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10 Times Students Got Owned By Their Teachers

10 Times Students Got Owned By Their Teachers

#1 Teacher’s Response To a Doodle On a Test

This teacher prepared a test for his students that seemed to be quite long. Fortunately, the test had plenty of pictures, therefore, it wasn’t as long as the students thought. This student was clearly bored by the test and decided to draw a doodle at the bottom of a person trying to be free of the test. The teacher retaliated by drawing his own doodle, with the caption, “You shall not pass.” It could have been a funny retaliation towards the picture or it could be a hint of how well the student did on the test. We may never know.

#2 Smart Teacher

This teacher is no fool. To let his students know this, he created a Powerpoint to show to the class. It reads, “Dear Students, I know when you’re texting in class. Seriously, no one looks down at their crotch and smiles. These kids realized that they weren’t as smart as they thought. After seeing this, it is likely that there was no more texting going on in that class.

#3 Calculus Award

At the end of the year, deserving students in this Pre-Ap Pre-Calculus class received an award for their achievements. The student who received this award didn’t receive it for excellent achievement. The award reads, “Josh Hance has been awarded for the Bermuda Triangle Award for the most homework to go missing.” Clearly, Josh wasn’t always the most responsible when it came to turning in his homework.

#4 Lady Gaga’s Periodic Tables

The teacher who created this periodic table must have been a Lady Gaga fan. If you look at each chemical element on the screen, they spell out the words at the beginning of Lady Gaga’s hit song, Bad Romance. The kids who knew the song got a kick out it. Those who didn’t couldn’t seem to figure out why the chemical elements weren’t in alphabetical order.

#5 Star Wars Fan

Microbiology isn’t really the most exciting subject that you can study. The teacher in this class understands that his students might not enjoy the class so to make things a bit more fun, he did the entire lecture dressed like Darth Vader. This outfit must have kept the students’ attention. This is a teacher with a great sense of humor and who wants to make microbiology fun.

#6 The Planet Test

The student who took this test didn’t know the answer to the question, so she decided to try to make her teacher laugh. The test question asked, “Why are there rings on Saturn?” The student’s answer was, “Because God like it, so he put a ring on it.” The teacher’s response was even more clever than the student’s. The teacher replied, “Saturn was NOT a single lady. For anyone who doesn’t get this, these are the lyrics to a Beyonce song. The student’s answer to the question was great but the teacher’s response was priceless.

#7 Drinking Students’ Tears

Teachers need for their students to fear them just a bit to get them to have some respect. This teacher wanted to put a bit of fear in his students while making them laugh at the same time. He tapped a sign on his school water bottle that read, “Students’ Tears.” He even drank the “tears” in front of his students. The students didn’t believe that the teacher was actually drinking the students’ tears, but he did get a good laugh out of it.

#8 Anti-Cheat Technique

Kids can easily cheat on a test thanks to the Smartphone. These phones have Google to help them answer test questions and they have calculators to help students with math. Many teachers will tell their students to put their phones away, however, everyone knows that kids cannot always be trusted. The teacher in this classroom decided to make sure that the students don’t cheat. The teacher wrote each students’ name on the board so that they could put their phone in front of it. This way the teacher could be sure that every student puts their phone up front before the test began.

#9 Sleeping Student

The student in this class fell asleep during the lecture. Rather than getting angry and yelling at the student, the teacher decided to humiliate him instead. He took a photo with the student and he was giving thumbs up. The students in the class thought it was funny because they were all laughing. After the photo was taken, he woke the embarrassed student and showed him the photo that they took together. It’s pretty safe to say that his student never used this teacher’s class as a chance to nap ever again.

#10 Always Bring Something To Write With

Teachers hate it when students come to class unprepared. The easiest task, such as bring a pen or pencil to write with is often forgotten. When this student came to class unprepared, his teacher had a great solution to his problem. He handed him a jar of ink and a feather and made the student write the way they did hundreds of years ago. Of the 10 times students got owned by their teachers, this one is definitely the best. The student in this photo doesn’t look too happy about the writing utensil that he was given by his teacher. Chances are, he will never forget to bring something to write with again.

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