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Every Woman John F. Kennedy Had an Affair With

John F. Kennedy, notable for being the youngest person to ever be elected as the President of the United States in 1961. Throughout his presidency, he brought a ton of fresh, new energy to the White House. He instrumental in creating the Peace Corps and is credited with having helped prevent World War III by successfully de-escalating the Cuban Missile Crisis.

While John F. Kennedy is widely known for his many accomplishments. As well as his untimely death on November 22, 1963; the 35th president’s love life is also a topic much speculation and dissection. Although he meticulously crafted his public image as that of a devoted family man; John F. Kennedy was quite possibly the most prolific presidential philander in United States history.

Kennedy involved with many women; ranging from bombshell Hollywood types like Marilyn Monroe to White House interns with unsettling ties to the mafia. Although he famously married to the glamorous and beautiful brunette Jackie Kennedy, John had a strong preference for blondes.

Jackie wasn’t completely clueless about her husband’s infidelity. She knew all about his numerous liaisons. But she rationalized them by telling herself that John would always ultimately come back to her. It was fairly commonplace at the time for elite men to have affairs. So she probably just thought it was something that someone of her status had to put up with.

John Kennedy womanizing even organized. Notoriously he enlisted the services of one, Dave Powers; a special assistant whose duty it was to locate beautiful women that were willing to hook up with the President. John would even use the Secret Service to sneak women in and out of the White House.

If you find all of this as fascinating as we do; keep watching to learn about the countless women that the late John Kennedy had affair with. It would be practically impossible to address every last one of his flings. But we do know about quite a few of them.

Marilyn Monroe

For many years John Kennedy affair with Marilyn Monroe was a matter of pure speculation. But in recent times details have come to light that confirms that the two had an intimate relationship that went behind platonic pleasantries.

John F. Kennedy and Ms. Monroe met in February of 1962 in New York City. Shortly after they met, the two started having a passionate affair. The President and his Hollywood mistress did their best to keep their affair as private as possible. They would meet up mainly at their mutual friend, Bing Crosby’s house in Palm Springs so that the media wouldn’t catch wind of what was going on.

In time, however, Monroe apparently started developing aspirations of one day becoming the First Lady. Evidently, she even wrote Jackie detailing her intentions.

It’s further alleged that John F. Kennedy brother Robert Kennedy had an even longer affair with Monroe. Some even speculate that Bobby arranged for Monroe to be murdered and her death covered up to look like a suicide.

Judith Exner

Before becoming the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy was a friend of the notorious crew of crooners and entertainers known as the Rat Pack. He was especially close with Rat Packers Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra. Through them, he allegedly maintained an open and politically useful line of communication with Mafia mobsters.

At a party at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas in 1960, Sinatra introduced Kennedy to Judith Campbell – a former lover of a Chicago mob boss named Sam Giancana. John Kennedy and Judith then started having an affair that would continue throughout John Kennedy’s Presidency. Once in office, Judith would regularly visit the White House, and her affair with the President reportedly spanned several years.

Shockingly, Exner would later make the startling claim that she was responsible for serving as courier to transport packages for the President to and from Giancana. It should noted, however, that these claims never confirmed.

Eexner would eventually called into detail her affair with JFK to a Senate committee. As such, she was one of the first people to publicly expose the late-President’s darker side.

Kennedy’s administration is known collaborated with mobsters regularly during what was called Operation Mongoose – a covert intelligence program meant to destabilize Fidel Castro’s communist regime in Cuba.

This clandestine collaboration perhaps anchored by the President John Kennedy affair with Judith Exner.

Inga Arvad

Arvad was one of JFK’s long-term girlfriends while he was in the Navy. It’s rumored that she may have a spy for the Soviets.

Their eventual break-up spurred on by Kennedy’s father who concerned about what sort of effects his son’s relationship with Arvad would have on his future political career.

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And don’t go anywhere just yet. Keep watching to learn about several more of John F. Kennedy’s secret lovers.

Anita Ekberg

Best known for her starring role in Fredrico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, Ekberg an international sex symbol who briefly was tied to the President. Not much more is known about their relationship.

Ellen Rometsch

Born in East Germany, Ellen married to a German Air Force sergeant stationed in Washington during the peak of the Cold War named Rolf Rometsch. She was also a call girl with several high-profile clients – one of which apparently was JFK.

She was one of the many sex workers whom Dave Powers solicited for the President. It also rumored that Rometsch was a communist spy who was cast out of the United States in August of 1963 at the request of Attorney-General Bobby Kennedy.

Gene Tierney

As you might have noticed already, JFK sure did love women that were movie stars. One of his most prolific Hollywood flings with actress Gene Tierney, who he had an affair with sometime around 1948 while she still married to her first husband, fashion designer Oleg Cassini.

Tierney best known for her memorable portrayal of the titular character in the 1944 film Laura, which earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Mimi Alford

While she was interning at the White House, 19-year-old Mimi Alford lost her virginity to President Kennedy and proceeded to have an 18-month affair with him.

Several years ago, Alford revealed several alarming details about her and JFK’s relationship. For one, she claimed that the President had taken illegal recreational drugs with her. She also alleged that JFK dared her to engage in a sexual act with his special assistant, Dave Powers, in the White House’s enclosed pool.

Marlene Dietrich

This actress and singer had a brief affair with JFK in 1962. Reflecting back on it years later, Dietrich would say that she struggled to remember most of the details of what happened because of how quick their fling was.

Beyond just dating the President, Dietrich was also a long-time lover of his father, Joseph P. Kennedy.

Mary Pinchot Meyer

Meyer had a pretty well-publicized affair with JFK. A year after his death. she too shot and killed under pretty mysterious circumstances. It has theorized that she murdered to prevent her from being able to reveal the details of their affair. It’s also possible that she knew something about JFK’s death or killers that someone didn’t want the world to know about.

Fiddle and Faddle – Priscilla Wear and Jill Cowen

These two secretaries who worked for the Kennedy’s administration reportedly had hired almost exclusively to skinny-dip with the President at the White House pool. They also accompanied him on trips that he would take to places like Ireland, Rome, Costa Rica, and Berlin.

On one occasion while Jackie Kennedy was giving a tour of the White House to a reporter for Paris Match, she came across Priscilla and stated in French that she was the girl who was supposedly sleeping with her husband.

Blaze Starr

This famous stripper told People Magazine back in 1989 that she had once had a brief affair with Kennedy before he had elected as President.

Pamela Turnure

Turnure reportedly had a romantic relationship with Kennedy while she was working at the White House as Jackie’s secretary. This tryst mentioned in the book ‘The Kennedy Half-Century’ by author Larry J. Sabato.

Gunilla Von Post

This Swedish socialite mentioned her affair with Kennedy in her memoir, Love, Jack. Post claimed that she and JFK’s relationship began in 1953 and extended until 1959.

At this point, you may be wondering how JFK managed to get away with having so many affairs without them having a detrimental effect on his political career.

These days, if it proven that a sitting President was guilty of half of what JFK alleged to have involved with. They would eaten alive by the media, and the ensuing scandal would no doubt seriously damage their reputation and credibility.

JFK was unique, however, in the way that he inspired unparreleled affection and loyalty from his team members and supporters. While the logistics of his liaisons would have required a great deal of secrecy and devotion, his warm personality and dashing charisma seemed to be his secret weapons.

John F. Kennedy also believed that his friendly relationships with the influential members of the press would help protect him from the details of his love life revealed to the public.

How many of Kennedy’s lovers were you aware of? And did it surprise you to learn about any of the women mentioned in this video? Let us know in the comments.

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