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Weird College Life Hacks You Won’t Believe!

Weird College Life Hacks You Won't Believe!

#1 Getting Water From the Fountain

Most college students struggle when it comes to making ends meet. Buying water bottles to keep in your room for study sessions can be expensive. This student had a water fountain in the hall near his room, however, refilling a bottle again and again can be very time-consuming. To make his life easier, he created an invention to fill up a 5-gallon bottle of water without even being there. He put a cup around the top of the water bottle to make the hole bigger. He put his skateboard up against the button to make the water come out. Once the bottle was full, he had all of the free water that he needed.

#2 Makeshift Freezer During a Blizzard

When there is a blizzard in the forecast, college students make sure that they stock up on their alcohol. Unfortunately, some people don’t have room in their refrigerator for everything they bought. Also, the power often goes out during a blizzard, therefore, the refrigerator wouldn’t even work. This college student was smart. He decided to take advantage of the snow and he built his own, outdoor refrigerator. All he needed was a thin piece of wood. This is very smart.

#3 Fixing a Broken Shower Head

College students tend to get crazy from time to time, and things get broken. When something breaks, most college students don’t have the money to pay for the repairs. This college student broke his shower head and managed to fix it for under a dollar. He took an empty soda bottle and poked several holes in the bottom. Next, he screwed the bottle to his shower pipe and he managed to create a makeshift shower head for the cost of a bottle of soda. College students can be very creative when they need to be.

#4 Creating a Phone Speaker

Most people download music on their phone. Unfortunately, the speakers on cell phones aren’t always as loud as you would like them to be. This college student wanted to listen to the music on their phone but didn’t have a speaker to plug it into. In order to listen to his music at the level that he wanted, he had to get creative. All he needed was two empty half gallons of milk and an empty paper towel roll. He started out by cutting out the bottoms of the milk cartons as a way for the sound to come out. Next, he cut two holes into the sides of the milk cartons and he put the paper towel roll in the holes. Finally, he cut a thin slit in the middle of the paper towel roll to stick this phone in with the speaker side down. The final result was a speaker much louder than the Blue Tooth speakers that you can buy in a store.

#5 A Solution To a Broken Trash Basket

When your trash barrel cracks, you can no longer use it. This means that you will have no place to throw your trash. This college student broke their trash barrel, and she didn’t have the money to go out and buy a new one right away. Her only option was to get creative. She took her bar stool, turned it upside down, and put a trash bag around the legs. The final product was a makeshift trash barrel. Since she did need her stool back eventually, her parents bought her a new trash barrel when she went home for the holidays.

#6 Broken Side View Mirror

One expense that many college students cannot afford is to repair their vehicles. Most vehicle repairs are very expensive, no matter how small. The girl who drives this car got too close to something and she ripped her side mirror off. Since she needed her mirror to park and she didn’t want to get a ticket for having one, she had to get creative. She didn’t have the money to buy a new mirror, but she did have the money to buy a hairbrush with a mirror on the back. She slipped it right into the hole where her mirror used to be, she secured it with some duct tape, and she had a brand new side mirror. This is the best of all the weird college life hacks you won’t believe!

#7 Heating Up Pizza In a Hotel

When college students travel for spring break, they often cannot afford to stay in the best hotels. Most of these hotels won’t have a microwave. After a night of drinking, the leftover pizza looks really good, however, without a microwave, it won’t taste quite as good. Luckily, you can find everything that you need to heat up your pizza right in the bathroom. Start by turning on the iron and turning it upside down. Next, put the pizza on the iron to warm it up. Finally, use the hairdryer to melt the cheese on top. It might not be as simple as heating your food in a microwave, but when it is all you have, it actually works.

#8 When You Cannot Afford To Buy New Socks

When you have holes in your socks, it is time to buy new ones. Unfortunately, there are plenty of college students who don’t want to spend the little money that they have on a new pack of socks. They would rather buy beer or spend their money at the club. This college student didn’t want to buy new socks, but he did have a magic marker in his desk. Rather than letting people see his hole, he colored in the toe nail over the hole. In the end, you couldn’t even tell that he had a hole in his sock. According to the student in question, he let his mother know that he was low on socks and she put a few packages in the mail. At least he had this temporary solution to his sock problem.

#9 Making Spaghetti Without a Pot

College students don’t usually take the time to do their dishes, which means that when they need something, it is usually dirty. This student’s pot was dirty and instead of washing out the pan, he decided to make use of his coffee pot. He turned on the pot and brewed just water. Next, he put the pasta in through spout. In just a few minutes, his pasta was firm and al dente. All he needed next is a strainer. Whether or not that was clean is unknown.

#10 Porch Furniture

The college student who lived in this house wanted to have porch furniture so that he could sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. Since he couldn’t afford to buy brand new furniture, he had a better idea. He went down to the junkyard and took a few seats from old cars and he had a whole new set of furniture.

#11 A Riding Lawnmower

When many college students go home for the summer, their summertime chores pick up where they left off. For many college students, this means mowing the lawn. This student didn’t like the fact that his parents didn’t have a riding lawn mower, so he decided to make his own. He attached his father’s old fashioned lawn mower to the back end of a bike, and he built his own riding lawn mower.

#12 Cooking Out Without a Grill

There is nothing worse than wanting to grill up a few steaks but you don’t have a grill. The college student who took this picture didn’t have a grill, but he had the next best thing. A broken up shopping cart in the vacant lot next door. He used the broken carriage as a grill and he was able to eat the steaks that he was craving. Genius!

#13 Fixing a Broken Couch

College students can get rowdy, and when this happens, furniture can break. Since most college students cannot afford to replace their furniture, they need to get creative. The student who broke this couch used his creativity by putting a chair inside the hole. This way, he still had the same number of seats in his living room and he didn’t have to spend a dime.

#14 An Engineering Major At His Best

There is nothing worse than heating up a frozen pizza only to find that you don’t have a pizza cutter. This student put his engineering classes to good use and he created his own pizza cutter using a ruler and the cover to a can. After attaching the two together, the can cover was sharp enough to cut right into the pizza.

#15 Making Some Extra Money

College students are always looking for ways to make extra money. This student, who lived in a college neighborhood had a great idea. Rather than digging through the garbage bins and dumpsters in the area. He decided to invite his neighbors to throw their cans in his yard. Each time the can accumulate, he can cash them in for money.

Bonus Hack: Broken Razor

Anyone who has ever bought razors knows that they are expensive. This college student didn’t have the money to buy a new razor after his broke, so he came up with a plan where he could still shave and not spend any money. All he needed were the needle nose pliers in his tool drawer. He simply opened up the pliers enough so that they could hold onto the razor tip, and he was able to shave. This was a clever and free alternative.

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