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Pets Who Hate The Vet And Their Reactions Go Viral

Going To the Vet

Most cats and dogs hate going to the vet. Many dogs associate getting in the car with going to the vet. Once your dog figures out where you are taking him, things can start to get a little crazy. Here are some great photos of dogs and cats who weren’t happy about going to the vet.

Hold Me

This dog doesn’t care that she is the same size as her owner. She knows she is at the vet, and all she wants is to be comforted. Fortunately, her owner was more than happy to oblige.


When this cat got to the vet’s office, he knew he had to getaway. Since the door closed and there was no escape, he jumped up on the sink to try and hide. It didn’t work out too well, but he did try.

It’s All In His Eyes

This dog looks very upset. His owner tricked him into going to the vet; now you can see the betrayal written all over his face. Fortunately, dogs don’t have the best memories, and he will forget all about it in no time.

Don’t Let Them Take Me!

This dog knows that he is at the vet. He is using all of his strength to hold onto his owner for dear life. And he doesn’t want to get down because he knows what happens next.

He Figured It Out

This dog was promised a fun outing at the dog park. When he realized that they were at the vet’s office, he realized what he was in for. This dog goes viral after realizing he’s at the vet, and the picture is priceless.

Desperately Trying To Hide

The cat in this photo realized that she was at the vet too late. By the time she figured it out, the vet was ready to begin her exam. Her idea was to find a place to hide. Unfortunately, it was a small drawer.


This cat looks devastated. He figured out that he was going to the vet a little too late, and now all he can do is put his head down. Judging by the look on his face, he is not too happy about his current situation.

He Won’t Go Willingly

This dog figured out he was at the vet, and he wasn’t going into the office willingly, a pet who hates vet. He wrapped his legs around his owner, thinking that the exam couldn’t take place if he didn’t let go. He must really hate the vet.

Is the Vet In Here?

This cat hates the vet, so as soon as she got out of her carrier, she hid in the sink. When she heard the door open, she peeked out to see if it was the vet, and she gave herself away.

I’d Rather Be In the Trash

This cat hates the vet so much that he hid in the trash. Based on the fact that he would rather hide in a filthy trash can than see the vet, he must really hate his yearly checkups, a pet who hates vet.

Terrified Pup

This dog figured out that he is going to the vet, so he jumped up in the back window to get away from his owner. The look of fear on his face tells you just how much he hates going to the vet.

So Angry

The dog is this photo doesn’t look scared or hurt about being tricked into going to the vet. He seems very angry. He can’t believe that his owner would lie to him that way and its written all over his face.

Are We Here For Me?

This dog’s visit to the vet took her entirely by surprise. When they arrived at the office, the look of shock and horror on her face is proof that she wasn’t told the plan ahead of time.

Sheer Disappointment

When this dog realized that he was at the vet, he looked at his owner with a look of disappointment on his face. He can’t believe that his owner set him up the way that they did.

How Could You Do This To Me?

This dog realized that he was at the vet and looked at his owner with an angry look on his face. He thought he was going to the dog park, but he was tricked. This could result in some trust issues later.


This dog cannot believe the way that his owner betrayed him. He is too calm and relaxed to bark and jump around. He simply gave his owner a side glance to let them know exactly how he feels.

Let’s Both Hide!

Neither of these cats enjoys going to the vet, a pet who hates vet. Once they were both taken out of their carriers, they found a place to hide. Unfortunately, they didn’t close the door, so they were very easy to find.

Please Don’t Make Me!

This dog realized that he was at the vet, so he begged his mother not to make him go in the room. He thought by hiding in her sweater that the vet would never find him.

I’ll Wait Here

This cat hoped that if he hid in the sink, that the vet would never find him. Unfortunately, the sink is a bit too small, and he is a bit too big. It was a good try, though.

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