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Thieves Tried To Siphon Petrol But They Sucked Out Sewage By Accident


It seems as though thieves are always finding new ways to rip people off to put a little money in their pocket. Gone of the days where people broke into empty houses in search of money and valuables. Today, people are stealing tires right off of parked cars. Some use technology and computers to steal people’s identities and scam them out of their life savings. It is sad that there are people in the world who make their living this way. If everyone would just work hard for a living, the world would be a better place.

Looking For the Biggest Returns

People who make a living stealing from others often look for certain things. Money, jewelry, electronics, and cars are common things that dishonest thieves are always looking to steal. There are some criminals who think outside the box. This is something that a criminal in Australia did when he decided to steal gas.

Tour Bus

Tour buses are much more than your typical bus. They don’t have just seats. Most tour buses had beds and separate sleeping compartments. Most tour buses have bathrooms, and some even have showers and cooking stations. These types of buses need these things because people live on them while traveling across the county. When a person wants to travel in style, a tour bus is the best way to go.

What About the Waste

When you use the bathroom on a tour bus, it isn’t like using a port-a-potty. When you use the bathroom on a tour bus, you can flush the toilet. When you use the sink or the shower, the water goes down the drain. Have you ever wondered where the waste goes? Obviously, you cannot just flush and let the waste go all over the road. It has to go somewhere. Tour buses have a tank that holds all of the waste from the bus. There are places where the driver can safely empty the tank. The tank ensures that the bus is sanitary and always smells great.

Stealing Gas

People steal gas for a variety of reasons. Some don’t want to pay at the pump for their own gas so that they will siphon it from a parked vehicle. Some will search for large vehicles and fill as many gas cans as they can. Later, they will sell the gas to less scrupulous people who have no problem buying stolen gas at a discounted price. A thief in Australia got more than he bargained for when he decided to siphon the gas from a tour bus.

Siphoning Gas

Siphoning gas isn’t too difficult, but it is risky. To properly siphon gas, you need a hose. After putting the hose into the vehicle’s gas tank, you start sucking. You keep doing this until you get a steady stream of gas coming through the hose so that it goes into the gas can. If you don’t have much experience siphoning gas, you could get a mouth full of petrol. Even the most experienced gas thieves have this happen from time to time. It is nasty, but these thieves don’t care. They figure that it is worth it for the reward.

Siphoning From a Tour Bus

This Australian thief saw an empty tour bus sitting in a parking lot and decided that it would be a good idea to fill several gas tanks by siphoning the gas from a bus. He thought that he knew what he was doing so he quickly got to work. When he put his siphoning hose in place, he thought that it was set up in the gas tank. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t. Rather than putting the hose in the gas tank, he put it in the sewer tank. Thieves tried to siphon petrol but they sucked out sewage by accident.

A Mouth Full Of Sewage

When the thief put the hose in the wrong tank, he expected to get a mouthful of gas. Instead, he got a mouthful of sewage. When this happened, the thief quickly retreated. When asked about the incident, the sergeant in charge of the investigation said, “We can infer they made a very hasty retreat, with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth.”

The Investigation

The police are investigating. They are looking at video cameras in the area, checking for fingerprints, and even shoe prints to see if they can find the person who had tried to siphon gas from the tour bus’s tank. They say that they aren’t going to put too many staff hours into the investigation. Getting a mouthful of poop and sewage just may be punishment enough.

Lesson Learned

You can only hope that after such an awful and disgusting experience that the thief in question has changed their ways. After something like this happens, there is a good chance that they will start paying for their gas rather than stealing it.

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