10 Largest Pets In The World

#1 Giant GeorgeGiant George is a Great Dane from Arizona. He stands at an amazing 43 inches tall. George was born on November 17, 2005. His owner, David Nasser has had George since he was just 7 weeks old. He doesn’t sleep in a dog bed like most dogs, he sleeps in a queen-sized bed since it is the only thing that he can sleep on comfortably. He loves to drive around his neighborhood with his family in their golf cart. In 2010, he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show. To travel to Chicago, he was given a row of three seats on the plane all to himself.

#2 Ulric the CatUlric is an orange and white Norwegian Forest cat. These cats are known for being large, however, Ulric the Cat who is from the UK, weighs a shocking 30 pounds. This cat is considered to be morbidly obese and he is the fattest and heaviest cat in all of Britain. Ulric’s owners became very worried about his weight, so they decided to try to help him lose weight. To get him into shape, they found a personal trainer in the form of a puppy. After being put on a diet, Ulric didn’t lose weight. It wasn’t until he started getting chased around by a puppy that he finally started to lose weight.

#3 Goldie the GoldfishGoldie is a very common name for a goldfish, however, Goldie is not your average goldfish. What makes her so amazing is that she is 15.7 inches long, she is 5 inches high, and she weighs over 2 pounds. Goldie is the largest known goldfish in Britain. She belongs to an 83-year-old woman named Ada Shaw. She bought him from a pet shop over 15 years ago for just 99 cents. She says that she never overfed Goldie. She fed her fish flakes twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. She says that she has had to put Goldie in tanks that were bigger and bigger over the years to accommodate for her size.

#4 Ralph the RabbitRalph is an adorable rabbit. He looks very much like most other rabbits, except for his enormous size. Ralph weighs 55 pounds. He is a four-year-old rabbit from the UK, and he has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest rabbit in the world. It costs his family $90 per week to feed him. His daily meal consists of broccoli, cabbage, half a cucumber, corn on the cob, sweet corn, a carrot, two apples, two slices of brown bread, and a half bag of crackers and watercress. He is owned by Pauline Grant and her family. In order to afford to feed Ralph, Pauline relies on generation donations.

#5 Zeus the Great DaneZeus was known as being the world’s tallest dog and he is one of the largest pets in the world. He was the same size as the average donkey. On his hind legs, he stood 7 feet, 4 inches tall. He weighed 155 pounds and he was 44 inches long from end to end. According to his owner, Denise Doorlag, Zeus at 12 cups of food a day. He was so tall that if he needed a drink, he could walk right up to the sink and turn it on all by himself. He was famous in his area and he often went to schools so the children could meet him and he traveled to hospitals where he worked as a therapy dog. Sadly, right before his 6th birthday, Zeus passed away. Very large dogs don’t have a very long lifespan. After his death, his family was devastated.

#6 Zobra the MastiffZobra is an English Mastiff from the UK and he is famous due to his size. Zobra measures 8 feet, three inches long from his nose to his tail and he weighs 343 pounds. His owner, Chris Eraclides has owned Zobra since he was just a baby. His family says that he loves to show affection, which can be difficult at times due to his great size. He loves to lay down on his owners’ laps, which can be difficult considering how heavy he is.

#7 Gary the Eight Stone CapybaraSome people like cats, some like dogs, and Melanie Typaldos and her husband Richard are into giant rodents. This animal is similar to a giant guinea pig. They live in Buda, Texas and after taking a trip to Venezuela, they fell in love with this type of animal, which led them to adopt Gary. He is very big and he is also a big part of the family. They love him so much that he is allowed to sleep in bed with his owners every night.

#8 Sammy the TortoiseWhen Colin Kaepernick was 10 years old, his parents gave him a pet tortoise. Today, Colin is an NFC champion and a quarterback and he still has Sammy. Over the years, Colin and his pet tortoise Sammy have grown up. Sammy weighs a whopping 115 pounds. The two are closer than ever, and Colin considers Sammy a part of his family.

#9 Bandit the RaccoonBandit had a rough childhood. He lost his mother when he was very young and he was adopted by a dog. She loved Bandit from the day she met him and she adopted him and treated him like one of her puppies. Later, he was adopted by a woman from Palmerton, Pennsylvania. Due to a thyroid problem, he has grown to be very fat. He was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fattest raccoon in the world. At the time of his death, he weighed close to 75 pounds. His owner, Deborah Klitsch was devastated when he died.

#10 Stewie the CatStewie was a very special cat owned by Robin Hendrickson. He was a Maine Coon cat, who his owner bought from a breeder in Hermiston, Oregon. Robin was always being told how amazing Stewie was because of his size. He measured 48.5 inches when he was completely stretched out. Because of this, she entered him for the record of the world’s longest cat. He loved meeting new people and he worked as a therapy animal who visited a senior center near him home very often. Sadly, in 2013 Stewie passed away.

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