Most Unusual Houses In The World

#1 The Spaceship House

The person who built this house must have had a fascination with UFO’s and aliens because they designed their home to look just like a spaceship. It might not have the lights and the lasers, however, it is round, it stands on legs, and it has small windows going all around. Even the stairs used to enter the home look like the entrance to a UFO. It certainly is a strange looking house. If you are ever driving around in Chattanooga, Tennessee, you could drive right by this house.

#2 The Teapot House

This house is located in Zillah, Washington. When you first look at it, you would think that it is a small coffee shop because it is shaped like a teapot. In reality, it is a house. It was built in 1922 by a person who wanted the world to remember the Teapot Dome Scandal which involved President Warren Harding and a petroleum reserve in Wyoming. The house looks weathered, but it is still cute.

#3 The Boeing 727 House

This house is owned by Joanne Ussary of Benoit, Mississippi. The house is an old Boeing 727 that she purchased for $2,000. It cost her double what she paid for it to move it onto her property. After paying $4,000 to have it moved, she paid another $24,000 to renovate it. To get into the house, you lower the stairs using a remote control. The bathroom is still in its original condition, but she redid the rest of the plane. She even has a Jacuzzi in the cockpit. Based on the total cost of her home, she got a really good deal.

#4 The Toilet-Shaped House

This house is located in Suwon, South Korea. It is another house that was designed by activists. It was designed by a group of South Korean sanitation activists to mark the beginning of a global toilet association. The construction was completed on November 21, 2007, and it is just as unique on the inside as it is on the outside.

#5 The Nautilus House

This house is located in Mexico, and it is absolutely gorgeous. It is a sea-shell inspired house with plenty of stained glass windows. The house was designed by Senosianin Arquitectos for a couple who love seashells and the ocean. This is a very expensive house. Hopefully, the couple plans to remain in the house as it might be difficult to find a buyer with such unique taste.

#6 The Shoe House

Unlike most of the houses on this list, the Shoe House isn’t the main house, it was actually a guest house. The house is located in Pennsylvania and it has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living room. The house was originally owned by a local shoemaker named Mahlon N. Haines. When he died, it became an ice cream parlor for a short time. Today, it is a museum.

#7 The Upside Down House

When you first look at this house, you would believe that there was an earthquake in the area. The house was actually built this way. It is located in Szymbark, Poland. It was designed by a man named Daniel Czapiewski. He designed the home to signify the former communist era and the times that we live in today. This is by far one of the most unusual houses in the world1.

#8 The Eliphante Art House

This house is located in Cornville, Arizona. It blends in so well with the landscape that it is difficult to even see it unless you look close. The house was built by an artist named Michael Kahn and his wife Leda Livante. What makes this house even more unusual is that it was built using materials that the couple gathered themselves piece by piece.

#9 The Mushroom House

This house is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is located in a neighborhood with relatively normal homes and it is by far the strangest on the block. It looks like a mushroom. There is a stem holding the house up and there is a glass enclosed addition coming out the top of the house. If you look at the picture closely, you can see a For Sale sign in front of the house. If it is still for sale, you could live in the Mushroom House yourself.

#10 The Fallingwater House

This house is located in Pennsylvania and it is one of the most amazing houses in the world. It was designed by an architect named Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 and it was partially built over a waterfall. So that he could enjoy the view, he built a large deck at the top of the house.

#11 The Steel House

This house is located in Lubbock, Texas. The man who built it was an architect and sculptor named Robert Bruno. The house resembles a giant pig and it took him 23 years to build. When he finished, he had used 110 tons of steel to build the house.

#12 The Test Tube House and the Underground Refrigerator

When you look at the front of the house in the photo on the left, it looks like a giant test tube resting on the concrete. When you are inside, you discover that it was just a doorway to a large, underground house. There is another door in the back that comes right out from the ground. The photo on the right is a large, underground refrigerator that doesn’t require any electricity. It stays cold as a result of the cooling effect that the groundwater has.

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