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Cher Finally Responds to Her 40-Year Age Gap

Pop idol Cher has only been married two times over the course of her life, and her last marriage ended in 1979. Given this information, one might assume that the popular singer has turned her back on her love life in the ensuing decades. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Though Cher hasn’t remarried since divorcing second husband Gregg Allman, she’s hooked up with a whole lot of people! Today, the 76-year-old singer is dating a man less than half her age. Join Facts Verse as Cher finally responds to her 40-year age gap.

Fans of popular-music legend Cher were shocked when it was recently revealed that the singer is in a romantic relationship with a man that’s less than half her age. May-December romances are no big deal in the entertainment industry, but the age gap between Cher and her new boyfriend is out of the ordinary even within this context! The man that Cher is currently involved with is a 36-year-old music executive named Alexander Edwards. Alexander works for the record label Def Jam Recordings. Prior to being romantically involved with Cher, Alexander was in a serious relationship with model Amber Rose. Amber is best known as one of the ex-girlfriends of musician Kanye West.

Alexander Edwards and Amber Rose never got married during their hot-and-heavy relationship, but they did have a child together. Now, Alexander is quickly being known as the boy toy of 76-year-old Cher. Cher and Alexander’s relationship started out as a mere rumor after the two were spotted in public holding hands together. Quickly afterwards, Cher confirmed that the two were dating.

According to Cher, she never intended to become romantically involved with the 36-year-old Alexander Edwards. In most notable May-December relationships, it’s the December party that is the pursuant. However, when it came to Cher and Alexander’s new romance, it was Alexander that was adamant about hooking up with the much older Cher. Cher clams to appreciate many things about her new lover, including the courage that it took him to approach her. Cher also claims that her and Alexander kiss like they’re teenagers, so we can see why she likes him.

Cher is fairly active on social media, and she isn’t afraid to talk about her relationship with Alexander Edwards publicly. Fans have poked fun at the age gap between the two lovers, but most of them have been supportive. Cher’s social media provides unprecedented incite into the 76-year-old pop idol’s romantic life. It allows her to share such information as the fact that her and Anthony don’t believe that love knows math, as well as to share pictures of her and him together. The most notable picture that Cher has shared of Anthony Edwards would have to be the picture she posted of him hanging out at the foot of her bed in his underwear.

When Cher posted a picture of Anthony Edwards in his underwear, fans were quick to respond that they could see what the 76-year-old pop idol saw in her 36-year-old lover. However, Cher claims that it’s much more than just Anthony’s looks that make her attracted to him. Cher has also responded to fans asking questions about whether or not the pop idol wishes that she were younger. Cher claims that the thought has oftentimes crossed her mind, but she isn’t about to feel bad for herself at the age that she is.

The introduction of lover Alexander Edwards isn’t the only new thing in Cher’s life. The singer has also been dealing with some family troubles. Namely, it appears that Cher’s mother isn’t in the best of health. The singer’s mother was reportedly just recently released from a long hospital stay. Cher’s mother is a 96-year-old woman by the name of Georgia Holt, and the two are fairly close.

Though the 40-year age gap between Cher and her new lover is something else entirely, the singer has always had a preference for younger men. At least, that’s the way it’s been since the 1980s! Notably, Cher’s first marriage was to a man that was over a decade her senior. That man was Sonny Bono. Cher was only 16 years old when the fledgling musician romantically pursued her. At the time, neither had found much success in the entertainment industry.

Cher first met Sonny Bono in 1962. Cher was instantly smitten with the older musician, but he wasn’t instantly smitten with her. Cher has recalled that Sonny didn’t seem all that attracted to her during the start of their relationship. Many have speculated that Sonny wasn’t really after love when it came to his relationship with Cher. Instead, it seems that Sonny may have been using the attractive younger singer to get a boost in his own musical career.

Regardless of whether or not Cher and Sonny Bono were ever truly attracted to one another, the pair ended up trying the know in 1964. They formed the popular-music duo of Sonny & Cher, and the duo had a big hit in the mid-1960s with the Phil Spector-produced “I Got You Babe”. In 1969, the couple had a child together by the name of Chastity. Chastity was assigned the female gender at birth, but has since transitioned. Today, Chastity is named Chaz.

By all accounts, it seems that Sonny Bono treated Cher like a piece of property during their marriage. Unsurprisingly, this unloving relationship wasn’t sustainable. The couple divorced in 1975. The divorce spelt the end for Sonny’s time in the music industry, but it was only the beginning for Cher. Since divorcing from Sonny Bono, Cher has found a successful career as a solo recording artist. Meanwhile, Sonny ventured into politics before passing away in 1998.

Before meeting and marrying Sonny Bono, Cher hooked up with Warren Beatty. Like with Sonny, Cher was only 16-years-old when she first met Warren Beatty. The movie star became instantly smitten with her, and they ended up having a one-night stand. Cher didn’t much enjoy the experience, and she claims that this was the last one-night stand that she’s ever had. However, the singer has hooked up with a shocking number of people in her life besides her husbands.

In between her marriages to her two husbands, Cher was in a serious relationship with media mogul David Geffen. The relationship actually started while Cher was still married to Sonny. However, the two had separated. Cher became romantically involved with David Geffen one night while hanging out at the media mogul’s Roxy nightclub. David was so enamored with Cher that he wanted to marry her. When Cher ended up leaving the media mogul for Gregg Allman, David was so upset that he tried to sue her unrelatedly.

In the 1990s, David Geffen came out as gay. However, by this point, his and Cher’s relationship was a thing of the past. It was the aforementioned Gregg Allman who became Cher’s second, and hitherto last, husband. Cher and Gregg tied the knot in 1975, and their marriage technically lasted until 1979. However, it’s debatable how much of that time the two actually spent together. Infamously, Cher tried to call the marriage off just a week into it on account of Gregg’s heroin abuse. Gregg promised that he’d try his best to give up the drug, and Cher agreed to continue on with the marriage.

Cher and Gregg Allman ended up having a kid together, and they even recorded an album together! On account of the two musicians’ drastically different demographics, the album wasn’t much of a success. However, it certainly stands out in both of their discographies as a unique oddity! After divorcing from Gregg Allman, Cher became romantically involved with another rock-and-roll singer. This time, the musician that Cher became involved with was none other than Kiss’ Gene Simmons. For a time, it seemed as if Cher and Gene were madly in love. This all changed when Cher introduced Gene to her good friend Diana Ross.

The story goes that Cher told Diana Ross to help Gene pick out a Christmas gift for her. What ended up happening was that Gene and Diana Ross fell in love! This spelt the end of Cher and Gene’s relationship, though it doesn’t seem that Cher has ever had any bad feelings towards either the Kiss singer or her old friend Diana Ross. Instead, Cher simply moved on to the next lover in her ever-rotating lineup!

After breaking things off with Gene Simmons, Cher took a page from her first husband Sonny Bono’s playbook at started pursuing lovers a good deal younger than her. During the early 1980s, Cher picked up such up-and-coming Hollywood studs as Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise. To this day, Cher maintains that Val was one of the great loves of her life. She doesn’t feel the same about Tom, but she claims that he was an excellent lover. Notably, Cher maintains that Tom was not involved with Scientology whatsoever at the time.

After Val and Tom, Cher became involved with a man by the name of Joshua Donen. Joshua is best known as a film producer, and it was he who convinced Cher to take on an out-of-character acting role in the 1985 film Mask. Cher claims that the only reason she ended up breaking up with Joshua Donen is because he wouldn’t marry her. Like Val, Cher claims that Joshua was one of her greatest loves. Other notable celebrity figures that Cher has been romantically involved with over the course of her long life include former Hells Angels member Tim Medvetz.

Cher and Alexander Edwards may have more than four decades between them in terms of age, but the couple firmly believes that love doesn’t know math. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Warren Beatty slept with Cher when she was only 16 years old, and that Gene Simmons later left her for Diana Ross? Comment down below!

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