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Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed

Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed
#1 Sawing the Person in HalfMagicians have been sawing their assistants in half for centuries. Many magicians used large knives and swords. Today, modern magicians use chainsaws to add some drama to the act. When the person gets cut in half, the audience panics. They see the assistant lying in a box with her head and her feet sticking out. To let the audience know that the feet are real, the magician will tell her to wiggle her toes. When she is sawed in half, she starts screaming and moving her feet about. This trick is not as dangerous as you may think There are actually two assistants in the box. You see the head of one and the feet of the other.


#2 The Torn Dollar BillFor years, David Copperfield has been wowing his audience by tearing a dollar bill in half in front of his audience. Immediately after, he would unfold the dollar and it is completely undamaged. This trick isn’t done with super powers or supernatural powers, it is a simple magic trick. The idea is to skillfully use a pencil. The pencil is cut in half diagonally and then connected with two strong magnets. Theis allows the dollar bill to be passed between the two halves without being damaged at all. The next time you see a David Copperfield show, you will be one of the only people in the audience who knows how the trick works.

#3 LevitationLevitation is one of the most amazing magic tricks and it is also one of the most difficult to figure out how the person does it. The magician appears to be floating in mid air, but it is actually a hidden support that the magician is sure not to let the audience see. The staff or rod is often passed through their clothing so that it isn’t visible to the audience but it can hold the magician up off the ground.


#4 The Disappearing GlassAnytime a magician makes something disappear, they are doing a really cool trick. One of the oldest tricks performed by magicians is the disappearing glass. Luckily for magicians, most people don’t know how the trick is done. To properly pull off the trick, you need a special handkerchief and a special table. When the magician performs the trick, they cover the glass of water in the cloth, they say the magic words, and they throw the handkerchief on the floor. When the audience looks, the  glass is gone. The handkerchief has a wire ring sewn inside to make it look like the cup is underneath the handkerchief. There is also a hold in the table where the glass goes to make it look as though it disappeared.


#5 Penn and Teller’s Double Bullet TrickThis is one of the greatest magic tricks finally revealed. Penn and Teller are famous for their magic. One of their most famous tricks is the Double Bullet Trick. Before the trick, the men have a member of the audience sign a bullet. Next, they set up a pane of glass so that they can demonstrate how the bullets are fired. They also use laser sights to made sure that the bullet reaches its target, which is one of the men’s mouths. Since it is humanly impossible to catch a bullet in your teeth, there is a trick to it. When the audience isn’t looking, the men load the gun with a bullet that is made of wax. When the bullet fires, it melts. The men use misdirection so that they can get the signed bullet into their mouth.


#6 Metamorphosis by the PendragonsThis trick was first done by the Pendragons in 1996. The couple was in their 80’s at the time. In the stunt, the wife, Charlotte Pendragon ties her husband,, Johathan, up in a bag and then puts in inside a chest. To let the audience know that he cannot possible get out, she uses a sword as a bar lock. Next, Charlotte gets on top of the chest and pulls up a curtain. She lowers it over herself for a split second. When the curtain drops, Jonathan is on the box and Charlotte is inside. The trick is not as complicated as it may seem. The chest is actually not solid, the back is just a piece of fabric. When Charlotte pulls the curtain up, Jonathan quickly gets out of the box and climbs on top. As Charlotte drops the curtain, she is already on the ground climbing in the box.


#7 The Zig-Zag Girl This is a very popular trick performed by magicians for years. The magician would take his assistant and put her in a body size box. Next, he would put blades through the block and cutting the assistant into thirds. A person in the audience is then asked to come on stage and push the segments into an alternating arrangement, creating a zig-zag. The woman isn’t actually sawed in half. The strips on the side of the box make it look skinnier than it is. This makes it easy for the assistant to twist her body the right way. The blades that go into the box don’t take up much space either. As long as the assistant is flexible, the trick will be a success. This is one magic trick where it is actually the assistant who does all the work and the magician is there mostly for just for show.

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