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5 Most Unusual Limousine

5 Most Unusual Limousines In The World
#1 H2 Hummer LimoMost people know that the Hummer is one of most expensive and sought after SUV’s on the market. Since the traditional Hummer is so amazing, Hummer thought that it would be a good idea to manufacture a Hummer limo. This particular limo is painted with a black and white Zebra stripe pattern. The inside is large enough to seat 12 people. It has its own phone, four flat screen televisions, a bar, comfortable seating, and lights on the ceiling to initiate a dance party. If you are planning a night on the town, this is the limo that you want to rent.


#2 The Pink Mini Cooper LimoThe Mini Cooper has been around since the 1960’s in Britain. While it has been around for over 50 years, it only became popular in the United States about a decade ago. The pink Mini Cooper Limo is not as mini as the original vehicle. It has the same body shape as the Mini Cooper from the early 2000’s, but it is much longer. The limo is large enough to seat 12 passengers and the average cost is over $150,000. Best of all, this limo is pink. If you want to turn heads when you are out on the town, this is the limo to rent.


#3 BMW LimoThis vintage E8 BMW limo was manufactured between 1994 and 2001. During this time, there were about 340,000 produced. When you look at this limo from the front, you would think that it was a typical BMW. When you look at it from the side, however, you will see how amazing it is. This limo is roomy enough to seat 12 people. If you think that you have seen this limo before, you may have. It has been featured in a variety of Hollywood movies including Transporter, Tomorrow Never Dies, Invictus, and Bad Santa. This limo is a great way to get around in style but it might be an expensive night.


#4 Trabant LimoThis limo is actually one of the ugliest on this list. The limo was modeled after the Trabant, which was manufactured in East Germany during the 1950’s. Regardless of the ugliness of the car, there were over 3,000,000 of these cars manufactured. Production lasted until the 1990’s when they stopped production. It was then that the vehicle was outfitted to become a limo. It is large enough to fit 8 passengers. It is outfitted with a two stroke engine with a 600cc. If you want to drive around in style, this might not be the best limo for you since it is relatively ugly. If you want to turn heads, this is the limo for you.


#5 Mini Cooper Pool LimoWhile the Mini Cooper limo was already mentioned above, it looked nothing like this one. If you want to drive around town and take a swim at the same time, you should consider taking a ride in this limo. The front of the limo looks just like the traditional Mini Cooper limo, the back, however, is much different because it contains a pool. Obviously, some of the seating had to be removed to install the pool, however, most people don’t mind because they can take a dip while driving to their destination. The number of passengers is much lower also due to the weight of the water in the back of the limo. There is no information regarding whether or not this limo is street legal. Since seat belts are required to legally drive around and the pool area doesn’t contain seat belts, swimming in the back of the limo is likely only allowed when the limo is parked. If you want to throw your own party outside in the club parking lot, this is the limo to rent.


Bonus Unusual Limo: The Round LimoOf all the limos on this list, this one is by far one of the 5 most unusual limousine on this list, unfortunately, it isn’t a real limo. Anyone who knows anything about vehicles, driving, or physics would know that a round vehicle just wouldn’t work. It looks as though the front of the limo will hit the back when it drives. It also looks as though you would just ride in circles. Even if you could drive the limo and it could drive straight, it would take up more than two lanes of traffic. If this were a real limo and not a photoshopped version, it wouldn’t be street legal. The fact that there is a Saint Bernard sitting in between the front and the rear of the limo make the photo look even more suspicious. Maybe someone could create this limo, however, it would be a huge waste of money because it would need to remain in the driveway.

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