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Top 10 Animals Frozen In Time

Top 10 Animals Frozen In Time

#1 The Frozen Fox

In January 2017, a hunter in Germany named Franz Stehle was hunting near the chilly Danube and he saw a block of ice containing a frozen fox. According to Stehle, the animal fell into the water where it drowned and then it froze to death. It didn’t take long before the water froze around the fox. According to Stehle, it isn’t unusual for animals to break through the frozen surface in the winter. He says that he has also seen a wild boar and a deer that were frozen. Today, the frozen fox is on display outside his family’s hotel in Fridingen.

#2 Frozen Fish

This photo was taken in 2015 by Kelly Preheim, who was a regular visitor to the Lake Andes National Wildlife Refuge. In 2017, the Department of the Interior shared the photo. You can see many fish frozen in the air. Most of them are carp and there are a few other species as well. This occurred when the lake levels were low due to a drought. The fish died due to depleted oxygen in the water. When it showed, it covered the fish and froze them. As the sun started to melt the show, what was life was this amazing photo.

#3 The Frozen Fox 2

Finding foxes frozen in the water must be a very common thing since this is the second one on his list. In 2014, a 26-year-old man named Jeffer Sandstrom was ice skating in central Sweden. When he looked down, he noticed that there was a fox frozen in the snow. According to Sandstrom, the fox walked over the semi frozen lake when he fell through. Since nobody was around, the fox could not get out of the water and he died. When the weather got cold again, the lake froze over, leaving the fox one of the top 10 animals frozen in time.

#4 The Frozen Elk

In 2014, a 47-year-old woman named Inger Sjoberg was ice skating in the middle of Lake Bodo in northern Norway when she saw something that she could not believe. Inside the ice was a very large elk and its antlers were sticking up out of the ice. According to Sjoberg, it looked as though the elk was walking across the lake before the water had frozen completely. Since the elk walked on the water too early in the winter, it fell through the ice and could not get out. When the lake froze over completely, the elk who had drowned was closed up under the ice. That year, the animal had become a huge attraction for tourists and the local children.

#5 The Frozen Frog

It might look like this frog is sleeping, but he is actually frozen. There was a rise in temperature in Norway so the frog thought that it was time to come out of hibernation so he tried to jump across the lake to find a mate. When the temperature dropped dramatically and the lake froze, the frog went back into hibernation right out on the open lake. After being exposed to the cold, the poor little guy froze to death.

#6 Frozen Donkeys

A 54-year-old photographer named Svein Nordrum was out skating on Lake Bindingsvann, which is located right outside of Oslo. When she saw the frozen herd of donkeys, she called a rescue team to come out and do something. The donkeys had been left unattended in an area that was experiencing the harshest, coldest winters on record. When the rescue team arrived, some of them were frozen but they were still alive. The team took the donkeys and brought them to an animal shelter so that they could be warmed up, stabilized, fed, and treated by a veterinarian.

#7 Two Bull Moose

In 2016, a hiker named Brad Webster and his friends were hiking near a village on the west coast of Alaska when they made a shocking discovery. They found two bull moose who were in mid battle, frozen in Unalakleet along the Bering Sea. They could tell that they were in the middle of a battle because their antlers were locked together. When they were discovered, mating season had just ended, which led the men to believe that they were either fighting over a female or territory. The animals must have fallen in the water after one was wounded and since their antlers were locked, they drowned in the frigid water together. When the water froze over, so did most of the moose.

#8 The Frozen Coyote

This amazing photo was taken by Sabine Caneon. This is exactly how the photographer found the coyote. He was sitting up, frozen solid on the side of the road. According to Caneon, the picture was taken in 2008, which happened to be one of the coldest winters on record. During that winter, the temperature dropped to -22 degrees. This was more than cold enough for this poor animal to freeze.

#9 Frozen Fish

This is something that you don’t see every day. During the winter of 2014, a man named Ingolf Kristiansen was taking a walk with his dog in Norway when he came upon hundreds of frozen fish. Due to the high winds and the extremely cold weather, the lake froze over so fast that the fish froze right into it. The lightning fast freezing of the bay didn’t give the fish a chance to swim below the water where it was safe.

#10 The Family Dog

Animal cruelty officials were investigating the death of a poor dog who was found in a block of ice on a man’s front lawn in British Columbia, Canada. The man in question was not responsible for the death of the dog, he didn’t even recognize the dog. According to police, the dog was placed in a bin of water until it froze. They believed that the dog belonged to someone because she was an average weight and relatively clean. The police believe that the dog died before she was frozen.

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