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Two Sets Of Identical Twins Get Married And Their Future Plans Are Crazy


Twins have a very special bond. They spend the first nine months of their existence in their mother’s womb together, and they grow up together. For identical twins, the bond is even stronger. Identical twins shared an egg, a womb, and identical DNA. This creates a bond, unlike any other. Many identical twins claim to be able to feel what their twin is feeling, such as happiness, fear, and even pain.

Brittany and Briana

Brittany and Briana are identical twins, and they have a very special bond. They grew up very close and did everything together. The only time that they lived apart was when they went to different colleges, but other than college, they have always been together. They are also very much alike. Their names both start with the letter, B, they dress alike, they have the same haircut, they both studied law, and they even got jobs as attorneys at the same law firm. Their similarities and connection are much more profound than their superficial characteristics.

The Future

Brittany and Briana often talked about their future. They wanted to have children one day, and they wanted to be the mother of each other’s children. When they dated, they often tried to date men who they called, Singletons, which is a man who doesn’t have a twin sibling. They did this for a while, but it didn’t seem to work. The sisters took being twins very seriously, and it felt like the men that they dated didn’t understand the bond that they shared. They knew that the only men who would understand the intense relationship that they shared were men who also had a twin.

The Twin Festival

Because Brittany and Brianna believed that being twins was such a huge part of their identity, they decided to attend a twin festival. In August 2017, the Twins Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, was taking place, and the sisters decided to go. They thought that it would be a great place to meet men who weren’t Singletons. It was at the festival that they met twins, Josh and Jeremy Salyers. Briana says that meeting the twins was one of the most magical moments of her life. She said that it felt like she was in a slow-motion movie and that she and her sister had met their soulmates. There was an instant connection that none of them could explain.

The Meeting

Brittany was the first of the sisters to spot Josh and Jeremy. She and her sister were sitting on a bench when the twin brothers walked by. Brittany says that they took her breath away. She pointed the men out to her sister, and they were determined to meet them. Unfortunately, it took them until the end of the festival to make contact. After meeting, the four had a great conversation.

Social Media

When the festival ended, the two brothers reached out to the girls on social media. They told the girls that they couldn’t wait to meet up again at the festival next year. The girls didn’t want to wait to see them again, and shortly after, the men went to visit the girls at their home Virginia. The meeting went great, and they felt very confident about having a future together. The girls say that it was something out of a fairy tale. They met men who they were falling in love with, and they were twins. It was what Brittany and Briana had always dreamed about.

Josh and Jeremy

Like Briana and Brittany, Josh and Jeremy’s names started with the same letter. They also have the same job, and they work together at a manufacturing company. They say that they always knew that they weren’t going to get married unless they married twins, which was precisely how Briana and Brittany felt. Things were going great for the two couples. The two couples felt complete symmetry. The two brothers were precisely five minutes apart, as were the girls. What are the odds that two sets of twins that were both five minutes apart would meet and fall in love? It was little things like this that only proved to the couples that it was meant to be.

February 2nd or 2-2

Jeremy and Josh chose February 2nd, or 2-2, to propose marriage to the girls. An Inside Edition camera crew followed the couple on a trip to Twin Lake, Virginia. Briana and Brittany thought that they were going to take part in a commercial, which explained why their partners were wearing tuxedos. The scenery at the lake was beautiful, and the four were enjoying the evening in front of a beautiful outdoor fireplace. The girls were shocked when Jeremy and Josh got down on one knee and presented them with identical engagement rings.

They looked shocked and said yes in unison. What the girls didn’t know was that for weeks before the night of the proposals, the men were practicing. They wanted to make sure that they popped the question perfectly in sync. If Jeremy ended up popping the question before Josh, it would have ruined the surprise. The only way for the proposal to work is if they both asked their future brides to marry them at precisely the same time. It took plenty of practice runs for them to get the proposal perfect. Fortunately, when it came time to do it for real, it went just as planned.

Who Is Marrying Who?

Even though the sisters are very close and the brothers are as well, they aren’t all dating each other. Briana is dating Jeremy, and Brittany is dating Josh. Both Briana and Jeremy were born five before Brittany and Josh, which made this paring perfect in their eyes.

A Double Wedding

The couples were engaged, and they were on cloud nine. Because they were all so close and they got engaged together, they also wanted to get married together. Instead of a long engagement, the two couples wanted to get married right away. They set a date for six months after the engagement, and they wanted to have a wedding that their friends and family would never forget. When planning the wedding, they decided to have a theme, and obviously, the theme would be twins. They decided on a theme, and they took it very seriously.

Identical Everything

The couple got identical cakes, identical gowns, and wanted to find identical ministers. It took some time, but they pulled it off. The last detail to consider was the venue. They decided that the best place to get married was in Twinsburg, Ohio, which was where they all met. The name also fits perfectly with the theme of the wedding, but there was one problem. None of the twins were residents of Ohio, which caused bureaucratic issues. It took some work, but they got everything figured out. They say that planning the wedding was easy because they didn’t have any clashing visions of what they wanted. Brittany and Briana were on the same page, as were Josh and Jeremy.

The Wedding

The wedding day finally came, and it was beautiful. Everything was perfect, and the couples said their vows one by one, and finally, they were all married. Brittany and Brianna’s dream had finally come true. They had their dream double wedding with their dream twins. After the wedding, the couples still had big plans for their future together. They even created a hashtag for their wedding, which has followed them in the future, #TwiceUponATime.


The couples’ friends and family members weren’t the only people at the wedding. Many media outlets were there to cover the unusual marriage. The TLC network was one of them, and they took particular interest in the wedding. They asked to film a documentary about the wedding, as well as the couples’ lives after the wedding. They wanted to do a reality show about the two couples. The talked about it, and rather than signing on to do a whole show, they agreed to a single documentary that focused on their wedding. The show allowed the audience to see the fantastic identical wedding. The most exciting part of the show was the up-close look it gave of the twins’ unique relationships.

Living Together

Two sets of identical twins got married, but wait till you hear about their future plans. After the wedding, the two couples planned to move in together all in the same house. They all agreed that they wanted to be as close as possible. Since the girls worked together as did the men, sharing a home made sense logistically.

Planning a Family

Jeremy says that they all wanted to have twins, and they wanted them to be born on the same day. They all thought that it would be wonderful to raise their families together. Even though the couples’ children would technically cousins, genetically, they would be full siblings even though they would have different parents. Because both brothers share the same DNA and both sisters do as well, their children will all have the same DNA. They just hope that when they do have children, that they are identical twins. While they are excited to have children, they all understand that having a family is still a long way off.

An Unrealistic Dream

Many people wonder if both couples have an unrealistic dream when it comes to their future. Some think that the idea of sharing a home with another couple won’t work because the couples won’t have much privacy. Brittany and Brianna say that privacy isn’t an issue because they love to be together. They have also heard people’s disapproval about their plans for a family. Just because the sisters are identical twins, it doesn’t mean that they will get pregnant at the same time. What will happen if one couple gets pregnant and the other couple struggles? Will this bring up feelings of jealousy? Also, what happens when it comes time to discipline the children? There is a chance that the two couples won’t always see eye to eye when it comes to discipline. When this happens, it can result in problems within the household. When the couples hear these negative comments, they chose not to listen. Jeremy says that their lives are their own, and they can do what they want, despite the way that people feel.


People have asked the couples many times if they ever get mixed up and end up kissing the wrong person. Brittany says that she and her sister have a deep love for their husbands, and their husbands feel the same. They also know one another so well that they couldn’t possibly get confused because their connection to their spouses is so deep. Jeremy says that people ask him that question so often that it has become frustrating.

Minor Celebrities

After the wedding, the two couples became minor celebrities. Not only did TLC do a documentary about their wedding, but they were also featured on the Picker and Ben show and many overseas appearances, including the British morning show, This Morning With Phillip and Holly. For a while, their schedule was booked with interviews and appearances. After the wedding, they decided that they wanted things to calm down a bit. They wanted a chance to enjoy their respective spouses, and start getting settled into married life. They all enjoyed all off the attention for a while, but now they are trying to live their lives in private.

When Will We See Them Again?

For now, Brianna, Brittany, Josh, and Jeremy are living their lives in privacy; however, this could all change when the girls get pregnant. If they are able to get pregnant at the same time, and they have twins, it could be a pretty incredible reality show. The couples haven’t commented on whether or not this would be an option for them. Right now, they are just enjoying living out their real-life fairy tale.

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