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Tom Cruise Opened Up About His Habit Of Sending Unusual Gifts To His Co-stars

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was born in Syracuse, New York. He grew up catholic, in near-poverty conditions. Before becoming an actor, Tom had another dream. When he was younger, he attended a Franciscan seminary in Cincinnati, Ohio, on a church scholarship. He dreamed of becoming a priest. During his senior year of high school, he starred in the school’s production of Guys and Dolls, and his dream changed. He wanted to be an actor.


When Tom was 18 years old, he got the blessing of his mother and stepfather to move to New York City to pursue an acting career. There, he worked as a busboy while he tried to land acting jobs, but he wasn’t successful. Soon, he decided to move to Los Angeles to achieve his dream. In LA, he was signed with Create Artists Agency, and his dream was coming true. From here, his star began to rise.

Becoming a Star

Tom’s first role was in the 1981 film Endless Lover. Next, he landed a supporting role as a crazed military academy student in the film Tap. More acting roles came, including The Outsiders, All the Right Moves, Risky Business, and Top Gun. After Top Gun was released, Tom was considered to be a superstar. His next films included The Color Of Money, Cocktail, and Rain Man. It seemed as if each movie he starred in made him an even bigger star.

Mission Impossible and Jerry Maguire

Tom was a busy man in 1996. He took on the title role in Jerry Maguire, which earned him a Golden Globe and his second Academy Award nomination. He also starred in the reboot of Mission: Impossible, which was a box office hit. Mission: Impossible was so good that they made a squeal, Mission Impossible: 2. This led to Mission Impossible 3 and Mission: Impossible — Fallout. His resume is incredibly long.

Relationships and Scientology

Tom got involved with the controversial and much-criticized, Scientology. He worked his way up the ranks and has been called the face of the “religion.” He was introduced to the religion by his first wife, actress, Mimi rogers. Tom has dated plenty over the years, and in 1990, he met Nicole Kidman, who he would marry.

The couple adopted two children, Isabella Jane, and Connor Antony. The two filed for divorce, and after, Nicole found out that she was pregnant again. It was an ectopic pregnancy, and the baby didn’t make it. Later, he met and married Katie Holmes. The two had a daughter, Suri, and that marriage also ended in divorce. Katie filed for divorce on June 29, 2012, five and a half years into the marriage. The couple signed their divorce papers on July 9, 2012, and their lawyers determined a settlement. Since the couple lived in New York, and the law requires that all divorce documents remain sealed, the exact terms of the settlement were not made available to the public.

According to reports, Tom hasn’t seen his daughter, Suri, in years. Some believe it is because her mother, Katie, walked away from Scientology. According to former members of the “religion,” if you leave the faith, you are shunned by those still involved. Tom has received significant criticism for dropping out of his daughter’s life because of Scientology. Many people believe that Katie and Suri are better off.

Performing His Own Stunts

Tom enjoys doing his own stunts. During an appearance on The Late Late Show in July 2018, he discussed his desire to perform his own stunts. He told host, James Corden, that he wants to entertain an audience, and he likes to tell great stories and put cameras in places that you normally can’t. He says that his desire to put it all on the line started during childhood.

His Strange Habit

While on the show, Tom Cruise opened up about his habit of sending unusual gifts to his co-stars. His co-star in the new installment of Mission Impossible, Angela Basset, was on the show with him, and she had a few things to add. He admitted to sending his costars cakes and other types of pastry. Angela agreed, saying that she sent her a delicious treat.

The show’s host confirmed this by saying the Tom sent him a chocolate cake at the 2018 Grammys. Tom says that he sends these treats because he loves sugar, but since he’s in training, he can’t have it. Instead, he sends it to everyone in his movies, even the stunt team. After, he waits for the thank you calls so that the people who received the gifts can tell him all about the treats. He is eating vicariously through them. If he cannot enjoy the treats himself, he wants to hear about how they tasted.

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