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11 Pokemon That Actually Exist In Real Life

11 Pokemon That Actually Exist In Real Life

#1 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Caterpillar

The Eastern tiger swallowtail caterpillar, also known as the Papilio glaucus. It is a species of the swallowtail butterfly and is native to the eastern parts of North America. Before the caterpillar spins its cocoon where it will stay until it becomes a butterfly, it looks an awful lot like the Pokemon, Caterpie.


#2 The Pangolin

The pangolin is a strange looking little creature who is found throughout Asia and Africa. It has large, keratin scales all over its skin, which forms a barrier of protection. They live in hollow trees and burrow. It is a nocturnal creature, and its diet consists of termites and ants. There are millions of them in the world, and you can even find it in its Pokemon form, Sandslash. They have the same claws, the same protective skin, and they are both really cute. The Pangolin is a Pokemon that actually exist in real life.


#3 Translucent Tadpoles

The translucent tadpole looks just like your typical tadpole, except it is translucent. It is actually the baby glass frog before it matures. They are long with powerful tails and low fins. These tadpoles are commonly found in southern Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, and in the Amazon. You can also find them in Argentina. If you ever happen upon a translucent tadpole, compare it to the Pokemon, Poliwag. They have the same spiral on their belly and they share the same shape.


#4 The Kissing Gourami

The kissing gourami is also known as the kissing fish. They are found is the oceans of Thailand and Indonesia. They are often used as food fish and are farmed in Southeast Asia. They are also a popular aquarium fish. In certain countries, they are used for food, and are steamed, broiled, baked, or pan fried. It is a very cute fish, and it looks a lot like the Pokemon Luvdisc. They both have kissing lips, the Luvdisc is the same color, the same shape, and also just as adorable.


#5 Chromodoris Lochi

The Chromodoris lochi is a colorful sea slug. It is found in the tropical waters of Malaysia, Phillipenes, Indonesia, and the northern coast of Australia. They can reach up to just 1.5 inches long. This creature looks remarkably like the Pokemon, Shellos. They both have the same markings on their bodies, they are the same shape, and Shellos has horns on his head, the Chromodoris lochi has antenna that looks very similar.


#6 Yellow Collared Lovebirds

The yellow-collared lovebird is also known as the masked lovebird. It is part of the parrot family. This beautiful bird lives in northeast Tanzania, Burundi, and Kenya. The bird is mostly green, and it has yellow on the breast. They have a red beak and are quite adorable. They can grow up to 5.5 inches long. The male and female have identical external appearances, therefore, it is very difficult to tell the difference. This bird looks just like the Pokemon, Chatot. The only difference is that the yellow collard lovebird’s head is not shaped like a music note. Clearly, however, this bird is what inspired the Pokemon.


#7 The Gharial

The gharial is a fish eating crocodile. It is found in several parts of India. It is one of the longest living crocodiles, and can grow up to 20.5 feet. It has 110 razor sharp teeth, and it has a long thin snout that helps it to catch fish. Sadly, this creature is on the verge if extinction. The population has drastically declined over the past 70 years and it is on the Critically Endangered List. The Krookodile is a cartoon version of this creature. It has the same body shape and the same long snout. If the worst does happen, and the gharial becomes extinct, we will still have Krookodile.


#8 The Yellow Rockfish

The yellow rockfish is found in the East Pacific, and can be found from Baja California to the Prince William Sound in Alaska. They are commonly known as the red snapper. It is one of the world’s oldest living fish species, and can live for 114 to 120 years. As they get older, their color will begin to change. The yellow rockfish looks a lot like the Pokemon, Magikarp. They both have the same eyes, the same open mouth, and the yellow fins on their back.


#9 The Long-Nosed Chimaera

The long nosed-chimaera has a very long, paddle-shaped snout just like the Pokemon Gorebyss. The long-nosed chimaera can grow up to five feet long, and it is found at depths of up to 6,560 feet in the warm waters of the tropical sea. The long-nosed chimaera and the Gorebyss may differ in color, however, their shapes and body types are very similar.


#10 Malayan Tapir

The Malayan tapir is also known as the Asian tapir. It is native to Asia and the East Indies. It has specific markings and colors that are meant to provide camouflage to protect it from its predators. It is also important so that it can hide from its prey. It can grow between 5 feet and 8 feet long. This is not counting its stubby tail that can grow up to 3 feet, 7 inches tall. This creature looks remarkably like the Pokemon, Drowzee. They have the same shaped face and they are similar in color. Both are also pretty cute.


#11 Yellow Salamander

The yellow salamander and Charmander from Pokemon look very similar. Their colors are similar and they both have a tail that looks like fire. The only difference is that the yellow salamander can change color based on its environment and Charmander doesn’t have that ability.

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