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Squirrel Saved By Family Pays Them Back Years Later In The Most Unexpected Way


Squirrels are pretty adorable creatures. They live their days running up and down trees, burying nuts, and chattering to one another. For the most part, they do their best to avoid human contact. It is not uncommon for squirrels to become injured. In some cases, the squirrels need medical care from humans. This is where the Harrison family from South Carolina comes in. Brantley Harrison and his family rehabilitates wounded wild animals so that they can be returned to the wild. In 2009, the family found a female squirrel who had been injured by an owl. Family saved squirrel and they took her in to treat her wounds, and they named her Bella.

The Squirrels

Bella wasn’t the only squirrel that the family was caring for. They were also raising three other squirrels, Moe, Larry, and Curly. During the winter, the family cared for the squirrels feeding them fruits and vegetables. In the spring of 2010, the squirrels were healthy enough to go back to their lives in the wild, and they were all released. Brantley thought that it would be the last that he saw of the squirrels, but Bella would again make an appearance.

Typical Behavior

When the family would release the animals into the wild, they would often see them around for the first week or so, then they would be gone forever to live their lives. Bella was different. At first, she would come back to the house, often looking for treats. Soon, she was returning to the house every day. The family kept expecting Bella to find her way on her own and stop coming back to the house, but that never happened.

Eight Years Later

It has been eight years since the family saved squirrel, Bella and nursed her back to health. Each day, she comes right up to the Harrison’s front door and waits for someone to notice that she’s there. When she waits for a while, and nobody notices her presence, she does what she can to get the attention that she needs. According to Brantley, there are days when Bella will jump over to the dining room window to peek inside, hoping to be seen. None of the other rescued animals have been regular visitors like Bella.

Bella’s Strange Behavior

The Harrison family agrees that Bella’s behavior is strange because she never got any special attention. The family was never more loving toward Bella than the other animals in their care. They also never gave Bella special treatment. They treated her the way that they did with the other animals, yet she was the only one who kept returning.

Bella’s Behavior

When Bella comes to the house, she doesn’t expect to be pet or have her belly rubbed. She just wants the family to see her and give her a bit off attention. To make Bella happy if she shows up at the house, the Harrisons keep walnuts on hand. Bella doesn’t always expect a snack, but the family likes to have something available just in case.

Tormenting Cid

One of Bella’s favorite past times is coming to the front door. The family dog’s name is Cid, and Bella loves to torment him when he can’t get outside. She doesn’t do it to be mean; it is just her way of playing.

Bella Is Stylish

There is one thing that Bella loves that makes her stand out from the other squirrels the family has cared for, and most squirrels in the world. She loves wearing hats. Brantley tried to put a tiny hat on her head, and not only did she let him, but she also kept the hat. Brantley has caught her on tape wearing a hat numerous times. He says that it isn’t possible for him to love Bella more than he already does.

An Internet Sensation

When Brantley realized that Bella loved to wear hats, she started putting different ones on her. He started Bella an Instagram account called CidandBella. Some of the videos are of Bella and Cid playing together, and others are of Bella wearing hats, chewing on nuts. People can’t get enough of her.

Bella’s Family

When Bella injured her foot, the family brought her into the house to heal. While they were nursing Bella back to health, she gave birth to three baby squirrels. The family loves the fact that Bella is raising a family of her own right by the house. Not only were they able to give Bella a second chance at life, now they are able to watch her be a mother, and document it all on Instagram. The squirrel saved by family pays them back years later in the most unexpected way. She let the family be part of her life.

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