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George Michael’s True Cause of Death Revealed After Years

When Wham! singer George Michael passed away at the end of 2016; his friends, family, and fans had to wait many months before finding out what the singer’s cause of death was. After the announcement that the pop idol had died of natural causes; those mourning the singer were finally able to get some peace and closure. However, a childhood friend of George’s has recently alleged that the singer’s true cause of death was grief over the loss of his first love. Join Facts Verse as George Michael’s true cause of death is revealed.

Five years after the death of Wham! singer George Michael from supposed natural causes; the pop idol’s childhood friend has come out with a theory about what he thinks really caused the end of the beloved star. According to childhood friend Andros Georgiou, George Michael may have died of natural causes. But those natural causes wouldn’t have occurred if it weren’t for the tragic death of the singer’s first love several decades before. That first love was a Brazilian dress designer named Anselmo Feleppa. With whom George Michael had a whirlwind romance for a year leading up to the former’s tragic deaths from AIDS.

According to Andros, George Michael never quite recovered from the loss of first love Anselmo Feleppa back in 1993. Anselmo was only 33 years old at the time. When George met the dress designer, he was already aware of the fact that he didn’t have much longer left to live. Because of this, the two were able to take advantage of Anselmo’s remaining time with the awareness that it’s limited. However, that didn’t make the inevitable loss any less devastating for George. Though the singer claimed that he had two more subsequent loves before his 2016 death.

From childhood friend Andros’ perspective, George Michael never loved the same after the 1993 loss of his first love. And instead could be found seeking solace in casual sex. Apparently, George Michael would spend much of his time after Anselmo’s death attending wild sex parties with some of the biggest celebrity figures of the day. Andros claims that he got to attend many of these sex parties alongside his friend. A fringe benefit of being childhood friends with the lead singer of Wham!.

Though Andros claims to feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to attend these alleged celebrity orgies with his late friend; He also alleges that he was aware they weren’t filling the void left in George’s heart after the death of his first love. Andros feels as if the weight of the loss eventually became too much to bear for the singer. Leading to his 2016 death from natural causes.

While many might be skeptical of childhood friend Andros’ theory regarding the death of pop idol George Michael; he remains adamant that the singer would still be here if it weren’t for the 1993 death of Anselmo. George certainly publicly affected by the death. Having written and performed the song “Jesus to a Child” as a tribute to him in the wake of his passing. Andros claims that he never saw George as happy with someone as he’s with Anselmo. This claim seems to be backed up by George’s own accounts of his relationship with the late Brazilian dress designer.

Though George and Andros were great friends through the 1990s, both before and after Anselmo’s death. They eventually fell out in their relationship before George’s 2016 death. According to Andros, this falling out occurred partly because of the distressed state the George remained in so many years after the death of his first love. According to Andros, George was simply never the same afterward. George Michael was 27 years old when he met Anselmo in a hotel lobby. And the singer claimed that he knew instantly that he was seeing someone that was going to come to mean a whole lot to him in due time. George was only 53 years old at the time of his death from natural causes.

Andros still sometimes visits George’s grave. Despite the fact that the two had gone their separate ways by the time of George’s 2016 death. George buried alongside his mother and his sister in London. Andros is only one of many people still mourning the late pop legend. Another person mourning George Michael is boyfriend Fadi Fawaz, who was the person who found the singer’s body on Christmas Day of 2016. In the days since George’s death, Fadi, a celebrity hairstylist from Australia; has been struggling with homelessness and mental issues which he blames on the fact that he got left out of his late boyfriend’s nearly $100 million will.

According to his childhood friend, George Michael spent his last years indulging in casual sex with partners that couldn’t quite fill the void left in the singer’s heart after the death of his first love in 1993. One of these casual sex partners was apparently Fadi Fawaz, an Australian celebrity hairstylist that George was living with at the time of his death. Though Fadi has claimed that he became George’s boyfriend; It doesn’t seem as if he meant very much to the pop legend as he left out of his nearly $100 million will. However, Fadi’s seemingly intentional absence from the will didn’t stop him from claiming that residence that he and George shared as his own for many years after the singer’s death.

Fadi Fawaz was the one who found George Michael dead on Christmas Day of 2016. The singer found passed away in his bed, and a shocked Fadi apparently began filming the singer. For whatever reason, Fadi posted the footage he filmed of George Michael’s corpse on Facebook before taking it down two hours later. Many people found this behavior incredibly suspicious. Though it eventually chalked up to Fadi’s shock of finding his lover passed away in his bed. The police questioned Fadi about the singer’s death. And foul play not ruled out until George’s cause of death officially announced several months later.

George’s cause of death finally announced on March 7, 2017, several months after the singer’s passing. The death attributed to natural causes. Fadi stayed in the singer’s home for many years after his death. Alleging that George had wanted him to have the residence to himself. However, this wish wasn’t apparent in the singer’s will. Even though Fadi technically squatting on the late pop legend’s property. Police didn’t raise much of an issue until one night when Fadi seen dancing around partially naked on the property’s roof.

The incident apparently called into the authorities by some of the late singer’s former neighbors. And the police subsequently had to talk the manic Fadi down. Upon investigating the property; the authorities found that Fadi had caused a good deal of damage while he was squatting there. Including flood damage from leaving the water running. Because of this, the authorities finally put their foot down and asked the man to leave the residence.

Since Fadi Fawaz kicked out of the house that he had formerly shared with late lover George Michael. He has apparently been homeless and struggling to survive. He tried to break back into the residence around a year after being kicked out. The break-in occurred around the fourth anniversary of George Michael’s death. And the authorities were lenient on the Australian celebrity hairstylist. Believing that he may have been acting irrationally due to the fact that he was still actively mourning his late lover. However, it’s possible that Fadi cared less about George Michael and more about finding a place to sleep for the night!

At first, Fadi blamed the fact that he left out of George’s will on the late singer’s lawyers. Though it seems as if he has since come to accept that possibility that the pop legend simply never intended to include him in the will. It seems that Fadi’s positive views of his former lover have taken a turn to the negative. As the Australian celebrity hairstylist has alleged numerous disparaging things about his late former lover recently; including the claim that George Michael never wrote any of his own songs.

According to Fadi, George Michael paid other people to write his songs for him and claimed the work for himself. Though the celebrity hairstylist would likely change his tune if he was the one claiming royalties for said songs. Another allegation that Fadi has thrown at the late George Michael is that the singer suffering from AIDS himself later in his life; Although these claims have not been medically substantiated.

Fadi Fawaz’s family alleges that the celebrity hairstylist is doing better for himself lately. Though last anyone seems to have heard from him he was staying in budget hotels around London. Five years after George Michael’s death, the Wham! singer is still greatly missed by friends, family, and fans, whether scorned childhood friends or lovers that left out of the pop singer’s will. If George Michael’s death from supposed natural causes truly caused by the long-gestating grief leftover from the 1993 death of first love Anselmo Feleppa. Then hopefully the singer has been reunited with the late Brazilian dress designer in the afterlife!

Although the authorities claim that Wham! singer George Michael died of natural causes. His childhood friend Andros Georgiou alleges that what really killed the pop legend was a broken heart. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that George Michael’s first love died from AIDS in 1993, and did you know that this loss emotionally affected the Wham! singer up until his own death in 2016? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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