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This Grandma Got Such A Drastic Makeover That Her Family Didn’t Even Recognize Her

Christopher Hopkins

Christopher Hopkins is a 55-year-old man from Minnesota. Many years before he had his own video channel, he was a student at Redwood Falls High School. He played the piano, and he sang in the St. Olaf Choir when he was a freshman. His dream was to make his mark in the entertainment business, but then media cosmetics piqued his interest. In 1990, he founded the Christopher Hopkins Salon. He chose to start his business in the Hubbard Broadcasting Complex, which serves as the base for three Minnesota media companies.


The location was convenient for Christopher as he landed a job as a makeup artist for the radio and TV stations. Soon, he became a recurring guest contributor on a Minnesota daytime talk show, Good Company. Shortly after landing these gigs, Christoper changed the name of his company to Christopher Hopkins Image Center or CHIC for short. It wasn’t long before Christopher was lending his talent to Today and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Keeping Up With Music

Even though Christopher found huge success with CHIC, he didn’t neglect his musical talents. In the 90s, he sang at plenty of high-profile concerts at the Grand Teton Music Festival, Pennsylvania’s Erie Philharmonic, and Germany’s Hannover Radio Philharmonic orchestras.


In 2008, Christopher wrote a book called, Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival For Women Over 45. He also started a YouTube channel called MakeOverGuy. This was how his business became known all over the world. When his YouTube channel blew up, he and his husband opened another salon called MakeOverGuy Appearance Studios. In 2019, his social media activity was off the charts. Women all over the world were going to Christopher to make them beautiful.

Viral Video

In March 2019, one of Christopher’s videos went viral. A woman named Debbie went to him for a new hairstyle. She was a 60-year-old grandmother who didn’t want to look like a grandmother anymore. This grandma got such a drastic makeover that her family didn’t even recognize her.


Debbie had two-toned curly hair down to her shoulders. The two-tone was from the regrowth of her hair after she had died it herself. Debbie didn’t know much about hair and makeup, and she had no idea what hairstyle would best suit her to make her look younger and fabulous. She says that she always wanted a makeover, but she didn’t know who to go to that could give her the significant change that she was looking for. When she heard about Christopher and his team, she had complete faith. She had found the person who could give her a new look and a new feeling of confidence.

One Stipulation

Debbie decided that since she was about to turn 60, it was time for a new look. She says that she had so much faith in Christopher that if he told her to dye her hair green or purple, she would have agreed. She says that she had one stipulation. She didn’t necessarily want to look younger, or more beautiful; she just wanted to be the best version of herself. She gave Christopher the green light to do whatever he thought would be best. She put her faith in him completely.

Christopher’s Idea

Christopher says that her colors were not black and gray. Instead, she would look good with warm, spring-like colors. When Christopher decided the best shade for Debbie’s hair, he decided to take advantage of Debbie’s curls.

The Style

Debbie’s natural curls would work great for her new look, but Christopher knew that her current length was working against her. He decided to cut her hair short, giving her a pixie cut. Christopher knew that the style he was giving her would be simple for her to keep up with every day. When he was done, he let Debbie see her new look, and she couldn’t believe her eyes.


Christopher dyed Debbie’s eyebrows to make them match the color of her hair. He also used contouring to accentuate Debbie’s best features. She looked like a new woman.

Debbie’s Reaction

When Debbie was her strawberry blonde, curly pixie cut, she was sure that her husband wouldn’t even recognize her. She says that she didn’t even recognize herself.


Debbie says that she didn’t expect to look younger or more beautiful, but somehow, Christopher pulled it off. Her new look was more than she could have ever imagined. She says that when she looks in the mirror now, she doesn’t see an old woman looking back at her. She says she can almost see her 40-year-old self again. Debbie is just one example of the magic that Christopher and his team have worked over the years. He has a real talent when it comes to bringing out a person’s natural beauty.

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