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World’s Top, Biggest, And Most Powerful Naval Forces – Which Country Are You In?

Naval Forces

When it comes to the biggest naval force in the world, most people believe that it is either China, Russia, or the United States that has the biggest. While these countries are all contenders, there are plenty of others that have very strong naval forces. There are even some secrets that you may not know. World’s Top, Biggest, And Most Powerful Naval Forces – Which Country Are You In?

Chinese Hackers

In June 2008, Chinese government hackers stealing a large amount of data on a contractor who works for the US Navy. Some of the information taken included secret plans of the United States. This gave the world proof that China may have been responsible for sponsoring cyber attacks. China is also using its own naval force to declare its territory in the East and the South China Sea.

36th Vietnam

Of the 75 countries with large naval forces, Vietnam holds the 36th position. They have 65 naval assets, with 14 corvettes, six submarines, and 25 patrol crafts. They also have eight mine warfare vessels. When it comes to the Navy’s budget, Vietnam has set aside about $3.4 billion. Vietnam’s People’s Navy is a high priority.

35th Chile

Chile has the 35th largest naval force. The Navy’s history dates back to 1817 when they declared victory at the Battle of Chacabuco. After the wars from freedom in the early 1800s, Chile realized how important naval force would be for their country. They have 69 navy assets, and their defense budget is $5.5 billion. They also have plenty of protection for their country, which includes eight frigates, four subs, and 23 patrol crafts.

34th Nigeria

Of all the navies in the continent of Africa, the Nigerian Navy is the largest. Between the members of the navy and the Coast Guard, there are several thousand members. Before calling the Nigerian Navy, they’re the Nigerian Marines. Their defense budget is $2.3 billion, and they have 75 naval assets. They also own 93 patrol crafts and four frigates.

33rd United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has the 33rd largest naval force in the world. They have an estimated 2,500 members of the Navy. They have 75 naval assets, two mine warfare vessels, 12 patrol crafts, and two corvettes. Their total defense budget is over $14.4 billion.

32nd The United Kingdom

The UK’s navy is the Royal Navy, and they managed to preserve their warships for their battle against France. The navy dates back to the 16th century, and over time, they have stepped up their game. They have a defense budget of $50 billion, with 76 naval assets. Their assets consist of 13 frigates, 21 patrol crafts, six corvettes, two aircraft carriers, 13 mine warfare vessels, six destroyers, and ten subs. The Royal Navy isn’t messing around.

31st Qatar

The 31st most significant naval force is the State of Qatar Armed Forces. Their maritime force is popular as the Qatari Emir Navy and Qatari Emiri Naval forces. Since the country gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1971, they started to grow their naval forces. They have 80 naval assets, and they have a defense budget of $1.9 billion.

30th Germany

Germany has set aside $45.2 billion for its naval defense budget, and they have a total of 81 naval assets. The Deutsche Marine has ten frigates, 12 mine warfare vessels, six subs, and five corvettes. These, combined with the naval assets, gives Germany a pretty powerful force.

29th Thailand

Thailand’s naval force is the Royal Thai Navy, or RTN. They have been their own naval force since the late 19th century, and since then, they have been growing stronger. Today, they have a defense budget of $9.4 billion. The navy consists of seven frigates, seven mine warfare vessels, seven corvettes, and 32 patrol crafts; they also have an aircraft carrier. In all, Thailand has 81 naval assets.

28th Poland

The Polish navy holds 12,000 enlisted and commissioned personnel. They are active since March 24, 1568, and defend the rivers where they’re trading and exchanging goods. They have a total defense budget of $9.4 billion and 83 naval assets.

27th Algeria

Algeria has a coastline that spans nearly 620-miles, and they work hard to defend it. The navy has a total of 85 assets, and a budget of $10.6 billion. They also have over 30,000 navy personnel to protect the country against maritime problems. The navy form during the Cold War to help the Soviet Union.

26th Taiwan

Taiwan’s name for its naval force in the Republic of China Navy, and there are over 38,000 people enlisted. Although they are a small country, their defense budget is $10.7 billion, and they hold 87 naval assets. The work hard to defend their territory, especially against China. They may never be able to beat China, but they are always ready just in case something happens.

25th Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Navy protecting the maritime territorial area of the country, which makes up about 45,874 square miles. It is their job to defend the country’s military and economic interests from any kind of threat. They have a defense budget of $1.6 billion and have 89 naval assets.

24th Denmark

The Royal Danish Navy is the marine counterpart of the Danish Defense Force. They do what they can in the ocean, such as oil spill prevention and recovery, ice-breaking security and surveillance, and search and rescue. They have a total of 90 naval assets, with a defense budget of $4.4 billion.

23rd Brazil

The Brazilian Navy is the largest in South and Latin America. It is the next largest fleet after the United States Navy. They have 110 naval assets, with a defense budget of $29.3 billion.

22nd Greece

Greece’s naval force is popular as the Hellenic Navy. According to their rich history, the maritime force began during the Greek War of Independence, and they were officially recognized in 1828. Over the years, the naval force is getting bigger and bigger. Today, they have 115 naval assets. They have a defense budget of $6.5 billion, so they are ready for any maritime emergency.

21st France

The French Navy is also famous as the Marine Nationale, and it is the world’s oldest naval force. The navy started in 1624 and played an essential role in building the French colonial empire. The navy consists of six branches, and in all, they have 118 naval assets. Their defense budget is $40 billion.

20th Philippines

Even though the Philippines is a small archipelago, it has managed to rank at number 20 on this list. They have over 24,000 personnel, along with the 7,500 members of the Marine Corps. They have 119 naval assets, with a defense budget of $3 billion. After being conquered by several countries, they decided to put a lot of effort into protecting their territory.

19th Morocco

The Royal Navy of Morocco us under the management of the Administration of Defense Morocco. King Mohammad VI is leading the force today. It is their duty to secure the country’s exclusive economic zone that spans 81,000 square nautical miles. They have 121 naval assets and a budget of $3.4 billion.

18th Japan

Japan’s navy is known as the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, and it was formed on July 1, 1954. Currently, the force consists of 45,800 personnel. They have 143 naval assets, with an allotted defense budget of $44 billion.

17th Mexico

Mexico’s force is popular as the Naval Infantry Corps. They have been active since 1822 and was reorganized in 2007. It is their responsibility to secure and maintain peace at the borders. They have a total of 143 naval assets and a defense budget of $7 billion.

16th Italy

The Italian Navy was formed in 1946 after World War II. It was first known as Regia maria and was created on March 17, 1861. As of August 2014, there were 30,923 of the Italian Navy. They have 143 naval assets and a defense budget of $37.7 billion.

15th Myanmar

The Myanmar Navy consists of 19,000 naval personnel, and they have proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. Today, they have 155 naval assets, including frigates, mine warfare vessels, and corvettes. They have a defense budget of $2.4 billion.

14th South Korea

The South Korean navy was called the Republic of Korea Navy and was formed on November 11, 1945. They are the oldest division of the Armed Forces of South Korea. South Korea is friendlier than its counterpart, North Korea, but they haven’t taken any maritime chances. They have a total of 166 naval assets and a defense budget of $40 billion.

13th Bolivia

The Bolivian Navy has 173 naval assets, with a defense budget of $315 billion. There are 5,000 members of the navy. Despite the fact that the country was landlocked since 1904 during the War of the Pacific, they were able to develop a River and Lake Force under the Ministry of National Defense back in 1963. Today, they have a strong naval force.

12th Turkey

The Turkish Naval Forces were formed in 1881 when the first Turkish fleet sailed the Aegean Sea. It wasn’t until July 1, 1949, that they became part of the Turkish Naval Forces Command. According to a survey, there are 48,600 people in the navy. They have 194 naval assets, with a defense budget of $10.2 billion.

11th Pakistan

Pakistan makes up about 650 miles of coastline on the Arabian Sea, and they have a powerful naval force. The Pakistan Navy was established on August 14, 1947. They have a total of 197 naval assets and a defense budget of $7 billion.

10th Indonesia

Now that we are down to the top 10, you will start to see some real force. The Indonesian Navy is one of the youngest naval forces in the world. They were established on September 10, 1945, and there is 74,000 active-duty personnel. They have a total of 221 naval assets, complete with mine warfare vessels, patrol crafts, subs, corvettes, and frigates. And they have a defense budget of $6.9 billion.

9th Colombia

The Colombian National Navy is also known as Armada Nacional. Their job is to protect the Colombian border, including the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans. As of September 2013, there was 35,086 personnel. Colombia has a total of 234 naval assets, with a budget of $12.1 billion.

8th Finland

Finland has 31,500 navy personnel. The Finnish Navy has 270 navy assets, with a defense budget of 3.7 billion. The navy calls their vessels, Finnish Navy Ships, and their Rear Admiral Kari Takanen is their current Finnish Navy Commander-in-Chief.

7th India

The Indian Navy is one of the most powerful in the world. The Indian Navy can be traced back to 1612. Back then, they acted as the supreme protectors of British merchants shipping in at the time. They have one of the largest naval fleets in the world and have 295 naval assets. They have a total defense budget of $47 billion.

6th Egypt

Egypt has the largest naval force in Africa and the Middle East. The Egyptian Navy Forces protect over 2,000 kilometers of shoreline, and they have 319 naval assets to do it. They have a total defense budget of $4.4 billion.

5th Russia

It is no surprise to see Russia in the top five. They have over 37,653 km of coastline to protect. Russia currently has 352 naval assets, and some of them have nuclear potential. They have a defense budget of $47 billion, which proves that they are serious when it comes to naval defense.

4th Iran

The Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army was first established on November 5, 1932. They are the first life of defense in the Gulf of Oman, and they have 398 navy assets to help with the defense. They have a defense budget of $6.3 billion, which is plenty of money to pay for the defense.

3rd United States

Most people find it surprising that the United States ranks at number three and not number one. This is because they have a total of 415 naval assets, which enough to defeat the number one country. The U.S. has a jaw-dropping $647 billion defense budget. The U.S. is a force to be reckoned with, but there are two countries with more assets and a larger budget.

2nd China

China’s navy is called the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy, and there are over 255,000 active navy personnel. They have 714 naval assets, which is much higher than in the United States. The allotted defense budget is $151 billion, which is much lower than the U.S. budget.

1st North Korea

As frightening as it is, North Korea has the largest naval force. North Korea has a total of 967 naval assets. They spent a large portion of their budget on these assets, leaving them a defense budget of just $7.5 billion.

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