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10 Most Unusual Phones In The World

10 Most Unusual Phones In The World

#1 YotaPhone

The YotaPhone was released in December 2013. It was the world’s first dual-screen phones. Not The front looks like your typical Smartphone and it functions like one as well. What makes this phone different is that the back is also a functioning phone that always stays on. The back screen stays on all the time, an it shows the time, the weather, and all of your alerts. You can use use either the front or the back side to use your phone or you can use them both at the same time.

#2 The Nokia 7600

The Nokia 7600 was introduced in 2003 before the Smartphone was released. It have a unique tear drop shape. The phone was meant to be held with two hands at all times. This phone didn’t gain the popularity that Nokia hoped that it would. The problem was that it made texting difficult. This is before we had the QWERTY keyboards and most people leaned to text quickly on the phone key. Because the keys were not in their typical spots, texing was too difficult for this phone to really take off.

#3 The Motorola Flipout

The Motorola Flipout was Motorola’s version of the Sidekick. The phone had a side out keyboard like the Sidekick. The phone has a very small screen at just 2.8 inches. Unfortunately, this phone didn’t find the success that the Sidekick did. Even if this phone was a hit, it would have been gone after the invention of the Smartphone because the screen was just too small.

#4 The Nokia 7280

The Nokia 7280 was released in 2004. The phone had a slider end and a Navi-Spinner that took the place of the keyboard. This phone was part of Nokia’s Fashion Phone line. This phone was famous back when smaller phones were what everyone was looking for. The screen faded to a mirror, which many women liked. It was even in the Pussycat Doll’s “Beep” music video. Unfortunately, it wasn’t too popular with the public.

#5 Samsung Juke

The Samsung Juke was released in 2007. It was Samsung’s attempt to make a cross between a phone and a stick MP3 player. When the phone is in its original state, it looks just like an MP3 player, complete with the round control panel. They keyboard flipped out from underneath the phone. This phone is capable of holding up to 500 contacts and it comes with 11 polyphonic ringtones. This phone had some popularity up until the Smartphone took over.

#6 The P7 Pen Phone

The P7 Pen Phone was introduced in 2005. It wasn’t an actual pen, but it would have been cool if it was. It got its name because of its shape. It even had a clip on the back like a pen cap. To maneuver through the phone’s menu, you would use a small joystick and a directional pad. This phone had some popularity back in 2005 because of its unique design and shape.

#7 The Nokia N-Gage

This phone was released in 2003. It looked a lot like a video game controller and there was a reason for that. It was the first phone that was dedicated to playing games. It is also considered the best phone for gaming. It had the perfect design so that players could hold their phones the same way they would hold their video game controller. This phone remained popular for a few years, but when the Smartphone was released and the graphics on the games were better, the Nokia N-Gage became extinct.

#8 The Golden Buddha

Of the 10 most unusual phones in the world, this is by far the strangest. It was released in China in 2009. The phone resembles a compact when it is closed. When it is open, it resembles a pack of birth control pills. The phone is completely gold, and it has a round dial pad. On the screen is a picture of Buddha. There isn’t much information regarding the popularity of this phone, however, it likely wouldn’t have been too popular in the United States.

#9 The C99 Star

This phone was introduced in China in 2009. It is a touch screen phone and it is shaped like a star. It opened up like a locket and that is where the keypad is located. If you don’t want to carry the phone around in your pocket or your purse, you can wear it around your neck. This phone didn’t really catch on, for good reason. It is really hard to picture a high powered business man making important calls on a phone that is shaped like a star. If little girls between 10 and 14 years old was the target market for the phone, it would have been extremely popular. China is not like the United States. Most children in that country don’t have their own cell phone, therefore, this phone didn’t do as well as the manufacturer had hoped.

#10 The Tiny Phone

This phone obviously isn’t real. It is impossible to use a Smartphone that needs to be picked up with a pair of tweezers. If someone did create this phone, it would have so many flaws that it wouldn’t be a big seller. First, how would you push the buttons? Next, if you want to read a text message, you would need a magnifying glass. Finally, it is not uncommon for people to lose their phones. These are phones that are about 100 times the size of this phone. This phone could get lost anywhere because of its size, and chances are, you would never find it. The only thing that this phone has going for it is that it is tiny and adorable.

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