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Italian Man’s Simple Home Repair Projects Leads Him To Uncover A Sight That Was Lost For Centuries


There are two types of basements. Some basements are dark and damp and are used for storage or laundry. Some basements have been finished and add space to the home that can be used as extra bedrooms, an office, a playroom for the kids, or the fun hub of the home. In certain parts of the world, what lies below the house is a complete mystery.

Forbidden Digging

Some older cities around the world forbid their residents to dig into the earth. They worry about what the shovel will hit. In Leece, Italy, a man was converting his home into a restaurant. This was a dream of his for many years, and finally, he was ready. When he had a minor toilet leak, he had to open up the floor to make the necessary changes. This small repair changed his plans entirely.

Luciano Faggiano

Luciano Faggiano had dreams of serving his customers his famous homemade pasta. It took him years to decide on a menu, and he was ready to open his restaurant. The plan was to convert his home to an authentic trattoria.

The Perfect Location

The reason that Luciano wanted to convert his home to his a restaurant was for the location. It was located in the Italian coastal city of Lecce. The city is known for its historic architecture and their top-notch olive oil. Luciano was excited to transform his home to a restaurant, but first, he had to fix a leaky toilet. He wasn’t much of a plumber, but he was sure that ti wouldn’t be too difficult.

Getting Some Help

Luciano didn’t know if the problem was due to old plumbing or if it would be a quick and easy job. He decided to call his two sons who had just come home from university to help. He was sure that the repair wouldn’t take any longer than a week. When the boys unhooked the toilet and moved it to the side, they realized that it wasn’t your average toilet.

An Unexpected Find

When the boys went through the floor under the toilet, they noticed something extraordinary underneath. Rather than finding dirt, they found a floor that appeared to be centuries old. They also saw an underground chamber. The three men were incredibly excited, and the smaller of the two sons squeezed into the space to investigate. By this point, fixing the toilet was not their top priority. This Italian man’s simple home repair project leads him to uncover a sight that was lost for centuries.

Series Of Chambers

The first thing that the man’s son saw was a secret room under the floor. Attached to the room were a series of underground, ancient passageways and chambers. The family spent most of their time excavating the bathroom. Large heaps of dirt and rubble were coming out of the family villa, and a neighbor called the authorities.

The Progress Is Stopped

When the local inspectors arrived at Luciano’s doorstep, they demanded to see the bathroom. Unfortunately, the work had to come to a halt. Even though Luciano and his sons never expected to dig under the floor, it was illegal. According to the local code, digging deeper than 50 cm in an area like Lecce is prohibited. It was fun while it lasted, but the work had to stop. Fortunately, Luciano avoided fines and time in jail. Unfortunately, they were forbidden from going into the forbidden hole. They just wanted permission to keep looking in the hole.

Permission With One Stipulation

Finally, the family had permission to excavate under the home. The only issue was that a member of the Italian Ministry of Culture had to be there to watch the work. If they came across anything historical, the officials wanted to know. The Ministry member found that the floor dated back to the medieval period. One of the shafts led to a Mesopotamian tomb. They believed that it was around for 500 years before the birth of Christ.

Treasures Galore

So far, the family found over 5,000 treasures in the tomb below the house. One jewel, in particular, was a Jesuit bishop’s ring encrusted with 33 diamonds. By now, Luciano realized that he couldn’t use his home as a restaurant. He now plans to turn the bathroom chamber into a museum.

YouTube Description

Can you imagine trying to fix a leaky toilet in your home only to find a hidden tomb full of treasure that is thousands of years old? This is precisely what happened to a family in Leece, Italy. The family patriarch, Luciano, was planning to turn his family home into a restaurant. It had been his dream for years, but before he could make the changes, he had to fix a leaky toilet.
This was when he found out that there was a tomb hidden below his home.

After a bit of excavating, a nosy neighbor reported him to the authorities. As soon as the authorities came out and saw what he had uncovered so far, they allowed him to keep digging as long as someone from the ministry could watch. In the end, he found some incredible pieces of history. Today, the bathroom is a museum. You need to see the video to believe it.

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