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70 Years After Doctors Said Her Baby Died, This Old Woman Received A Life-Changing Phone Call

Genevive Purinton

When Genevive was a teenager, she got pregnant by a married man. This was back in the ’40s when getting pregnant out of wedlock was frowned upon. Because the man was already married, he wouldn’t be able to marry Genevive. She didn’t even have the support of her mother and her father. They were both angry that their daughter had become pregnant. But, a life-changing phone call came.

The Baby Died

Genevive went into labor in Indiana in 1949. She was just 18-years-old at the time. Sadly, she would never be able to hold her baby. The nurses told her that her baby had died after she gave birth. Genevive had no reason not to trust the doctors and nurses, so she never asked to see the birth certificate. She was devastated, but there was nothing she could do. Her child was gone, and she had to try to get her life back together. When she was released from the hospital, she couldn’t go home. Her mother told her that her father would kill her if she did, so she went to live with her grandmother. After graduating from high school. Genevieve decided to leave her life in Indiana behind and start a new one in Florida.

Making a Life For Herself

Choosing to leave everything behind was a bold move because Genevive didn’t know anyone in Florida. This is a move that many people would be afraid to make, but Genevive did it. She found a place to live in Tampa and started a new life complete with new friends. Sadly, she never had more children. When she was diagnosed with a tumor, she had to have a hysterectomy, which made having children impossible.


Genevive lived a long and happy life in Tampa. She had eight siblings, and sadly, she had to watch all of them pass on before her. Also, she was living in a care home in North Tampa, she had friends, but she believed that she had no family left. She had no idea that this wasn’t true. 70 years after doctors said her baby died, this old woman received a life-changing phone call.

Connie Moultroup

Connie Moultroup was raised in Santa Barbara, California, after being adopted as a baby. She knew from a very young age that she was adopted. Her ways that she remembered her adoptive parents telling her the story of how they “chose” her. They told her that they walked up and down the halls of the orphanage looking for a baby, and off all the babies, they picked her. Connie says that she loved this story. When Connie was very young, her mother passed away from cancer. Her father remarried, but soon after, he died too of a heart condition. By the time Connie was 5-years-old, both of her adoptive parents were gone, and she was left with her abusive stepmother. According to Connie, her childhood wasn’t a happy one.

Looking For Her Birth Mom

Connie never had a real maternal influence in her life, and she often thought about meeting her mother. When she was in her 30’s, she started looking for her mother. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the resources back then that they have today, so her search wasn’t successful. Soon, life got in the way, and she put the search out of her head. She was living in Richmond, Virginia, where she worked as a nurse and a massage therapist. She had a daughter named Bonnie Chase, and she went on to have two children. When he was in her ’60s, she only knew of these three blood relatives.


Bonnie bought Connie a DNA testing kit for Christmas 2017. She thought that her mother would like to know more about herself since she didn’t have her biological parents to answer her questions. Bonnie also bought a kit for herself. She understood a little about how her mother felt. Her mother didn’t know her entire family, and Bonnie really didn’t either. She had never met her father, so she understood how her mother felt.

The Results

Both women didn’t put too much stock in their tests, and they both waited a few months before sending their samples. When Connie got her results back, she was shocked. For years, she believed that she had a daughter and two grandchildren. When she got the results, it revealed that she had 1,600 relatives. Connie got in touch with a long-lost cousin. She was in shock when her cousin told her that her mother was still alive.

Reaching Out

When Genevive got a life-changing phone call from a woman who claimed to be her daughter, she couldn’t believe it. Genevieve asked Connie when she was born. She also asked if she knew her original name, which she said that she did. It was Margaret Ann Mitch. When she answered, Genevive realized right away that her baby didn’t die, and her parents had lied to her. Genevive told Connie the story, and she broke down in tears. All these years, Connie believed that her mother gave her up because she didn’t want her. She had no idea that her mother thought that she was dead. The two women had 70 years to catch up on, and they talked on the phone for a while.

The Meeting

When the two women met in person, they discovered that they looked a lot alike. They also realized that they both had a lot in common. After 70 years, the mother and daughter were finally reunited.

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