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Woman Stumbles Upon Tiny Object On The Beach That Has Major Implications For Human History

Metal Detectors

Many people purchase metal detectors to go out and explore. The beach and local parks are familiar places for people who love to explore with metal detectors. Many people get bored within an hour of looking and finding nothing. Many people find nothing more than the occasional tin can or a dime. There are some people like Terese Frydensberg Refsgaard who will search for hours on end with their metal detectors. She lives for the hunt. In 2018, Terese found something surprising. This woman stumbles upon tiny object on the beach that has major implications for human history.

Terese Frydensberg Refsgaard

One day, Terese was out for a walk, and she took her metal detector with her. During the day, she worked as a dental assistant. She cared for her patients, and she loved her job. She often spent her free time working as an amateur archaeologist. She would scour the Danish countryside looking for treasure. It wasn’t long before she caught the attention of other amateur archaeologists.

Her Invitation

One day, Terese received an invitation to join a group of archaeology hobbyists. They didn’t make amazing finds often; however, it was great to have people to share her hobby with and to have a support system.

The Island Of Hjarno

On a chilly November day, Terese had the chance to search the island of Hjarno. It is located just off the coast of Denmark’s mainland, and it spans only a little over one square mile. Regardless of its small size, it is a very popular exploration spot.

Why Is the Area So Popular?

This area is so famous for amateur archaeologists because, in 2008, a group of archaeologists found remnants of a stone structure on the island. The materials used dated back to 5200 B.C. They were remains of a settlement from the Stone Age. It was a fantastic find, and people wanted to explore the area more. This is what brought Terese there. She always fantasized about finding something just as amazing.

The Exploration Begins

When Terese and her group got to the island, they split off in separate directions to cover more ground. The had their metal detectors in tow, and they began searching for hours. When Terese was searching her section of the island, her metal detector beeped. After exploring for so long, she knew that it could be nothing more than a penny. Like most people who share her hobby, she also felt a pang of excitement that she might have stumbled on something amazing.

Time To Dig

When Terese got the beep, it was time to dig. She knew that she had to be careful, so she scooped away small shovels full at a time and sifted through the dirt. She was ready to move on when something caught her eye. It was a metal fragment. She thought that it might be gold, but she wasn’t sure. She was more interested in digging the area to see what else she could find.

The Dig Paid Off

Terese’s dig made her fantasy come true. She found many metal artifacts that were contained precious stones, and they were clearly very old. In all, she found 23 pieces. She called the others in her group over so that she could show them what she found. The group agreed the jewelry was gold, but there was a detail that confused them. It went against the known history of the island.

The History Of the Pieces

The pieces Terese found dated back to the 6th century, and it predated the Viking Era. During this time, tribes often stole loot from all over Europe. To find out who hid the artifacts, Terese went to Mads Ravn, a researcher from the Jeljie Museum. According to historical records, the gold pieces were created around the time that a volcano erupted and over 100,000 people were killed. After the eruption there was famine. The Europeans believed that the gods were punishing them. Mads thinks that the people buried the treasure in the area as an offering.

Sitting In the Museum

Today, the coins that Terese found are sitting in two Denmark museums. She knew that she couldn’t keep the coins and she didn’t want to. She knew it was the right thing to share them with the world. After her fantastic find, she wants more and more to get out and continue to explore.

YouTube Description

Have you ever dreamed about walking around outdoors and stumbling on a treasure? There are many people who explore the world with metal detectors. These people dream about finding something unusual. When a dental assistant went out one day with a group to explore an island, her dream of finding treasure came true. When she found artifacts that dated back to the 6th century, she hit the jackpot. For the young dental hygienist, her find wasn’t about cashing in on the discovery. It was more about finding something amazing that has been hidden from the world for centuries.

Rather than keeping the artifacts, she went to an expert to find out what they were. She also gave the expert the items that she found to put in local museums.
Some people go their whole lives exploring, finding nothing fascinating. Terese got lucky. She found something that wasn’t only amazing, but it gave historians a story to tell. The artifacts contradicted what was initially thought, which makes this find even more amazing.

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