5 Incredible Animals With Real Superpowers

#1 The Mantis Shrimp

When people think of shrimp, they think of small fish living in the ocean ready to be scooped up and served on a platter. While this is true with most shrimp, it is not the case with the mantis shrimp. This is one of the strongest creatures in the sea. This shrimp is so strong that he is known to break through the glass in an aquarium. The hit from this creature is compared to that of a gunshot. There are no other domesticated aquatic creatures who are meant to be put in an aquarium with strength like this. For his size, his strength is absolutely amazing. Not only is this creature strong, it also has amazing vision. Most creatures have two color receptive cones, one in each eye. The mantis shrimp has 16 color receptive cones. This is pretty incredible. Thanks to his amazing vision, he is able to easily seek out his prey. He can also see predators coming up near him. This gives the mantis shrimp more than enough time to get out of the way and go into hiding. Between the shrimp’s super strength and supervision, he truly is a superhero.

#2 The Alpine Ibex Mountain Goat

One of the most famous superheroes is Spiderman. He can easily climb up the sides of buildings using his spider-like hands and feet. The Alpine Ibex mountain goat is the Spiderman of the animal kingdom. These goats live in the mountains and they are incredible climbers. There is no mountain too steep for these adorable animals. They can climb the faces of walls and mountains that are almost vertical. Because they are able to climb to areas of a mountain that are not easily accessible to most animals and humans, they build their homes in the caves deep in the mountains. It keeps them safe from predators so that they can live out their lives in peace. Watching one of these goats climb the side of a mountain is absolutely incredible. There have been many videos posted online of these goats walking down an almost vertical slope. Many people believed that the video was doctored because the ability of this goat is so unbelievable. When more and more videos started popping up, it proved the naysayers wrong. These goats are unbelievable and they give Spiderman a run for his money.

#3 The Immortal Jellyfish

This is one of the 5 incredible animals with real superpowers. It has an amazing ability that no other creature on the face of the Earth possesses. Most people would love to have the power of immortality. If a person were able to live forever, they could accomplish a great deal. If a person were immortal, they would likely participate in extremely dangerous activities since there would be no risk of them dying. While there is no way for a human to become immortal, except in the movies, this jellyfish actually is. The scientific name for the immortal jellyfish is the Turritopsis dohrnii. As he reaches the end of his life, he is able to fold in on himself. When he does this, he can actually absorb himself, and he returns to the polyp stage of this life. This gives himself a chance to start his life over again and again. He is the only creature in the world who is actually immortal. Most people would love to start their lives over again when they start getting old. Unfortunately for humans, only the immortal jellyfish has this ability.

#4 Parasitoids

This is a pretty amazing insect that can actually take over another insect’s body. This species can lay their eggs within another species and the eggs will hatch inside of the host and then eat the host’s body from the inside out. While this is a sort of superhero power, this insect would be a super villain. While these insects do live internally inside of a host, they can also live outside on their own. This creature is an actual case of an invasion of the body snatchers. After they take over the host, the body becomes their to do with as they see fit. This usually means that they eat the host and take over until they are ready to enter the world on their own.

#5 The Axolotl

Most people know that there are some amphibians who lose a limb and it can grow back. This little salamander can do this and much, much more. He looks very friendly on the outside and he has an amazing superpower. If he loses a limb, it will grow back. He will also regrow any other part of his body that he loses. If this creature is attacked and his organs are damaged, they would be regenerated. The same is true with every part of his body, and this includes his brain. Due to his amazing power of regeneration, he is also known as the Frankenstein Salamander. Dr. Frankenstein used different parts to create Frankenstein. The axolotl is his own Dr. Frankenstein as he replaces his body parts on his own, naturally. Also, he is one of the only amphibians who reach adulthood and then remain aquatic with their gills. Most other amphibians will develop lungs and take to land. This amazing little creature marches to the beat of his own drum and remains in the water. He is often found in the Mexican waters.

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