Incredible Examples Of Time Wearing Things Down

#1 Twin Teddy BearsA mother had a baby boy in 1985 She bought two identical teddy bears. The teddy bear on the left was given to the boy when he was born. The teddy bear on the right was packed up carefully and put in storage. You can see how time wore down the teddy bear on the left. Even its shape has changed. The teddy bear on the right was wrapped up and it looks brand new.

#2 Footprints In the FloorboardsMonks spend most of their time praying. They often pray for several hours a day. This monk prayed in the same place for 20 years. He was in that spot so often that his feet actually carved footprints into the floorboards. You can see every detail of every toe.

#3 Before and After a PowerwashingYears ago, the Northeast part of the United States ran on coal plants. This made buildings very dirty over time. The coal built up on the buildings over the years, making the buildings look black. The men in this photo powerwashed half the building and took a photo before they completed the second half. It is amazing how dirty the city once was.

#4 Worn Down Marble

This is a photo of an old bank. Right in front of each teller, you can see holes that have been worn down over the years from people standing there. This is one of the most incredible examples of time wearing things down.

#5 Pennies Changing Over Time

Old pennies have changed hands thousands of times. The pennies on the top are new ones.. The pennies in the middle are a bit older. The pennies at the bottom have completely worn down. The difference is astonishing.

#6 The Posters On a LamppostPeople hang posters on lampposts often. Typically, the person hanging a poster doesn’t tear the old one down. This is a photo of all of the posters built up over the year. Time has completely destroyed the posters that are buried at the bottom.

#7 Sun Damaged FaceThe man in this photo drove a delivery truck for 28 years. The left side of his face is severely sun damaged and the right side of his face is smooth. You can see where the sun has severely damaged his skin over time on the side of his face that is toward the window.

#8 Worn Vaccination TagA man got a dog and had him vaccinated and put the vaccination tag on him. Sadly, the dog passed away after 13 years and the man took the tags off. This tag is very worn down from 13 years of clanging against the dog’s water dish.

#9 The Almost Completely Worn Down Silver DollarA man carried his silver dollar in his pocket for luck every day since 1952. Over time, the silver dollar became almost completely worn down. You can see the outline of the face but no words or letters.

#10 World Down Radio ButtonThe person who owns this radio used the power button so often that the paint started to wear off. As it wore down, it created a picture of a Victorian portrait.

#11 The Steps Leading To the Top of the Leaning Tower of PisaThe Leaning Tower of Pisa is a historical landmark. So many people have visited this place and climbed these stairs that they have worn down so much that it is difficult to tell that these are even steps.

#12 The Restaurant FloorThis restaurant opened in 1924. Over the years, the floor has been covered over with a new one a few times. People stand at the register so often that all of the floors have worn out over time.

#13 The Door Worn By the BellMany store owners hang a bell over the door so they know when someone is coming in the room. This door has opened against the bell so many times over the years that the door is actually wearing down.

#14 Lightening the FloorsThe people who own this home had an area rug under their table for 16 years. When they finally removed it. They could see the damage that the sun did to their hardwood floors. Over the years, the sun lightened up the floor several shades.

#15 Worn Down Shaving BrushA man had been using the same shaving brush for 30 years. He found a vintage, unused version of the exact same brush and put it beside the one that he was using. This old brush doesn’t even look like a brush anymore. He held it for so long that the words wore off completely.

Bonus Photo #1 The Bike and the HandsBikes have been leaned against this section of the wall for so long that it actually wore down the bricks. In the photo on the right, you can see the hand of a young person and a hand of an old person. It is amazing what time can do to the skin.

Bonus Photo #2 A Worn Down CarpetThis carpet was installed in the 70’s. The main route to the kitchen is worn down to the point where you cannot see the flowers anymore. It’s amazing what 50 years of walking on a carpet can do.

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