The First Animal You See In This Picture Will Determine Your Personality

#1 The PictureYour personality is made up of a number of traits. All of these traits combined make you who you are. Everyone has a primary trait which causes them to behave the way that they do. It is this trait that determines how you behave in certain situations. Your personality also depends on how certain things appear to you. It is actually a trick that your brain plays on you. This photo contains many photos in one. The picture that you see first has a lot to do with your personality. In fact, the first animal you see in this picture will determine your personality.

#2 The StallionIf you first saw the stallion, it means that you are an ambitious person. You have the drive to succeed however, you want to be free and wild when you are trying to get what you want. You are not the type of person to take the easy way you. You thrive on hard work and you never back down from a fight. If you saw the stallion first, you are likely in touch with who you are. You are honest with yourself and others. Your drive and ambition will make you very successful in all aspects of life.

#3 The Rooster

If you saw the rooster first, your personality’s primary characteristic is perseverance. If you saw the rooster first, you are far from meek, just like the rooster. Roosters may be small, however, they are known to be very fierce creatures. If you saw the rooster first, you are a fierce person as well. You may look harmless but you aren’t. When you need to fight back, you have no problem. You will stand up for what you believe and fight when necessary. Like the rooster, you are not the instigator. If attacked, either verbally, mentally, or morally, you will do what you have to do and you won’t regret it one bit.

#4 The Crab

If you saw the crab first, you are similar to this creature, hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Like the crab, you are extremely loyal. Whether you believe it or not, deep down, you have always been loyal to the people you care for. You are the type of person who puts the needs of your loved ones ahead of your own. You are the type of person who would never cheat or betray people who trust you. You would never even consider it.

#5 The Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is the master of patience and its senses. This creature will wait for hours while it hurts its prey before it attacks. If the first picture you saw was the praying mantis, it means that you have very strong instincts and you trust them. You are the type of person who goes with your gut more often than not. It is your fighting spirit that drives you to believe in yourself and to trust your got. If you saw the praying mantis, you are the master of your domain. Your fighting spirit makes it impossible to keep you down for long.

#6 The Wolf

Wolves are known to travel in packs, however, they are also known to wander on their own. This makes them lonely from time to time. Not only is the wolf a loner, they are also fierce and fearless. If you saw the wolf first, your inner spirit is as fierce and fearless as a wolf. You might travel with a crowd, however, your personality will always stand out. You are not the type of person to try to blend in with the pack. You are a unique person and you love to let it show. Having the wolf personality can be exhilarating, however, it can be lonely also. The good news is that your personality is strong enough to endure the loneliness.

#7 The Dog

Dogs are protective, brave, loyal and even selfless. Most people know the traits of a dog, which is why they are such popular pets. There are, however, very few people who have these traits. If you saw the dog first, you are one of the few with the same traits. You are loyal to the people you care for. You are also fierce, loving, selfless, protective, and playful, all at the same time. These are all traits that you don’t see very often all in one personality. If you are lucky enough to have this personality trait, you are one of the lucky few. If you saw the dog first, you are loved by everyone who has the pleasure of knowing you.

#8 The Eagle

Eagles are wild and free and they were built to soar. They are also one of the most serious predators in nature. If you saw the eagle first, you are likely a very focused person and you are driven to get what you want. You are not the type of person to waiver in your decisions. Once you make up your mind, you often won’t change it. If there is something that you want in life. You will swoop down, grab it, and fly high with it. This is the same thing that the eagle does when it finds its prey. You have the ability to fly high above anyone’s reach.

#9 The Butterfly

The butterfly is a symbol of change and beauty. The butterfly goes from a cocoon to one of nature’s most beautiful creatures. If you saw the butterfly first, you likely have some of the same traits. You are very adaptable and flexible, and you can change yourself based on your needs. You may look at yourself in the ugly times of your life, however, this is when you are in your cocoon. The good news is that your personality makes it easy for you to break out of this and become the beautiful person that you were meant to be.

#10 The Dove

Doves are symbols of peace and eternal love. They are also one of the most beautiful creatures in nature. If you saw the dove first, you likely have a very wise soul. You are patient, kind, and nurturing and you are often at peace with yourself. Peace from within is something that most people never achieve, therefore, if you have this personality trait, you are quite unique. Most people look at you as a symbol of hope.

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