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No One Imagined A Stray On Death’s Door Could’ve Ended Up So Gorgeous

Stray Dogs

Unfortunately, many dog owners don’t do the responsible thing and have their dogs spayed or neutered. This has caused a rise in the pet population, which results in many unwanted dogs. Many strays live on the streets, eating out of garbage cans to stay alive. Others end up at shelters, some on them are high-kill shelters, which means that their lives will be cut short. This is what happened to Skye.


In early 2019, animal control officers spotted a dog in very bad shape on the streets of Palm Valley, Texas. She is a Husky mix, and when she was found, she was emaciated, and in need of serious medical attention. At first glance, she didn’t even look like a dog. When the animal control officers found her, they knew that she was in desperate need of medical care, but they didn’t take her to the vet. Instead, they took her to a high-kill shelter.

Immediate Euthanization

Because of her condition, Skye was put on the list to be euthanized. They didn’t have the money to give her the care that she needed; therefore, putting her to sleep was the humane thing to do. Fortunately, a few employees at the shelter saw something in Skye. They said that she still had a sparkle in her eye, which they believed was her trying to tell them that she wanted a chance. They decided to do what they could to get her the care that she needed.

Rescue Dogs Rock NY

The staff reached out to a local rescue called Rescue Dogs Rock, NY. They told the staff there all about Skye and the care that she needed. They asked if they were willing to take the dog in and pay for her medical treatments. Since saving dogs on death row was what the organization did, they agreed to take her in and help her. This gave her a new lease on life, but she had a long road ahead of her.

Skye’s Treatment

When she arrived at the rescue, Skye had a bath. Her fur was filthy, and you couldn’t even tell what color she was supposed to be. She was also put on a high-calorie diet to help her gain weight. She was so thin that she needed food to be healthy. Next, they had to treat her for mange. Finally, since she was covered in ticks when she arrived at the shelter, she needed to be treated for her tick-borne illness.

Foster Homes

When the first foster family took Skye in, they continued her medical treatment. After a short while, she moved to another foster family. What nobody knew at the time, was that this would be her forever home. When she got there, she was completely healed. Her fur was clean and white. Nobody knew that there was a gorgeous white dog hiding under all of that dirt.

The Perfect Setup

Skye fit in perfectly with her New York foster family. They had three small dogs, and Skye loved them all. Skye and her three brothers and sisters played together all day and snuggled up together at night while they slept. The woman who rescued him also had small children. It didn’t take long for her to realize that Skye loved children. Her kids played with Skye and she loved it. She was everything that the family could have asked for in a dog.

An Amazing Transformation

Skye’s new family often shows people photos of Skye when she was first taken off the streets. Most people don’t believe that she is the same dog. The people at the rescue did a huge thing for Skye. Not only did they give her a second chance at life, but it was also because of them that she found a forever home that she loves. No one imagined stray on death’s door could’ve ended up so gorgeous.

Frequent Updates

Skye’s mother began posting about her on Facebook as soon as she took her in. She posted Skye’s before and after photos and posts regular updates regarding her progress. Today, Skye has plenty of followers. There are many people all over the United States who are rooting for Skye and her new family.

Giving Strays a Chance

The next time you see a stray dog on the streets, think about Skye. There are many dogs who can suffer the same fate as her in high-kill shelters. If you are thinking about getting a dog, don’t call a breeder or even to a rescue. Your first stop should be a high-kill shelter so that you can give a worthy dog a second chance at life. Look what it did for Skye and her new family. If you are going to get a dog, why not save a life in the process?

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