10 Fast Food Hacks Worth Knowing

Number 1: Stop Your Starbucks Cup From Leaking

If you are a coffee drinker, you cannot wait to get to Starbucks to get your morning fix. The only problem is that when you drive away, your coffee can spill all over you or the inside of your car. This is often because they try to pour too much coffee in the cup. While giving you the most for your money is great, it can be very frustrating when you are wearing your coffee when you walk into work. To keep this from happening, order your drink in an upgraded cup. For example, if you want a small, order a small in a medium sized cup. This will prevent any coffee spills.

Number 2: Get the Freshest Burger Possible From Burger King

If you love Burger King, this is one of the many fast food hacks worth knowing. When you order a burger from Burger King, you have no idea how long it had been sitting in the warming basket. For all you know, the store could have been quiet and the same burgers were sitting around since the beginning of the lunch rush. If you want to make sure that you are getting the freshest burger possible, you should order a customized burger. This way they will need to make it fresh to make it the way you want it. Even; if that means asking for no ketchup and then putting it on yourself after, you can be sure that your burger was just made after you placed your order.

Number 3: Order McDonald’s Best Bun

If you order a burger, you can often expect to get a bun that is not fluffy and pretty tough. That can completely ruin your meal. A perfect burger should have a perfectly cooked burger, the right condiments, and finally, the perfect bun. If you want to order a burger with a soft, fluffy bun, you should ask for the bun that is used on the Filet-O-Fish It is steamed and it is the best bun that they serve. No matter what you are ordering, whether it be a burger or a McChicken sandwich, request that it is put on a Filet-O-Fish bun.

Number 4: Keep Your Subway Sandwich From Getting Soggy

When you order your Subway sandwich to-go, the sandwich artist will put it in a bag the long way. If you hold the bag by the handles the way that the artist put it in the bag, half of the sub will be drenched in sauce and the other half will be dry To keep this from happening, hold the sandwich horizontally and rip open a hole so it is easier to carry. It will keep the sandwich balanced and its contents as well.

Number 5: Get a Free Water From Starbucks

Bottled water can be very pricey these days. It can cost up to $2 for a 16-ounce bottle. If you are going to get a coffee at Starbucks, ask them to add a Venti cup of water as well. They will give you the water in the cup for free, saving you a couple bucks. The best part is that Starbucks uses filtered water, so you won’t need to worry that it is coming straight from the tap.

Number 6: Save on Chicken McNuggets

If you love Chicken McNuggets, which most people do, you should avoid buying them in bulk. While you may want more McNuggets, it will cost you less if you buy them in the 4 packs. You can buy as many 4 packs as you want, and you will get dipping sauce for each pack that you buy. When you buy one bulk pack, you only get one dipping sauce. Who doesn’t want to save money and get extra dipping sauce? Any Chicken McNugget lover would tell you that this is a great deal.

Number 7: Have Ketchup With Your Fries on the Go

Eating your fries with ketchup is easy if you are sitting inside McDonalds. Just open the packet and pour it on your burger wrapper or a napkin. If you are driving, however, it can be more difficult. To enjoy your fries the way you like them, simply fold back one side of the fry carton and pour your ketchup on. This will make it easy to dip your fries in the ketchup and you won’t make a mess. Now you don’t have to sacrifice your ketchup just because you are eating on the run.

Number 8: Make Your Taco Bell Favorites Crunchy

When you order certain items that are supposed to be crunchy at Taco Bell, they usually won’t be. They don’t have the time to make sure everything is just right. If you want to have that extra crunch in your food, ask that they grill it twice. They have to do it for you and you can be sure that it will be exactly how you want it.

Number 9: Get More For You Dollar at Chipotle

If you are going to be ordering a steak and chicken burrito at Chipotle, you should ask for equal amounts of steak and chicken. This will allow you to get more filling in your burrito for the same price. It is a win-win.

Number 10: Substations Are Allowed at Jamba Juice

You may not know this, but Jamba Juice employees must abide by all requests by customers when it comes to substitutions. Because of this, your possibilities are endless.

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