one in the store. They all look and feel the same. It isn’t until they are cut that you can tell if you got a good one. A good watermelon should be bright red inside with a very thin layer of light green on the edges. The person who bought this watermelon lost the watermelon lottery. There is one tiny section of watermelon in the middle. The rest of the  watermelon is all rind. How depressing.  It is also difficult to tell whether or not you are getting a good avocado in the store. It isn’t until you get home that you realize you bought a dud. The person who bought this avocado wanted to buy the biggest avocado to make guacamole, but it didn’t work out that way.

#4 The Worse Loaf of Bread

When you cut into a piece of bread, you want it to be soft and warm and ready to be buttered. The person who bought this loaf of bread got much less than they expected. They cut into the bread and it turned out to be hollow. The bread was all crust and no bread. There was nothing warm inside and there was nothing that could be buttered. What a disappointment.

#5 Is This Really a Cheeseburger?

Cheeseburgers are one of the most popular foods in all the world. If you are planning a trip to Manila, you might be disappointed if you order a cheeseburger. When this burger is closed, you can see the cheese and you think that you have a cheeseburger. When the burger is open, however, you see that the piece of cheese is 1-inch x ½ inch. It doesn’t even come close to covering the burger. It barely even touches it. You are better off saving the 50 cents and buying a plain hamburger.

#6 Where’s The Gum?

Kids love Spongebob Squarepants and they love Spongebob Squarepants ice cream bars. The best part of the ice cream is Spongebob’s two eyes that are made out of gumballs. The poor child who excitedly opened up their ice cream bar was very disappointed. This Spongebob is a cyclops. Not only is it scary looking, but it only had one gumball eyeball. This poor child much have been very upset.

#7 Pre-Sliced Bread

Pre-sliced bread is the most popular type of bread because it requires very little work. When you open up your loaf of bread, you expect to see square pieces of bread going all the way to the bottom of the bag. The person who bought this bread got an unexpected surprise. Rather than the bread being cut in squares, it was cut the long way. The only type of sandwich that you can make with this bread is a very long one.

#8 The Yolkless Egg

There are many people who buy egg whites because they want to eat the healthiest version of an egg. There are other people who want the yolk because it is the best-tasting part of the egg. The person who cracked this egg was disappointed when they cracked the egg because a yolk never came out. This can make for a very depressing breakfast.

#9 Frozen Broccoli and Cauliflower

Frozen broccoli and cauliflower is a very popular product. When you can get both veggies in one bag it saves you a great deal of time. This is one of the times people absolutely LOST the food lottery. When they poured their veggies into a bowl, they found just one, tiny, sad piece of broccoli. The rest was all cauliflower. If this was what they wanted, they could have bought a simple bag of cauliflower. This was a huge Birdseye failure.

#10 Pre-Made Ice Cream Cones

Many people buy ice cream cones that are already made. These cones contain hardened chocolate, nuts, caramel, ice cream, and they are supposed to have a cone. The person who opened up this package was very disappointed to find that there was no cone. After opening the wrapper, the poor person eating this cone had to put it in a bowl and eat it with a spoon. If they wanted to do something like that, they could have just bought a gallon of ice cream and ate it from the carton.

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