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10 Fascinating Dwarf Animals You Wont Believe Exist

#1 The Pygmy Marmoset

Of the 10 fascinating dwarf animals you wont believe exist, this is the most adorable. The pygmy marmoset is by far the cutest animal in the primate family. They are also the smallest animals in the primate family. The are so small that they can wrap their arms around your finger. These animals are found in the rainforests of the Amazon Basin. They eat fruit, nectar, and insects. Anyone who sees a pygmy marmoset would love to have one as a pet.

#2 Pygmy Leaf Chameleon

You may think that you know chameleons but if you haven’t seen a pygmy leaf chameleon, you don’t know chameleons. These lizards are tiny and absolutely adorable. There are a few different species, including Marshall’s pygmy chameleon, the Kenyan pygmy chameleon, and the spectral pygmy chameleon. These adorable lizards are often kept by exotic pet lovers.

#3 The Pygmy Mongoose

The pygmy mongoose is also called the dwarf mongoose. It looks just like a tinier version of the mongoose. Even though this animal is tiny and cute, it is just as vicious as its larger cousins. While humans don’t need to fear this adorable animal, snakes should really beware. The pygmy mongoose can get into places that its larger cousins cannot, making it very easy to find a snake who is in hiding. Unfortunately, these animals are mean and cannot be trained, making them a horrible pet.

#4 The Pygmy Jerboa

The pygmy jerboa is a tiny little rodent that is commonly found in the Middle East and in Africa. The animal has hind legs that look like a kangaroos’ and they can even hop just like a kangaroo. Because of this, the pygmy jerboa is often called a tiny kangaroo. This little animal’s diet consists of grass and seeds. Also, he needs very little water to survive which allows him to stay in hiding for several days.

#5 Pygmy Owls

The pygmy owl is also known as an owlet because it is a miniature version of a full-size owl. There are between 25 and 35 species of owlets and they are often found in North America and Central America. If you happen to come across a pygmy owl, you should keep walking. They are so cute and little that you might be tempted to catch one and take it home, but that would be a mistake. They are small but they are very fierce and very aggressive. You should just leave the owlet where you found him.

#6 Borneo Pygmy Elephants

Borneo pygmy elephants are a cute little version of an elephant. These animals are so small that when they are full grown, they are smaller than a full-size elephant at birth. Sadly, these animals are endangered and their population as declined. Over the last 60 years, the population has declined by over 50 percent due to habitat loss, fragmentation, and degradation. If you are lucky enough to find one of these tiny, adorable elephants, you would need to be in Malaysia or Indonesia. Hopefully, the loss of population will end because it would be very sad if these cute creatures were wiped off the face of the Earth.

#7 The Pygmy Hippopotamus

Most hippos are large and considered to be pretty ugly. The pygmy hippo is actually pretty cute. It is a much smaller version than its large and ugly cousin, but it isn’t tiny. A full grown pygmy hippo is about the size of a lion. These cute little guys are found in West Africa and there are only two species of them on Earth.

#8 Pygmy Shrew

Most shrews are considered to be ugly. The pygmy shrew is also known as the American pygmy shew, the Eurasian pygmy shrew, and the Etruscan pygmy shew is the exception. This animal is tiny and very cute. It is only two inches long but it eats a lot. In order to stay alive, this animal needs to eat every 30 minutes and it needs to eat three times its body weight. Where it puts all of the food is a mystery.

#9 Pygmy Seahorse

There are only one known species of the pygmy seahorse. This sea creature is only 2 centimeters in length. Scientists have had trouble breeding this seahorse because it spends its entire life anchored to a certain type of coral. Up until recently, these creatures could not be raised in captivity. Over the past few years, scientists have figured out a way to get the seahorse off of the coral and into a lab. Unfortunately, they don’t have the lifespan in captivity as they do in the water. There is one thing that everyone can agree about regarding this seahorse, and that is that it is adorable.

#10 Midget Obese Giraffe

Most giraffes are very tall and very slender. The midget obese giraffe is the exception. This species is much shorter than its larger cousins and it is far from slender. Due to its short stature, it gains more weight than its taller counterparts. It eats about the same amount of food as a full-size giraffe, but it doesn’t have the metabolism as a full-size giraffe. Due to the fact that the midget obese giraffe is extremely overweight, it is much more susceptible to weight-related health conditions, therefore, it has a much shorter lifespan than its taller counterparts.This giraffe might be overweight, but it is still pretty cute.

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