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Disturbing Images Captured By Trail Cams That Will Give You The Chills

Trail Cams

People set up trail cams in the woods for a couple of different reasons. Some set them up for hunting purposes. When a hunter can see the patterns that animals follow, it is easier for them to hunt them. Others just like to watch the animals in their natural habitat. Whatever the reasons a trail cam is set up, they capture pretty amazing things. Here are some hilarious photos, and also disturbing images captured by trail cams that will give you the chills.

Howling Together

This picture is great. These three wolves gathered together and started howling. Because coyotes often travel in packs, it not unusual that they would be together. The reason they are howling is another matter. They aren’t a coyote singing group; they are probably trying to communicate with each other. They could also be trying to scare other animals away from a fresh kill that they want to eat themselves.

Raccoon Photobomb

This picture is hilarious. Its almost as if the raccoon knew that the camera was there, and wanted his moment in the spotlight. He didn’t even pay attention to the deer that were grazing behind him. He just wanted to be in the photo.

Are These Two Together?

This photo looks strange at first because you would never expect to see a buffalo and a leopard together. In the wild, these two animals don’t get along. In reality, the two aren’t actually together. The leopard is off in the distance, and it is just the angle of the camera that makes it look like the leopard is sitting on the buffalo’s back.


Flying squirrels often attack from overhead. In most cases, their prey doesn’t see them coming, but judging by the look on their deer’s face; she knows what’s going on. In the shot, she appears to be running for her life with a look of panic on her face. Is a flying squirrel that much of a threat to such a large animal?

Motherly Love

Trail cams don’t just capture funny or frightening photos. Based on this picture, you can see that they also capture loving moments. This cam caught footage of a mother fox nursing her cubs. It is a beautiful shot of motherhood.

Feasting Raccoons

These raccoons happened upon this hunter’s deer bait. They managed to knock the food over so that they could enjoy a feast. One of them appears so happy that he is rolling around in the food. This was quite the treat for these guys. The hunter likely who left the bait probably wasn’t as happy.

Practicing To Be Human

Most deer behave the same. They carefully walk through the forest, they look for food and water, and they care for their young. The deer in this photo would rather be a human than a deer, and he practices walking on his hind legs at night when nobody is watching. If he gets himself a camouflage jacket, he could be mistaken for a human. Maybe that’s his goal.

A Sweet Night Together

When the sun goes down, these two cats start to show each other love. They could have waited for the sun to go down because they are nocturnal animals, but they could just love snuggling under the moonlight.

“I Need Some Help”

There are times in the wild where teamwork is the only way for an animal to get what they need. This raccoon discovered a hunter’s deer bait but knew that he could never reach it. He decided to enlist the help of a hog to get access to the food. If the two work together, they can knock over the food tin, and they just might share it with the raccoon waiting nearby. Teamwork is essential for both animals and humans.

He’s So Stylish

No, this deer isn’t wearing this fall’s fashion, and he isn’t walking in a fashion show. He just came upon a bushel of tumbleweed, and it got caught in his antlers. He does look like he’s striking a pose, though.

The Perfect Plan

This group of raccoons discovered a hunter’s deer bait in the woods, and they wanted some. Since it was so high off the ground, they had to create a plan to get it down. They were pretty smart and came up with a perfect idea and created an animal ladder. Their plan worked, and they made it to the deer bait. This is yet another example of teamwork in the wild.

He’s Not Camera Shy

This is the last photo taken by a trail cam before it was knocked over. The bird who knocked the camera down wasn’t camera shy. He just didn’t see it because the camera was camouflaged.

Patty Cake

It isn’t too often that you can see animals in the wild playing, because they usually try to stay away from humans. The porcupines in this photo met up by the trail cam and decided to start playing patty cake. It is an adorable photo.

Showing Off His Snack

The otter in this trail cam photo was so proud that he managed to get himself a fish snack that he took it over the camera to show off his win. He looks pretty cute, snacking on his fish.

Take Cover!

The rabbit in this photo was likely getting chased when he decided to jump down this tube. For him, it was the perfect place to take cover. We’re not really sure where the tube led, but it didn’t save him for the moment.

Making It Rain

These raccoons found a hunter’s deer bait and had to figure out a way to get the food out. Fortunately, one of the raccoons was intelligent enough to know how to get the food out. While he was making it rain, his friends were on the ground, enjoying an excellent snack. This raccoon was the hero for all of his friends. He must have felt great. The hunter probably wasn’t happy that they spilled his deer bait, but he did get a pretty great photo.

An Ariel Battle

This bald eagle is in the middle of a battle with the other eagle. You can tell because his talons are engaged. There are a few reasons why the two are fighting. They could be fighting for food that you can’t see in the picture, they could be fighting for the bird off in the distance, or they could be fighting for territory.

Can I Have Some Privacy?

This bear was caught on a trail cam at a very inconvenient moment. It looks like he is relieving himself in front of the camera, and is a bit angry that he is being photographed. Who wouldn’t be upset by this? Humans want privacy when they go to the bathroom, so why can’t animals expect the same respect. Nobody wants to be photographed when they are trying to poop. Even bears.

Photo Op

The emu in this photo looks like he saw the camera and took advantage of the photo op. In reality, he probably heard the camera clicking and turned toward the camera. It’s a pretty great picture, though.

Please, Not Now

This deer looks a little annoyed about this public display of affection. She just wants to spend her day enjoying nature. The last thing she wants is to deal with this. Even deer have bad days, and they just want to be alone.

Another Aerial Attack

Apparently, flying squirrels enjoy dive-bombing deer late at night. This is the second photo where a flying squirrel tries to attack a deer from above. Judging by the distance between the flying squirrel and the deer’s antlers, the squirrel may have wished that he could rethink his decision. This could make for a pretty painful landing.

Funny Faces

At one point or another, we have all taken a picture making a funny face. This deer saw the trail cam in the woods and decided to take a funny picture of her own. After getting close to the camera, she stuck her tongue out. Who hasn’t done that before? She could have been reaching for a fly in the air, but we would rather think that she just wanted to make a funny face.

Group Photo Everyone!

What are the odds that 20 deer would show up all at the same time in front of a trail cam? Did they plan this? Did they all get together to take a group photo? Maybe they just wanted to instigate the hunter, trying to make him angry that he wasn’t around when such a big group gathered. Either way, it’s a pretty great picture.

Let’s Work Together

These bears suspect that there are some tasty treats in this trash barrel. Rather than digging through the trash alone, they decided to work together. Working as a team makes the job easier and quicker. Hopefully, they had no problem sharing the treats after. This is more proof that animals in the wild know how to work together.

An Owl Attack

Judging by the size difference between the owl and the deer, you would think that the deer has nothing to be afraid of. If you understand how sharp and long an owl’s talons are, you would understand why the deer is running in fear. If the owner catches up, this deer could be in a lot of trouble.

The Barrier Has Been Broken

Most gardeners put a fence up around their crops to make sure that the animals don’t get in. Critters love to eat tomato plants, cucumber plants, and even carrot plants. By putting up a fence, they can be sure that their crops are safe. Unfortunately for this gardener, this raccoon was really smart and small enough to burrow under the fence. This gardener was likely really upset when he went out to the garden to water his crop.

Another Sneaky Critter

Here is another example of a sneaky critter who is smart enough to get past a fence to find the food. He knows that all he needs to do is burrow under the fence, and then wiggle until he gets through. Animals are smarter than we give them credit for.


This smart little raccoon saw a trough of food set up for the hog, and he noticed that the hog was sleeping. He used that to his advantage to use the hog to get up to the food and enjoy a nighttime snack. He had to be quiet as not to wake the hog. You can be sure that when the hog wakes up that he won’t be too happy that he actually helped the raccoon get to the food. That’s what you get for falling asleep.

Stealing Food

If you have ever camped out in the wild, you know that you can’t leave your food on the ground. As soon as a bear smells the food, they will enter your camp and eat your food. Things can also get dangerous if you come face to face with the bear. These campers were smart; they put their food in the tree so that the bears couldn’t get it. They just never expected a bear to be smart enough to try to retrieve their food. He didn’t want to go through the trouble of climbing the tree. It didn’t take the bear long to figure out the pulley system that the camper used to get their food in the tree. With one pull of the rope, the bear got the food and had a nice snack. You can only imagine how angry and hungry the campers were when they realized that they had nothing for breakfast.

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