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Father Dies While Saving Daughter, 5, From Dog Attack

Parents’ Love For Their Children

A parent’s love for their child is an incredible love like no other. From the moment that the child is born, the parents do everything that they can to keep them safe. They baby-proof the house when they are young and watch them every second of every day. When children get older, parents let go a bit, but they worry more. Even when the children grow up and move out of the house, their love, protection, and worry never stop. Parents feel this way because of the intense love that they have for their children.

Above and Beyond

Parents will go above and beyond to protect their children and to keep them safe. There are always stories in the news about parents who sacrifice themselves to save the lives of their children. Recently, a 20-year-old mother was caught in a fire with her daughter. The woman knew that she was going to die, but to save her daughter’s life, she strapped her in her car seat and threw her out the second-floor window. The mother died, and her daughter was unharmed. These are the things that we do for our children. Robert Joseph Quick was one of these parents.

Robert Joseph Quick

Robert Quick was from Iowa, and he was a loving husband to his wife, Dawn. The couple had four children together, and they were a loving family. Robert was a very protective and loving father. He was involved in each of his children’s lives, and he knew that it was up to him to always keep him safe. This was how he lost his life. He was keeping one of his children safe.

The Call To the Deputies

At 10:31 on an early June morning, the deputies with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office were called to a home in Fort Madison, near Old Iowa State Prison. The report was a dog attack. With dog attacks, officers never know what to expect. When they arrived on the scene, they don’t know if the attack will be over, and the victim needs medication attention, or if the attack will still be going on, and violent actions need to be taken. When the deputies got the call that morning, they weren’t sure what to expect.

The Attack

The call to the deputies came because a dog was attacking a young girl. The 5-year-old dog was playing outside when a large dog began attacking her. The children nearby ran inside to let their parents know. Robert Quick was home that day, and the second that he heard that his daughter was in danger, he jumped up and ran out of the house. When he got outside, he saw the dog mauling his daughter. Not thinking about himself or his own safety, he got between his daughter and the dog. The dog didn’t belong to Robert and his family. It did belong to a family member and was being cared for by the owners of the house. Robert was able to get the dog off of his daughter, but the attack didn’t stop. The dog set his sights on Robert.

Deputies Arrive On Scene

When the deputies arrived on the scene, the dog was attacking Robert. When they saw how viciously Robert was being attacked, they decided that the only thing that they could do was shoot the dog. After firing one shot, the dog was down. Robert was lying on the ground and asked the deputies to care for his daughter first. Shortly after, the ambulance arrived, and Robert was unconscious.

First Aid

The EMTs on scene began CPR on Robert, and they took him to Fort Madison Community Hospital for treatment. His daughter was also taken to the hospital to be treated for her bites. Sadly, when Robert got to the hospital, he passed away. Many people who heard about what happened believed that he died as a result of the wounds that the dogs inflicted, but he didn’t.

Heart Attack

It turns out that Robert died of a heart attack. The extreme stress and fear that he experienced while watching his daughter being mauled by the dog and trying to save her life. Robert’s death left Dawn, a widow and his four children without their father. Dawn says that the grief is overwhelming, but her husband is a hero.


A GoFundMe page was set up to help Dawn raise money for the cost of her husband’s funeral. The page was set up by a family member with a goal of $6,000. The page was created on May 31, 2019. By June 7, 2019, the page has well surpassed the goal and has reached $20,615 and 539 people donated. The page has close to 3,000 shares.

A Tragic Hero

What happened to Robert is a tragedy, but he is a hero. He risked his life to save his daughter, which is something that isn’t uncommon with loving parents. This Father dies while saving daughter, 5, from dog attack. Our hearts go out to the family.

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