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How Dean Martin’s Daughter Deana Spent the Holidays

Many people are likely aware of the beloved American icon Dean Martin, but not everyone knows that he died on Christmas Day in 1995. Because of this untimely death day, the generally jolly holiday has gone on to take a somewhat different meaning for the entertainer’s family after his passing, including his daughter, Deana Martin. Although Deana certainly doesn’t spend every Christmas brooding over the loss of her father, she does enjoy taking some time out each holiday to remember her father and all of the great memories that they had together. Without further ado, here’s how Dean Martin’s daughter Deana spends the holidays!

To truly understand the impact of the late entertainer, let’s first take a look at the man himself. Born Dino Paul Crocetti on June 7, 1917, Dean Martin would go on to become one of the most legendary entertainers to ever grace America, be it on the small screen, the big screen, on the stage, or through his music. As an actor, singer, and comedian, there were few branches of entertainment that Dean Martin, nicknamed “The King of Cool” by the adoring public, wasn’t both comfortable and perfectly willing to step into it. It was perhaps this affability that gave him his distinctive charm and made him stand out from other versatile entertainers of the time. He was known for possessing what many saw as an effortless charisma, and many young men of the time would model themselves after the entertainer in both style and substance to try and find some success with the ladies.

Dean Martin rose to fame in conjunction with another incredibly popular and legendary entertainer, comedian Jerry Lewis. Together, they comprised a comedic duo billed as “Martin and Lewis”, making the rounds in nightclubs, radio, television, and, eventually, on the big screen in a number of fondly-remembered feature films. The duo rose to prominence in 1946 and saw a decade of incredible success that would eventually come to an end exactly ten years later in 1956. Their split was the result of a fairly bitter fight involving creative differences, with Dean feeling that his co-star was exerting a little bit too much control over their creative output. Dean and Jerry didn’t quite see eye to eye on a lot of things, despite their close bond, and Dean was determined to make a name for himself his way. After the split, he went on to pursue his own solo career as both an actor and a performer. Arguably, his best days were ahead of him.

One of the most notable things about Dean Martin was that he could never be pinned down to just one specific talent. After his success starring in comedic films and skits with his partner Jerry Lewis, he went on to become even more notable for his career as a recording artist. Given his background in comedy, one might assume that the entertainer made a name for himself with novelty albums and comedy records, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Martin ended up becoming a contemporary of both Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra, rivaling them in both appeal and talent, and forming together with them under the moniker “the Rat Pack”. He did some notable tenures in Las Vegas, singing both contemporary songs and classic standards taken from the Great American Songbook. Seemingly, there was little that the versatile entertainer couldn’t do, and it looked like he was destined for legendary success.

In 1965, Martin’s legendary status was perhaps solidified as he came to be the host of his own television variety show, The Dean Martin Show. If there was any doubt of the entertainer’s lasting and crossover appeal, this television program would put an end to it. Already a household name, Dean became an all-out legend as he showcased both his singing and comedic talents to the eager audience, emphasizing his laid-back and relaxed demeanor. A little less than a decade later, he would go on to star in the popular Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, where he would play roast master to several noteworthy celebrities, including both comedians and politicians.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Dean Martin, besides his incredibly calm and cool demeanor, was the gigantic span of his talents. Lighting up the stage with both his beautiful singing voice and his charming comedic persona, Martin took over both the nation and the world, rising from nightclubs to the global stage over the span of nearly 100 television and film productions, and popularizing many songs that are still remembered to this day. Martin certainly had an exceedingly large impact on popular culture, but he perhaps had an even larger impact on his family, including his beloved daughter, Deana Martin, both before and after his death. If you’re enjoying this story so far, hit the like button to support more similar content from Facts Verse being made in the future! As well, subscribe if you’d like to be the first to know when more content is on it’s way!

Although Dean Martin was considered “The King of Cool” by his audience, and was largely seen as somewhat of a womanizer and a party animal, similar to the rest of his Rat Pack brethren, he was nothing but a family man to his family, including his daughter, Deana. Deana Martin minces no words when praising her late father, and is likely one of the people who was most affected by his death on Christmas Day in 1995. Whereas most people view Christmas Day as a celebration of their faith, or simply a day to share presents and company with those they love the most, Deana views it as a day that’s first and foremost meant to commemorate her father. This is the reason that the late entertainer’s daughter spends every holiday listening to her father’s music and remembering all of the great times that she had with him. While many might assume that the holidays would be an excuse for Deana Martin to brood, she has a more proactive stance on things, and chooses to view the holidays as a time to celebrate the life of her late father, including all of the amazing things he accomplished and all of their memories together.

It’s somewhat ironic that the late entertainer would end up passing away on Christmas Day, as many of his hit songs were intrinsically tied to the holiday. Dean Martin certainly wasn’t averse to Christmas music, and loved singing about the holiday almost as much as the audience loved hearing him sing about it. Dean Martin put his own spin on pretty much every holiday classic that you could think of, including what is arguably the most popular rendition of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” that has ever graced the public. Deana Martin is certainly grateful for all of the recorded material that her father left behind, as it allows her to feel that her late father is still “with [her] all the time”. She can simply put on one of her father’s old records or movies and feel his presence as if he was still there with her in the flesh.

It may be somewhat of a warm and welcome surprise for many of Dean Martin’s fans to learn just what a family man the entertainer was. Despite being labelled “The King of Cool” by the media and his fan base, he was always much more interested in doing right by his family than he was in doing right by the audience. He was such a professional, though, that he was somehow able to juggle both halves of his life effortlessly, with the audience never realizing that he cared less about them than his beloved family. According to Deana, Dean “wasn’t the party animal that everyone thought he was [due to his Las Vegas tenure and his history with Frank Sinatra]”. She claims that “he would go on the road, but not a lot, because he loved to be home [with his family most of all]”. No matter what was going on in his entertainment career, Deana and her family could always rely on their patriarch to come home on time and spend time with them. Deana fondly recalls how “[her father] liked to play games and cards with [her and her family], and [how they] would all have dinner together”. She was also no stranger to her father’s winning charisma, saying that, when he was at home, “he was funny and sweet and always had a smile on his face.”

Unsurprisingly, Christmas was a fairly big deal in the Martin household, and the entertainer would always put extra effort into making sure that each and every holiday he spent with his family was worthy of their memories. They would decorate the house together, stringing up lights on the Christmas tree and singing carols. Dean Martin may have enjoyed singing for an audience, but he arguably enjoyed singing with alone in his home with his family even more. It’s these kind of memories that stick with Deana as she puts on her father’s old records during the holidays, and, despite the fact that he’s now passed on, she can still smile and feel his warm presence with her. Deana is no amateur herself, having performed on stage with her father while he was alive. The 72-year-old still carries on the tradition of singing to this day, and has recently gone out in public and performed some of her father’s most popular tunes in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of his passing. Dean Martin may no longer be alive in the traditional sense, but he is still certainly alive in the hearts of all of the many people that he touched, both as an entertainer and as a father.

Dean Martin and Christmas go almost hand-in-hand, and the fact that he ended up passing on the holiday is a fairly incredible coincidence. His Christmas songs touched the hearts of all who heard them, and they continue to touch the hearts of all those who hear them today. Comment down below to share your favorite Dean Martin Christmas song, or other favorite Dean Martin moment! As always, like the video if you enjoyed it, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be notified when more Facts Verse videos are on the way!

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