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Postman Finds “Dangerous” Dog Tied To A Tree And Teaches Cruel Owner A Valuable Lesson

Postal Workers

Most people don’t realize how difficult a postal worker’s job can be. They spend their days on their feet, walking from mailbox to mailbox, delivering the mail. They go out and deliver the mail whether it is 20 degrees outside or 120 degrees. If it is raining, they deliver your mail. If it is snowing, they still deliver your mail. They also encounter pets often. In some cases, it is a cat napping on the mailbox. In others, it is a snarling dog, trying to protect their owners. Regardless of all of these issues, postal workers endure it all just so that you can get your mail.

Dan Targonsk

Dan Targonsk is a postal worker in Philadelphia. He spends his days walking the streets, delivering his mail. On most days, his job is uneventful. He knows many of the people on his route, and if he sees them, he stops and makes small talk for a minute or two. There was one day back in 2018 that he saw something strange on his route, and he couldn’t ignore it.

The Dog

While walking his route, he stumbled upon something that he couldn’t ignore. There was a dirty Boxer tied to a tree on a sidewalk. The dog was all alone, he had no water, and she was baking in the hot summer sun. When he got closer, he realized that the dog was in serious trouble. He knew that it would be up to him to save the poor dog’s life.


The first thing that Dan did was rush to a local store to get the dog some water. It was clear that the dog had been baking in the sun for hours. Dan knew she needed water fast. He put the water dish in front of the dog and realized that she needed more help than he could give. He got on his phone and called a local animal rescue organization in Philadelphia. He let them know what was going on with the dog, and they offered to send someone out to get her. Dan still had plenty of stops left to make on his route, but he didn’t care. He wasn’t going to leave her side until help came. She was so thin that it was obvious that she was starving to death. This poor dog had already been through so much, and Dan didn’t want her to feel alone if he walked away.

Adopt a Boxer Rescue

Dan waited for a short time, and someone from the Adopt a Boxer Rescue came to pick up the dog. They named her Kuperus and took her to a vet immediately for treatment. When they attempted to pick up the Kuperus, they realized that her health was much worse than they could have ever imagined.

Kuperus’ Injuries

When they got Kuperus to the vet, they discovered a large wound on her head. They believed it to be either a knife wound or a bullet wound. Her jaw was broken, and several of her teeth had been removed. Judging by her weight, they were sure that she hadn’t been fed in weeks. You could literally count every one of her ribs she was so thin. Dawn Karam, the founder of Adopt a Boxer Rescue had never seen a case of abuse so severe.

Craving Attention

They way that Kuperus acted shocked everyone at the rescue. They had seen abused dogs all the time, but none who craved attention the way that this dog did. Even though her horrible owner beat her, stabbed or shot her, and left her to die, she still loved and trusted humans. She would get excited when a human came to pet her and play with her. This dog’s strong will shocked everyone.

Finding a Foster Home

When Kuperus was well enough to leave the veterinary clinic, the rescue group found her a foster home where she could continue her recovery. Slowly but surely, his physical health improved. There was no need for her foster family to help recover her emotionally, because she was already a very happy dog, despite what she had already been through.

A Forever Home and Television Shows

When Kuperus had healed completely, the recuse found her what she had been craving her whole life. They found her a forever home with a family who would give her all the attention she could ever want. When word got out about what this poor dog had endured and how sweet she was, several local television shows wanted her to be on the show. She made several TV appearances, and the one that meant the most was when she and Dan were reunited on camera. When he first saw her, he couldn’t believe that it was the same dog. She looked happy and healthy, and Dan couldn’t have been happier.

Searching For the Owners

Postman finds dangerous dog tied to tree – teaches cruel owner valuable lesson. The rescue reported the incident to the local police, and they began searching for the person who did these awful things to her. The police believe that Kuperus’ previous owners deserve to be in prison for what they did to her. They haven’t found the owners yet, but fortunately, Kuperus has a loving forever family. This dog really deserved a happy ending.

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