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When A Teacher Sees A Boy Riding His Bike On The Highway The Look Of Terror On His Face Raises Red Flags

The Bond Between Teachers and Students

It is not uncommon for teachers and students to develop strong bonds. For an entire school year, a child’s teacher is the person that they spend their whole day with. Many kids can say that they spend more time with their teacher than they do with their own parents. Some students will visit their former teachers that they had a strong bond with. Some of these relationships last a lifetime.

Cameron and Mrs. Sutherland

Cameron was a good student. The 7-year-old boy had a teacher the previous year named Keller Sutherland. Keller had been a teacher at Ellen Woodside Elementary School for several years, and she remembered Cameron as being a good student.

Cameron’s Dad

Cameron’s father had been suffering from uncontrolled diabetes for years. Cameron knew that his father’s condition could become serious, but his mother was always there to get him the help that he needed. When Cameron got home from school one day, his mother was still at work. He went looking for his father, and he found him collapsed on the bathroom floor. He knew that he had to do something, so he got his father’s phone to call 911. Unfortunately, his father’s phone had a passcode, and Cameron didn’t know it. Most phones allow you to make an emergency call without entering a passcode, but at just 7-years-old, Cameron didn’t know how to do this. He knew that he had to get help and the only other person that he knew who could help his father was his grandmother. Unfortunately, she lived five miles away.

Riding On the Highway

Keller Sutherland was on her way home from work at the school. She was driving down U.S. 25, a highway, about a mile from the school. While she was driving, she saw Cameron on his bike. She remembered Cameron from her class the year before. She knew that he was a good kid and couldn’t imagine why this young boy would be riding his bike alone on the highway. She saw cars and trucks whizzing by the young boy and knew that she had to do something. The teacher stops for boy frantically pedaling bike on hwy raising red flags when she sees look of terror on his face.

Turning Around

Keller realized that Cameron was in danger, so she turned around and pulled over to talk to him. Most kids would be in hysterics in Cameron’s situation, but he wasn’t. He was able to calmly tell Keller what was going on with his father and that he needed help right away. He told his former teacher that he was trying to get to his grandmother’s house so that she could call for help. He also told her how his father’s passcode prevented him from calling 911 himself. Keller listened as the boy spoke to her calmly, and she couldn’t help but think that she was the bravest little boy she had ever seen.

Help Arrives

While Keller and Cameron were on the side of the road talking, two truckers pulled over to see if they needed any help. When Keller told them what was happening, one of the truckers called 911. When the first responders arrived, Keller led them to Cameron’s house. When they arrived, his father was still on the bathroom floor, and he was unconscious. Fortunately, he was able to get to the hospital in time, and Cameron was called a hero.

An Important Lesson

When the principal of Ellen Woodside Elementary School heard about what happened with Cameron and his father, she decided that she would hold a seminar for all of the students. Since most people today have traded in their landline phones for cell phones, the principal decided to teach the students how to make emergency calls on different types of phones. The principal recorded the seminar and uploaded it on Facebook so that students in other schools could see it.

Going Viral

Shortly after the videotaped seminar was uploaded, it went viral. Parents all over the country were watching the video with their children and sharing so that other parents could watch it with their children. The video was viewed over 37,000 times, and the number continues to climb. This is essential information that all children should know.

Cameron’s Thankful Mother

Cameron’s mother commented on the video. She thanked everyone who had helped save her husband’s life. She thanked Keller, the truckers who called 911, and the first responders. If it weren’t for these people, she knows that her husband could have died. She was also thankful for the school for teaching the students such a valuable lesson. Kids grow up learning that they need to call 911, but with fewer people having landlines today, calling for help can be difficult for a young child.

A Happy Ending

Cameron’s family is lucky that the student teacher bond often goes beyond the classroom. Because Cameron’s former teacher remembered him and worried about him, they were able to get his father the help that he desperately needed.

YouTube Description

Most people over the age of 30 grew up with landline phones in their home. It was on these phones that we learned how to dial 911 if there was an emergency in the house. We learned this from our parents, our teachers, and even on children’s television shows. The problem today is that most homes don’t have landline phones. Many people didn’t see the need for a landline and a cell phone, so they have done away with the landlines. This can make it difficult for children to call 911 during an emergency.

A 7-year-old boy named Cameron ran into this problem when his father experienced a medical emergency. When he couldn’t get into his father’s phone because of the passcode, he took off on his own to get help. Fortunately, his former teacher was driving by.

The story has a happy ending. You have to see the video to see how heroic this young boy is.

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