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When This Mom Underwent A Makeover, Her Daughters Cried At The Drastic Result


Rita is a grown woman with adult children of her own. Since high school, she never changed her look much. She had a natural wave to her hair, so she never wanted to cut it short. She worried that it would fluff out too much if it were too short. Also, she would blow dry her hair to keep the waves tame but didn’t know what else to do to manage it. For years, she continued with the same hairstyle and the same beauty regimen. And before anything, let’s see a person, a mom who underwent A makeover

Working From Home

Because Rita works from home, she never really had a reason to dress up. Her job allowed her to dress comfortably, usually in sweats, and she wore her hair long. At night, she would tie her hair up to keep it out of her face. Rita rarely wore makeup. She was a homebody, and the only time she got dressed up and wore makeup was when she went to visit her mother in a nursing home. She says that if she did have to leave the house to go to work that she would dress in nice clothes and get made up, but since she didn’t see anyone during the day, there was no point in spending the time to get all done up.

Christopher Hopkins aka Makeover Guy

Christopher Hopkins is a stylist who has used his incredible makeovers to become an internet sensation. He was born on January 24, 1964, and according to his mother, he loved animals. He also liked to play dress-up with the girls, and he played with dolls. She says that from a very young age, he always wanted his hair to look perfect. His dolls had to look perfect too. He had a Tootie doll, and he could spend hours trying to make her hair look perfect. He also created clothes and hairstyles for his sister’s Barbie Dolls.

Growing up, he played the piano, and he sang. During his sophomore year of high school, he sang the second bass with the MMEA All-State Choir. As a junior, he landed the lead role of his high school musical, Fiddler On the Roof.

He continued to perform but realized that life on stage wouldn’t pay the bills. He went to school for cosmetology and moved the California, where he worked in a salon. After six weeks, the salon closed down, and he moved back home to Minneapolis, where he started a career as an Appearance Specialist. He was promoted and was the manager of Regis Hairstyles in St. Anthony Main. Next, he moved onto his first salon in an office of Hubbard Broadcasting, and that year, his salon won the Modern Salon of the Year. Six months after opening the salon, appeared on a local TV show, Good Company. He was asked to come back several times for makeover and beauty segments. He also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, where he told people what they shouldn’t be wearing. Then, he appeared on her show again in 1999, and he created anti-aging makeovers.

While all of this was going on, he recorded an album and wrote a book. When he started his YouTube channel, The Makeover Guy, he became an international sensation. He posts videos of extreme makeovers, and his talent is in great demand.

A Makeover Voucher

Rita’s daughters and her son heard about Christopher, and they saw many of his videos. They thought it would be great if their mother finally changed her look and got a makeover. They gifted her with a voucher to work with Christoper. At first, she was nervous. She had the same look for decades, and she didn’t want her hair to be cut. She believed that if she cut her hair too short, that it wouldn’t have the weight to hold it down, giving her what she called a “mushroom head.”


It took a lot of convincing from her family, and Rita finally agreed to the makeover. On the day of her appointment, her daughters waited downstairs at Christopher’s salon, while he took Rita upstairs for her makeover. Rita’s son wasn’t able to be there, but he knew that he could see Christopher’s video after.

Working His Magic

When Christopher got Rita in the chair, she started by taking six inches from the length of her chair. After the haircut, he wasn’t done. He also wanted to enhance her natural color, and he added subtle highlights. After her hair was done, Christopher worked on her makeup and gave her a tutorial, so she could lean to do her own makeup at home. Rita paid close attention to Christopher’s advice. Finally, she was able to embrace change.

The Final Product

When this mom underwent a makeover, her daughters cried at the drastic result. When Rita walked down the stairs, her daughters couldn’t believe their eyes. One of her daughters told her that she was house. When Rita saw how happy her daughters were, she started to cry. She couldn’t believe how much confidence she had thanks to her new look.

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