15 Most Brilliant Phone Hacks

#1 Create a Phone Stand With an Old Cassette CaseIf you are old enough to remember what life was like before you could download music on your phone and before DVD’s, you likely remember cassette tapes. They each came in a plastic case that you can still use today. If you open your cassette case all the way, it creates a cool stand for your phone. This will allow you to watch videos are listen to music without needing to hold your phone.

#2 Take Your Mobile Gaming To The Next LevelIf you love to play driving games on your phone, you can make it more realistic than you ever thought. If you can find a circular fluorescent light and some clear tape, you have everything that you need. Simply stretch the tape between the left and right side of the fluorescent light with the sticky part of the tape facing you. Next, stick the back of your phone to the tape and you have a steering wheel to make the game easier and more interesting to play. This little trick can completely change the way that you play driving games on your phone. There is nothing better than playing a driving game with a steering wheel.

#3 Keep Your Contact Information On Your Phone

This is one of the most brilliant phone hacks today. If you are like most people, you keep your phone locked and you need a password to get in. This is the best way to make sure that everything on your phone remains private if you put it down or if you lose it. If you lose your phone and the screen is locked, the person who picked it up will have no idea who you are or how to get your phone to you. Since the phone is locked, they won’t be able to access your contact list. To keep this from happening, you should include your contact information on your phone’s lock screen. You can type the text, “This Phone Belongs To, and add your name. Underneath that, you should add, If Found Please Call”, and add your phone number. This way you can be sure to get your phone back if you leave it behind somewhere and the screen was locked.

#4 Never Sleep Through Your Alarm AgainSince the invention of the Smartphone, most people don’t use clock radios to wake up anymore. Today, they set the alarm on their Smartphone before going to bed. If you tend to sleep through the alarm because it isn’t loud enough, all you need is a glass bowl or a pitcher. When the alarm goes off, the glass will amplify the sound of the alarm, making sure that you never sleep through it again.

#5 Mount Your Phone In Your Car

More and more companies are selling devices that allow you to mount your phone in your car. If you don’t want to spend money on these gadgets, you can mount your phone in your car for free. As long as you have a rubber band, you can mount your phone. All you need to do is wrap the elastic band around the vents and then slip your phone in the rubber band. This is the easiest and least expensive way to keep your phone in your view when you are driving. The elastic is also more durable than the clunky plastic mounts that you can buy in the stores.

#6 Binder Clip Phone StandMany people have binder clips in their desk drawer or in their bag of school supplies, but they are never put to good use. You can use these clips as a phone stand. All you need to do is put the clips at the end of a wallet size photo or an index card. You would need to use something large enough to fit the length of your phone. You can use the top of clip handles to hold your phone. It is a genius way to use your phone without holding it.

#7 Take Amazing Close-Up Shots With Your SmartphoneMost Smartphones don’t have a lens good enough to take great close-up shots. This is a problem that can easily be rectified with a laser pointer, a bobby pin, and a piece of tape. Start by removing the lens from the laser pointer and cover the camera lens on your phone with it. To hold it in place, use a bobby pin and then tape it to the phone. You no longer need to carry around your digital camera in case you want to take a great picture.

#8 Use a AA Battery as a StylusThere are some phones on the market today with a built-in stylus. If you don’t own one of these phones and you find that our fingers don’t work well on the screen, especially when playing games, all you need is a AA battery. It will work as a stylus and you don’t need to worry about fumbling around with your fat fingers. This trick is also great if you are using your phone on a cold day. Rather than taking off your gloves in the cold to use your phone, you can keep a battery in your pocket. The battery will make your selections for you and you can keep your hands warm.

#9 Use Your Phone In The ShowerIf you are obsessed with your phone or if you are waiting for an important text but you need to take a shower, there is a way that you can take your phone into the shower with you safely. Some people enjoy watching videos on their phone or listening to music in the shower. Thanks to this hack, this is all possible. All you need is a freezer bag, two binder clips, and two hooks with suction cups. After you put up the suction cups, hand the binder clips from the hooks. They will be used to hold the freezer bag which will contain your phone on the shower wall. You can do just about anything on your phone while you are in the shower if you know this handy little trick.

#10 Create a Coiled CordMany people find that their regular charger is too long. Some complain that the car charger is too long. If you want a shorter cord for your charger, there is a way that you can make your original charger wire shorter. All you need to do is wrap the charger cord tightly around a pencil and hold it. Hit it with a hairdryer for a few minutes to help it keep its shape. When you pull out the pencil, you will have a shorter, coiled cord.

#11 Turn Your Phone Into a Black LightIf you need a black light but you don’t have one handy, you can make one with your Smartphone. All you need is tape, a blue sharpie, and a purple sharpie. Start by turning on your phone’s flashlight. Color one piece of tape with the blue sharpie and cover your flashlight with it. Next, color another piece of tape with the purple sharpie put it over the blue tape. This will turn your phone’s flashlight into a black light.

#12 Create a Macro Lens On Your PhoneThis is a trick that you should only try if you are extremely careful and you have a steady hand. If you put just a single drop of water on your camera’s lens, it will make it possible to take high-powered, close-up pictures. Since cell phones and water doesn’t mix, you need to be very careful if you are going to try this hack. It is best to use an eyedropper. This will ensure that you will get just one drop of water on the lens.

#13 Phone Stand in a PinchYou won’t always have a phone stand handy when you need one. If you are out and you need to stand you phone to watch a video or to play a game, you can use your sunglasses. If you are like most people, you are either wearing your sunglasses, you have them in your bag, or in your car. You can turn your sunglasses into a stand by resting the phone on the sunglasses, using the ear pieces to hold the phone. It is a great way to stand up your phone in a pinch.

#14 Temporary Phone CaseIf your phone case cracked and you don’t have time to buy a new one right away, all you need is a couple of balloons. If you put your phone in a deflated, broken balloon, it will give it the cushion and support that it needs to keep it safe until you get a new case. To make the phone even safer, you should layer two balloons. Using two balloons as a phone case is equivalent to a silicone phone case. You can even choose your two favorite colors for the temporary case.

#15 Fix a Blurry CameraIf your phone’s camera seems to be blurry and out of focus, you might start thinking awful pictures. What you may not know is that it could be your phone that is causing the problem and not the user. If you stick a piece of clear tape over the lens, it will control the phone’s autofocus. When the autofocus in better controlled, you can take the perfect at the right moment. If you take photos often, you might want to buy a new phone with a better camera. Until then, however, this little hack will do just the trick.

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