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Couple Adopt Tiny Maine Coon Kitten Only For It To Become The Longest Cat In The World

Adopting Pets

When you adopt a new pet when he is still a baby, you don’t really know what he will look like when he is full grown. You also don’t know exactly how big he will be. You can estimate judging by the size of his mothers and his siblings, but if his father isn’t on-site, you never know just how big he will get. This is something that a woman named Sephy learned firsthand.

Picking Up Her New Kitten

When Stepy first picked up her kitten, he was a little ball of fur. He was in a basket with his other siblings, and he was the same size as each of them. She says that he was the cutest little kitten and from the second she met him, and she knew that his name was Omar. He looked like an Omar, and he was meant to be an Omar.


Omar was a Maine Koon kitten, and Stephy did her research before adopting him. She wanted to know how big he would get, how much he would eat, and what to expect regarding his behavior. She wanted to know everything she could before adopting him. She figured that doing her research would help her understand her new pet’s needs. According to the research that she did online, she expected Omar to grow to be about 19-pounds.

One Year

By the time Omar was a year old, he had grown to be a bit over 19-pounds, and she knew that he was still growing. At this point, she wasn’t sure how big he was going to grow. She never expected him to get as big as he did.

Strange Eating Habits

When Omar was a year old, Stephy discovered that he had some strange eating habits. He at his cat food regularly, but he had a taste for kangaroo meat as well. It was his favorite, and Stephy often gave it to him as a treat. She didn’t think much of his odd eating habits, and she just made him happy by feeding it to him often. She isn’t sure if it has anything to do with how much he’s grown, but she thinks that it is a possibility.

The Other Family Cat

As time went on, Omar grew to be much bigger than the cat that Stephy and her boyfriend already had named Ru. He was just a little bit bigger, and he grew to be much bigger than Ru.

The Family Dog

As Omar grew larger and larger, he soon grew to be bigger than the family dog. Stephy and her boyfriend have a Collie, and Omar grew to be bigger than him shortly after his first birthday. When Omar became the biggest pet in the home, Stephy knew that she was going to have a big cat on her hands.

Locked Out

When Omar was a baby, Stephy allowed him to share the bed with her and her boyfriend. Shortly before his first birthday, Stephy had to get Omar a new bed. He was so big that he couldn’t share her bed anymore because he just took up too much space. It was difficult for them to get a good night’s sleep with Omar taking up most of the room in the bed. Fortunately, Omar got used to sleeping in his own bed.


Stephy saw how big Omar was getting, and she started an Instagram account for him so that people could watch how fast he was growing. Within two weeks, the Cats of Instagram shared one of his photos. The photo was liked over 275,000 times, and Omar now has close to 25,000 followers. When Stephy’s friends saw the photos, they asked her if they were photoshopped because it was unbelievable how big this cat had gotten. The cat had grown to be over 47-inches long and over 30 pounds.

Guinness Book of World Records

When the Guinness Book of World Records saw the photos, they reached out to Stephy. They wanted to measure Omar to see if he could beat the current record holder, Ludo. When they measured him, they discovered that he was half an inch longer than Ludo. Sephy was shocked. This couple adopt tiny Maine Coon kitten, only for it to become the longest cat in the world. Stephy and her boyfriend love Omar, regardless of his gigantic size. Even though he is bigger than his furry siblings, Stephy says that he is incredibly gentle. Omar’s day begins at 5 am, and he loves to play all day and take naps with his fur siblings on the trampoline outdoors. He may be very large in size, but he is loved just as much as the other pets in the family.

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