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10 Life Hacks You Should Know

10 Life Hacks You Should Know

#1 Delicious Grill Cheese in the Toaster

Most people love grill cheese but they don’t like the time that it takes to make one and the cleanup after. If you want a crunchy, melted grill cheese, you can make one in your toaster. All you need to do is turn your toaster on its side. Put a piece of cheese on a piece of bread and slide it into one of the slots. Do the same with the second piece of cheese and bread. When they pop, you can put the two pieces together, making the perfect grill cheese.

#2 Keep Your Wine Cold

If you want to enjoy a glass of wine on a hot, summer day, you want it to stay cold. Most people will use ice to keep their wine cold. While this will work, it can water down your wine. The best way to keep your wine cold without losing any flavor is by freezing grapes. The grapes will keep the wine cold and as they melt, they will only add to the flavor of the wine. If you are drinking white wine, you should freeze green grapes. If you are drinking red wine, you should freeze red or purple grapes.

#3 A Laundry Basket Can Keep Toys Close By

Babies love to take a bath with their toys. The only problem with this is that the toys can float around the tub. If the baby tries to reach too far, she can fall head first into the water. If you want to allow your baby to play safely in the tub keeping her toys close by, you should put her in a laundry basket. The holes in the laundry basket will keep it from filling up too much and it will keep the toys within your baby’s reach.

#4 Spread Hard Butter On Your Bread Easier

There is nothing worse that trying to spread hard stick button on a piece of bread. Most times, it will tear the bread. If you want to butter your bread without causing it to tear, you should rub it against a cheese grater. It is much easier to spread thin strands of butter than a pat of butter, and the bread won’t rip in the process.

#5 Cure For Stinky Shoes

If your shoes stink, chances are you will throw them away. It can be difficult to throw away your favorite shoes just because they smell. Getting rid of the smell is easy and all you need is a dry tea bag. Simply put a tea bag in each of your shoes and leave the bag in there overnight. When you wake up, the smell will be gone and you can wear your favorite shoes again.

#6 Use an Onion to Make Fried Eggs

One of the hardest parts of making fried eggs is keeping the egg white and yolk together. If it separates too much, you will end up with raw egg whites in the middle and the edges will be burned. If you want to keep the egg close together so that they cook evenly, just cut a ring from a large onion. You can put the onion in the pan and break two eggs inside. The onion will hold the eggs together until they are cooked.

#7 Hiding Emergency Money

If you want to keep emergency money around the house, a chapstick tube will work perfectly. Simply turn the knob at the bottom to get all of the chapstick out. Next, roll your bills as tightly as possible and slide them in the tube and put the cover on. If someone comes into your home to steal money, they would never think to look in your chapstick tube. This is also great for hiding money in your purse, pocket, or backpack.

#8 Create a Lamp With Your Cell Phone

This is one of the 10 life hacks – you should know! This is especially true during a power outage. If the power is out and you need to light up a room, you can do this with a bottle and your cell phone. If you start taking a video with the flash on, the light will remain on. Next, place a clear bottle over the flash and it will create a lamp. It should give you enough light to illuminate the whole room.

#9 Make Use of the Hanger Your New Clothes With

When you buy pants at a store, they are often on a hanger with two clips. If the sales associate asks if you want the hangers you should say yes. You may not need the hanger to hang up the pants, but you can repurpose it. You can break the clips off of the hanger and use them to hold an opened bag of potato chips closed. This will keep the fresher, longer.

#10 Turn Dirty Sneakers Into a Clubbing Accessory

If you have an old, dirty pair of tennis shoes, you don’t need to throw them away. You can make them the perfect accessory for the club. Start by combining water, vinegar, and baking soda in a bowl. Using an old toothbrush, cover the dirty spots on the shoe. Let the shoes dry overnight. In the morning, bang the shoes out to remove any powder that was left behind. Next, paint your sneaker with glow in the dark paint and let it dry. When you get under the black light at the club, your shoes will glow.

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