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Dog Rescued From “Nightmare Mansion” Got A Chance For A Better Life


Animals cannot fight for themselves against cruelty; therefore, they rely on the kindness of humans. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is an organization dedicated to saving animals in need. When HSUS rescuers were called to a home in New Hampshire, they got more than they bargained for.

Noise and Smell Complaints

Christina Fay lives in a mansion in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. When police began getting complaints from neighbors about the noise and the smell coming from the home, they went out to investigate. One of the officers on the scene said that when you get a report about a bad smell, it often means that something or someone is decomposing. He was worried that this was the case. When he arrived at the home, he discovered that he was wrong.

84 Great Danes

When the police went into the home, they found that there were many Great Danes in the house, living in squalor. This was when they called the Humane Society of the United States. Shortly after, a volunteer named Morgan and the rest of the team arrived at the home. What they found was awful.

Inhumane Conditions

It appeared that Ms. Fay was running a puppy mill inside her home. The conditions of the home were inhumane. Some of the dogs were locked in cages, while others were running free. The smell inside the house was strong. The ammonia levels from the dogs’ urine were so high that it caused the volunteers’ eyes to ear up. There were feces all over the house. The water dishes on the floor were empty, and rancid raw chicken was crawling with maggots thrown around the floor for the dogs to eat. Morgan and the other volunteers were disgusted.


In the homeowner’s bedroom, Morgan found a dog who she immediately named Wanda. The dog was completely covered in feces and smelled awful. Even though the dog smelled bad and looked even worse, Morgan felt an instant attachment. She saw something very special in this dog.

Removing the Dogs

All of the dogs were removed from the home by the HSUS. There were dogs who weighed over 200 pounds, and some were as young as a day old. Many had severe medical issues. Some had problems with their eyes, some had heart problems, and some had mobility issues because of genetics and the way that they were bred. It was going to be a tremendous job to get these animals the care that they needed and to find them all good foster homes. Morgan agreed to keep Wanda.

A Place To Go

Because there were so many dogs removed from the home, it was impossible to find foster homes for all of them. The ones that couldn’t find foster homes remained at the HSUS shelter. There, they were taken for regular walks and had regular playgroup sessions. The dogs who needed the most medical care were the ones who remained at the shelter to be sure that they got the attention that they needed.

A Trial

Ms. Fay was arrested and found guilty of 17 counts of animal cruelty in on May 11, 2019. According to court documents, she was planning to sell each of the dogs for $2,000. At her sentencing, she was banned from ever owning an animal. Because she has appealed the ruling, the dogs are being prevented from finding their forever homes. These poor dogs have never had a loving home, and now they are forced to wait, thanks to the cruelty and selfishness of their former owner.

Morgan and Wanda

Morgan may only be fostering Wanda right now, but when the judge signs off on it, she will officially adopt her. At first, Morgan worried about caring for such a large dog because her husband was suffering from a health condition. She says that Wanda is great, and it was one of the best decisions she has ever made. She says that Wanda loves her and follows her everywhere she goes.

Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty is a horrible crime. Neglecting or abusing defenseless animals is one of the most awful things that a person can do. It is stories like this one that makes many people believe that animal cruelty laws and punishments should be a lot more serious. Fortunately, these dogs were saved in time. According to the authorities, it would have only been a matter of days before some of the dogs could have died. Each of the dogs was lucky that they were rescued. Wanda is especially fortunate to have found Morgan. This Dog Rescued From “Nightmare Mansion” Got a Chance for a Better Life. Morgan says that she will make sure that Wanda has a happy and loving forever home.

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