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17-Year-Old Took A Whole Month To Hand-Paint Her Own Gorgeous Graduation Ball Dress


At the end of May to early June, high school seniors all over the world are looking forward to their graduation day. Finally, after 12+ years of hard work, it is time to move on to bigger and better things. There are plenty of events that come before the big day. Many schools have trips for seniors, awards ceremonies, and most importantly, the senior prom.

Senior Prom

Senior prom is an event that seniors look forward to when they first start the 9th grade. When it is finally time for the prom, there is plenty of preparations that need to be made. For boys, it is simple. They find a nice shirt, a nice pair of pants, or they rent a tux. Most boys are dressed the same on prom night. For girls, it is different. Girls search for weeks trying to find the perfect dress. They want their dresses to be beautiful, unique, and to reflect their personal style. Girls don’t want to have similar dresses, and Ciara Gan is no different.

Ciara Gan

Ciara Gan is a 17-year-old girl from the Philippines. She was planning to go to her graduation ball, aka senior prom, and she was really excited. She went to store after store with her mother, but couldn’t find anything that she liked. She was beginning to get frustrated. Nothing was unique, nothing matched her personality, and most of all, she didn’t want to wear any of the dresses in the stores. After checking the last store in the area, Ciara’s mother had a better idea. They could make her dress.

Shopping Again

Ciara and her mother got up in the morning to head out for yet another day of shopping. This time, they weren’t going shopping for dresses. Instead, they were going shopping for the supplies that they would need to make Ciara’s dress. They purchased 13-yards of fabric, boning, crinoline, and crystals. Ciara had just a few more weeks before the ball, so she and her mother had to get started.


Ciara’s mother did most of the sewing for the dress. Ciara described the style that she wanted, and her mother got to work. When she was done, it was time for Ciara to do her part. She wanted to make the dress beautiful and unique. She wanted it to reflect her personality, and she had a blank slate to work with.


Ciara’s main reason for making her dress was to make it unique. Because of this, she didn’t want to use basic roses or delicate floral patterns on her dress. Not only didn’t these not reflect her personality, but they also were on just about every dress that she saw in the stores. Fortunately, she had recently read a book that gave her the inspiration that she was looking for. Finally, she knew exactly how she was going to decorate her dress.

Tiger Lily

Ciara had recently read the book, Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson. It is the story of a 15-year-old girl named Tiger Lily who didn’t believe in love stories or happy endings. When she meets a bad boy named Peter, the leader of the Lost Boys, she falls in love. Soon, she risks her family and future to be with him. Ciara loved the book and says that it touched her heart. It was also where she got the inspiration for her dress.


The book gave Ciara the inspiration to decorate her dress with loud, vibrant colors. Rather than going with pink and purple like her friends, she chose orange and green. She says that the loud and vibrant colors speak more about who she is rather than pastel colors. When she had the idea in her mind, she couldn’t wait to get started to make it a reality.

A Month

A 17-year-old took a whole month to hand-paint her own gorgeous graduation ball dress. She spent hours every day for a month working on the dress. It took so long because she painted over 80 flowers on the dress. She also added crystals. Finally, her hard work paid off, and it was ready just in time for the ball.


Ciara took photos of her dress, and she posted them on Twitter. Some of the photos were of the dress on the hanger, and others were of her wearing it. When she posted it on Twitter, she was shocked by the attention that it received. Her photos were retweeted over 82,000 times. She also received thousands of positive comments. She said, “I still really can’t believe it. It really warms my heart to see people appreciating my art.”

Hard Work

Ciara is proof that hard work pays off. She says that nobody had a dress like hers at the ball, and she got compliments all night long. She says that it was one of the greatest nights of her life.

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