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When This 89-Year-Old Woman Was Kicked Out Of Her Home A Neighbor Slipped A Surprise Into Her Hand

Angie Tyma

Angie Tyma had been living in her house in Hudson, Florida for the past 35 years. Many of those years the 89-year-old woman shared the home with her husband, who she was married to for 58 years before he passed away close to 20 years ago. After he passed, she remained in her home with her two dogs, Pepper and Ralphie.

Selling the House

When Angie’s husband died, a family friend who lived in Europe bought that house. They agreed to let Angie remain in the home, and she paid rent that was affordable. Everything was going great until November 2016. That is when Angie’s life was turned upside down.

Another Sale

Sadly, Angie’s friends fell on hard times financially, and they weren’t able to keep up with the mortgage payments. The lender foreclosed on the property, and it was sold at auction. An investment company bought the house and Angie had no idea what was going on with the home that she lived in for most of her life. Angie came home on November 16, 2016, and she was greeted by a stranger on her doorstep. It was the new owner. He wasn’t there for a friendly visit; he was there to kick Angie out of her home.

Scattered Belongings

Everything that Angie owned was thrown all over the yard. Some of her precious belongings were broken. They put a padlock on the door so that Angie couldn’t get inside. She was devastated. She had to contact the Pasco County Human Services for help. She was only allowed access to the home to get her medication and her dentures.

Danielle Calder

Danielle Calder is a 65-year-old woman, and she is Angie’s neighbor. She watched from her home what was going on, and she couldn’t believe her eyes. She says that the man who was there to throw Angie out on the street was yelling at her and telling her to shut up. She couldn’t believe that they would throw an old lady out on the street. Danielle knew Angie for years. She was the fabric of the neighborhood and the fact that she was being kicked out without a second thought broke Danielle’s heart.

Helping Out

Danielle knew that she had to do something to help her neighbor. First, the whole neighborhood got together and collected all of Angie’s belongings from the yard and put everything in storage. Next, one of the people in the neighborhood worked in a nearby hotel, and she got Angie and her dogs a room there.

Devastated and Appreciative

While Angie was very appreciative to her neighbors for helping out so much, but she was devastated. She no longer had her home, and she wasn’t surrounded by her belongings. She says that living in the motel felt like she was living in a prison. She thought that she had completely hit rock bottom.

Buying the House

Danielle already owned homes in Hudson and Boston. She knew that she didn’t need another house for herself, but Angie needed a house. The idea of Angie living in a motel or out on the streets broke Danielle’s heart. Angie had been living in the neighborhood for so long that many people considered her the mayor of the community. Danielle decided to buy the house. She got 167,500 together and picked up the keys. She was going to charge Angie rent that she could afford. She couldn’t wait for Angie to come home.

Getting the House Ready

Before Danielle called Angie to come home, she got people from the neighborhood together to fix the place up a bit. They painted the interior and the exterior of the house to make it look nice for Angie’s return. They also put all of her things back where they belonged. Some of her things were broken when the new owner tossed her things out, but they took everything they had in storage and brought it all in the house.

Happy Birthday

The day that the house was ready just happened to be Angie’s 89th birthday. The whole neighborhood gathered to welcome her home. Angie couldn’t believe that she would be moving back into her home without needing to worry about being thrown out again. For Angie, it was the best birthday present she was ever given. Danielle says that when she handed Angie the keys, she felt just as great as Angie did receiving them. When Angie moved back to the neighborhood, all of her neighbors agreed that it finally felt like home again. Things were finally back to the way that they were supposed to be. When this 89-year-old woman was kicked out of her home, a neighbor slipped a surprise into her hand.

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