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Weirdest Restaurants That Actually Exist

If you thought that a trip to Outback Steakhouse was exotic, then prepare to have your mind blown from these absurdly wacky and weirdest restaurants that are so photogenic that after seeing them, you might just decide to make some travel plans to get some content for your Instagram.

Facts Verse Presents: Top 10 Weirdest Restaurants That Actually Exist

Not only do many of these obscure culinary establishments offer insane architecture and décor that are certain to leave you scratching your head, but you should see some of their menu offerings! Everything about the restaurants that we are about to talk about is worth taking note of,

By the time we finish up our list, we’re guessing you’ll be calling up your travel agent and looking for the cheapest flights because some of these dining destinations are downright delectable to the senses.

Stick around for the whole video to learn about the potentially explosive restaurant in Spain that is sure to make you a little nervous if you were to ever to pay it a visit. Let’s just say that their food is really really HOT!

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Modern Toilet – Multiple Location In Taiwan

You might not think of the bathroom as being prime territory for finding a fine-dining experience, but in Taiwan, you might just find a culinary masterpiece accompanied by a little bit of toilet humor – quite literally.

Taiwanese chain Modern Toilet offers up such comical creations as the ‘poop-stuffed pancake’ and the equally repulsive ‘green vomit meat sauce spaghetti’

If you’re looking at flushing your hard-earned money straight down the lieu, then you have finally found the restaurant to fit all of your crude childhood dreams. That being said, diners of age can wash all of these foul named dishes down with a pint of ‘urine beer’ – because who wouldn’t want some of that?

These peculiar dishes are all served on toilet shaped plates to complete the lavatory experience.

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Silver Clipper Dinner Flight – Melbourne Australia

Maybe restroom cuisine isn’t quite your thing and you have higher-tastes. You can now take your dining experience to a whole new level with this restaurant that puts its diners high above the clouds in a highly specialized airplane equipped with everything to tickle your taste buds.

You might not have been too impressed by your in-flight meal in the past, but this experimental combination of delicacies and altitude is sure to change your opinion with a scenic 70-minute flight that takes it’s passengers around Port Phillip Bay in a vintage 1940s style airplane just in time to watch the sunset.

If you need something to wet your whistle or if heights make you a bit nervous, a beverage cart will roll up to treat you with a glass of fine wine to lighten the mood.

Alux Restaurant – Riviera Maya, Mexico

Maybe soaring through the skies isn’t really your cup of tea either and your searching for something a little more grounded – or undergrounded even.

What could be more romantic than a candlelit dinner in a cave? Patrons of Alux Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen will be able to enjoy such delights as lobster bisque, roasted octopus, and mezcal chocolate.

The ambiance alone is worth the visit to this 10,000-year-old cavern equipped with private tables, a cozy bar lounge, an award-winning menu, and impeccable service.

If you are looking for a dining experience that feels more like a journey into the center of the earth then Alux is definitely the right eatery for you.

Ninja New York – New York City

Looking for a bite to eat and maybe the chance of earning your black belt while you’re at it? You might be in luck.

Ninja New York is designed to look like a traditional ninja village from the 1500s. When you step into this Japenese-inspired establishment, you are immediately greeted by a stealthy host that pops out of no-where in true ninja fashion so as to set the mood.

The show doesn’t stop there. Diners treat with a hibachi-style tableside cooking experience packed full of showmanship and pizzazz. Not only are the visual aesthetics of this place impressive, but their food is truly remarkable as well.

Ithaa Undersea – Maldives, Rangali Island

Even Ariel from the Little Mermaid would be excited to visit this breathtaking luxury restaurant. You’ll want to make reservations far in advance if you are trying to have this dining experience of a lifetime that takes you to the ocean floor amidst a coral reef. See the fish swim around you as you sit comfortably and safely 16 feet underwater in this glass-domed restaurant that gives you mind-blowing 360-degree views.

The aquatic restaurant offers up Michelin-quality fusion offerings from the prix fixe menu. Enjoy a delicious meal of prawn tartare and spicy sea snails while seeing some of nature’s most beautiful nautical creatures.

By the way, in case you were wondering, ‘Ithaa’ means ‘Mother Of Pearl’ in Dhivehi.

Tonga Room – San Francisco, California

Experience what it feels like to be a time traveler when you step into this Polynesian tiki bar that has been open since 1945, located at the Fairmont San Francisco Hotel. The theming alone with its central lagoon equipped with a floating island-stage for it’s nightly live music, tropical chandeliers, palm wall coverings, and its islander menu should be enough to inspire you to order a rum and coconut and take a load off.

Fun Fact: The ‘Lagoon’ used to be the hotel’s indoor swimming pool named the ‘terrace plunge” before it was converted over into the iconic centerpiece that it is today. We can confidently say that that move was indeed what we call an upgrade.

Rollercoaster Restaurant – Multiple Locations

Okay, we get why you might be skeptical about combining rollercoasters and food. That sound’s like a good way to end up in the toilet and we already tried that out on the first restaurant on our list.

Instead of riding rollercoasters while attempting to enjoy a meal, what if the food and drink were delivered to you via rollercoasters? That’s exactly what you can experience if you ever get the chance to visit any of the 9 locations across Europe and The Middle East.

This feat is accomplished by hyper-specialized stainless steel rails that deliver your consumables directly to your table with the aid of only gravity. Multiple lift systems deliver finished plates back up to the kitchen. There are loops, twists, and turns and fun for the whole family to be found at these whimsically wonderful casual restaurants.

They bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘meals on wheels”

Chicago Sweat Lodge – Chicago, Illinois

Why not stop in for an old-world style steam room experience with a side of pierogies at this sauna-restaurant hybrid.

Male guests only (sorry ladies) can have a nice sweat, hop into the plunge pool to cool off and then enjoy the amenities of a full-service bar and restaurant. Don’t forget your towel, you’re going to need it.

This peculiar, yet relaxing establishment offers up a truly authentic Easter European dining spa experience that you won’t want to pass up if you are ever in the windy city.

Chillout – Dubai

Excuse me, waiter! Could you turn up the heat a bit? It’s freezing in here.

Chillout out in Dubai is a one-of-a-kind dining experience. When you think of Dubai, you’re mind probably immediately goes to the desert.

This sub-zero ice lounge gives guests willing to endure the -6 degree temperatures the opportunity to sit in chairs made of ice surrounded by beautiful ice sculptures. Enjoy a piping hot cup of hot chocolate or a bowl of tomato soup while you’re at it.

If you don’t have warm clothing to wear, no worries, the staff will graciously provide you with warm coats and earmuffs. You probably don’t want to stay here long though They recommend you keep your visit under 1 hour – and for good reason.

El Diablo – Teguise, Spain

If you ever find yourself exploring the natural wonders of Timanfaya National Park in Teguise, you have to check out El Diablo.

The restaurant is actually smack dab on top of a dormant volcano. But don’t let the fact that it hasn’t seen an eruption since 1824 make you think that it isn’t very much so a real live volcano. Guests have the opportunity to have their Chefs grill up their meals using the natural geothermal heat from the landform itself.

Not only can you enjoy a steak cooked with the naturally radiating heat of the earth, but you can also experience mesmerizing views while you dine. Let’s just hope that this dormant volcano doesn’t decide to wake up any time soon.

Thanks for sticking around with us for the whole video. We really really appreciate all of our viewers. In fact, we would love to hear from you. Which one of these out-of-this-world restaurants would you most like to visit? If it came down to Ithaa, the underwater restaurant or Alux, the cave of cuisine, which one would you rather go to?

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