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Childhood Photo Recreations Gone Too Far

Childhood Photo Recreations

Many adults see an old childhood photo that they loved and try to recreate them when they are older. In some cases, these photos are amazing. Other times, the photos are epic fails. Here are some childhood photo recreations gone too far.


When these brothers were young, their parents dressed them as Superman for Halloween. The childhood photo recreation is hysterical, especially since the older brother has the same annoyed expression.

Too Small

In the old photo, Dad is on a bike with his son, and his younger son is standing nearby. In the recreation, the bike is far too small. It doesn’t look strong enough to hold two grown men.

Some Things Never Change

The boy in this photo was a real character. Judging by the recreation, things haven’t changed too much. Clearly, you never grow out of wanting to wear a t-shirt as a pair of pants.

When Baby Brother Isn’t a Baby Anymore

When the new baby comes home, Mom and Dad take plenty of photos with the older sibling and the new baby. Trying to recreate this photo isn’t easy when the baby brother is bigger than his older sibling.

Messy Eaters Never Change

Little kids are known for getting their food all over their faces. When these two guys decided to recreate this photo, they dressed the same and recreated the ice cream mess. This recreation is great.

Buried In the Sand

All little kids love to go to the beach and be buried. These siblings loved the original so much that they decided to recreate it. They realized quickly that being buried as an adult isn’t quite as fun.

Newborn Recreation

The original photo is adorable. A sleep-deprived Dad dozes off while holding his newborn son. The recreation didn’t work as great, because the son is too big to snuggle in his Dad’s arm. It is hilarious, though.

First Photo Recreation

This baby photo is hilarious. The baby looks absolutely terrified. This man loved the picture so much that he decided to recreate it. He perfectly matched the look of horror on his face, and it is hilarious.


These two photos are great because if you look at the current photo without seeing the original, you would never even know that they were recreating a photo. The recreation is perfect because they got the mud perfect, and even their heights are the same.

Bath Time Recreated

There is nothing more adorable than family bath time. At a certain age, family bath time gets a little creepy, which makes this recreation a bit off-putting.

Recreating a Family Photo

This picture is hilarious. The original is your typical father and sons photo. The recreation is excellent since the baby is a grown man, and the others mimicked their faces perfectly.

A Halloween Re-Do

This photo is great. The family found an old Halloween photo and managed to find the exact same costumes as adults. The smile on the Indian is precisely the same as the original. They nailed it.

Brotherly Love

These two photos are great because they are precisely the same, except for the fact that the boys grew up. From the poses to the faces to the clothes, everything is the same. This is a perfect recreation.

That Can’t Be the Same Cat

This recreation looks like it was about 20-years after the original was taken. There is no way that is the same cat, though. Other than the fact that it is a different cat, the details are precisely the same.

Brotherly Love

The first photo was taken at a portrait studio, and it looks like these brothers went back to the same portrait studio 20+ years later. How the guy on the right found a train sweater in his size is a mystery.

Mom’s Favorite Photo

These brothers had an excellent idea for a Mother’s Day gift for their Mom. They decided to recreate her favorite photo. Sure, its a lot creepier than the original, but it’s the thought that counts.

Back To the Beach

These kids decided to recreate a beach photo from their childhood, and they got everything right. From the clothes to the facial expressions, it is a perfect recreation.

Recreation For Christmas

Mom always wished that her boys were still little again. Since they can’t go back in time, they decided to recreate her favorite photo. They may be older, but they still look the same.

You’re Still Too Big

The boys in the original photo were too big for the chair. When they recreated it, they were lucky that the rocking chair didn’t break.

It’s Just Creepy When You’re Older

The original photo is adorable. There is nothing cuter than two little boys wearing overalls. The recreation is really creepy. Grown men should never dress this way.

Raincoat Recreation

This recreation is excellent because it shows how much some siblings grew, and how little the others did. The varying heights on the recreation are completely off.

Graduation Recreation

In the original, Dad just graduated and took a photo with his daughter. In the recreation, the daughter just graduated and took a photo with her Dad. This picture shows how everything came full circle.

Vacation Recreations

This vacation recreation attempt didn’t really hit home. The boy and girl are on the wrong sides, and they aren’t wearing the right clothes. They may not have nailed it, but its the thought that counts.

Merry Christmas

This is a perfect recreation. The kids are wearing the same hats and clothes, and they all got their expressions perfect.

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