10 Things You Should Never Do On An Airplane

#1 Sleeping During Takeoff Or Landing

Most people like to sleep while they are on a plane. Some sleep so that the flight goes by faster and some sleep because they have a fear of flying. While there is nothing wrong with sleeping on a plane, you should stay awake while the plane is taking off and landing. When the plane takes off or lands, the pressure in the cabin changes faster than the pressure in your ears. To equalize the pressure, you should chew gum, block your nose, or yawn. If you are sleeping through this, you will wake up feeling uncomfortable. You could become dizzy, get an ear infection, suffer from a nose bleed, or your ear drum could be damaged.

#2 Sitting Down For the Entire Flight

When you are on a plane, regardless of how short or long the flight is, you should get up periodically to stretch your legs. The low pressure in the cabin can slow your circulation, resulting in blood clots. These blood clots occur most often in your legs. If you do get a blood clot, it can travel to your heart, your brain, or your lungs, which can be deadly. If you cannot get up due to where you are sitting, you should move your legs around in your seat. Raising your heels while your toes remain on the floor can help.

#3 Declining a Beverage On the Plane

The air in the plane’s cabin is known for being dry. When you breathe, your body loses moisture each time you exhale. Because of this, breathing at high altitudes can dehydrate you. If you are offered a drink on a plane, you should take it. The last thing that you want is to be dehydrated when you disembark.

#4 Drinking Coffee or Tea

The coffee or tea that you are offered on a plane is made with the water on the plane. A recent study has shown that 12 percent of commercial airlines had bacteria and coliform in the water. It has also been proven the water tanks on airplanes are very rarely cleaned. If you order coffee or tea, you have no idea what you are actually drinking.

#5 Drinking Bubbly Drinks

Most people who order drinks on a plane ask for soft drinks. Many people want to celebrate their impending trip with a glass of champagne on a plane. Drinking a carbonated or “bubbly” drink on a plane is a bad idea. The has in your body expands by 25 percent on a plane due to the change in air pressure. Since bubbly drinks do this as well, it can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable when you get off the plane. It is best to skip these drinks altogether, at least until you land.

#6 Getting Drunk

If you are over 21 years old, you might be tempted to have a drink or two on the plane. Not only will it relax you, but it might help you sleep. Unfortunately, drinking on the plane can ruin the first few days of your trip. Getting drunk on a plane can dehydrate you, it can affect your sleep quality, it can cause a lingering hangover, and it can leave you feeling irritable and lethargic. Also, if you get really drunk and become loud or belligerent, you could end up in a lot of trouble and your name could be put on a “No Fly” list. This can make getting home very difficult. If you want to get off the plane feeling great, you should wait until you land before you start drinking.

#7 Eating Food After It Falls On Your Tray Table

Of the 10 things you should never do on an airplane, this is the most important. The Today Show’s investigative team decided to do a study on the cleanliness of airline trays during cross country trips. The study was done on separate airlines and the results were horrifying. They found that the highest level of harmful bacteria on an airplane is the tray tables. While the flight attendants will say that it is because parents change their children’s diapers on a tray table, many people believe that this is because the flight attendants don’t bother to clean the tray tables.

#8 Walking Around the Plane Barefoot

It might seem like a comfortable idea to walk around the plane with no shoes on, but it is actually a bad idea. According to former flight attendants, the floors are extremely filthy. It is not uncommon for there to be trash and food debris on the floor, which will stick to your feet if you walk around without your shoes. Before you get up to go to the bathroom, slip your shoes back on.

#9 Waiting To Use the Bathroom Until You Land

There are many people who hate using public restrooms in fear of germs. This is especially true on a plane. If you feel like you need to go to the bathroom on a plane, you should go. If you hold it, the urine will remain in your bladder, which can trigger an infection. This can make your trip a very uncomfortable one.

#10 Taking Photos

It is best to wait until you are off the plane to start taking photos. All airlines have different policies regarding taking photos. To be on the safe side, you should wait until you disembark before you start snapping pictures.

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