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25 Unbelievable Things You Probably Never Knew Existed


Innovation and technology have made our lives easier. We all know about the latest technology in mobile devices and computers. There are other innovations that are relatively unknown. There are also things that occur that are absolutely incredible. Here are 25 unbelievable things you probably never even knew existed.

A Path Laying Machine

Thanks to this piece of technology, worker no longer need to worry about laying stone. Once the ground prepared, this machine says out an entire walkway automatically.

Internal Mechanisms

These are the internal mechanism for Patek Philippe watches. They are the most expensive in the world. This is why these watches are so expensive.

A Sunset and Eclipse Occurring At the Same Time

This is a phenomenon that almost ever occurs. An eclipse is rare, but when it happens at the same time as the sunset, it is absolutely amazing.

A Border Fence

When you think about a border fence, you think of a tall, straight fence. This one is different. The fence near Algodones Sand Dunes in Southern California is curvy and follows the curvy terrain. It is a sight to see.

Cubes Of Pyrite

This looks man-made, but it isn’t. This rock formation was the creation of Mother Nature, and it is incredible.

Designer Eggshell

Eggshells are fragile, which makes this one so incredible. There are over 20,000 holes drilled into it to give it this gorgeous pattern. This takes some serious skill.

Melting Glass

Glass melts in extreme temperatures. This is glass that melted during a fire. You can’t even tell that it was once a window.

The Deepest Swimming Pool

This is the deepest swimming pool in the world. It is 113-feet deep, and it holds 600,000 gallons of water.

A Child’s Skull

Everyone knows that you lose your baby teeth to make room for adult teeth. This skull shows the adult teeth sitting up above the baby ones. It gives you an idea of how the adult teeth grow in.

Unbelievable Things: Giant Swords

A giant sword memorial called, Sverd I fjell. It is located on the coast of Norway, and it is absolutely incredible.

A Cool Bridge

Not all bridges need to made of wood or steel. This bridge made from an old, hollowed out bus. It makes an interesting addition to the landscape.

The Inside Of a Cabbage

When you cut a cabbage in half, it shows an amazing geometrical pattern. Who knew that something so cool was hidden inside a simple vegetable?

Human Vision vs. Cat Vision

Humans and cats see things differently. This photo lets you see just how differently.

Unbelievable Things: A Crazy Cabinet

This cabinet carved to make it look visually distorted. It is absolutely amazing, and the carpenter is very talented.

Lightning Strike

This is a picture of the grass after it is struck by lightning. It almost looks like the lightning captured in the ground.

Bridge Over Icy Water

This photo doesn’t even look real. The ice in the water is broken up. It looks more like a geometrical pattern than it does like a bridge over icy water.

A Lenticular Cloud

It looks like the man in this photo is watching a UFO in the air. It is actually a cloud in the sky. And it is absolutely incredible.

A Road Through An Airport?

The landing area of most airports closed to the public for safety. The Gibraltar International Airport is different. There is a road that crosses right over the landing area.

Unbelievable Things: Bread Art?

The artist who created this is incredible. Each slice into the bread shows a picture. How does he do it?

A Lizard’s Skin

Most people know that lizards shed their skin; however, they often shed in sections. This lizard shed the skin on its face in one complete piece. This rarely happens.

An Undersea Cable

This is the cross-section of an undersea cable. You don’t get to see these too often since they are under the water.

The View Of Atlantis

Thanks to the International Space Station, we get to see some incredible photos from outer space. The view of the Space Shuttle Atlantis is one of them.

A Liter Bottle Of Soda, Before

To make a liter bottle of soda, compressed air must be added. This is a bottle before the air is put in. It’s so tiny!

One Picture

It looks as though as four photos put into a collage. It is actually one picture designed to look like four.

Half a Plane

If you have ever wondered what a plane looks like when you remove half, here it is. It looks pretty amazing.

A Magic Trick

The way that these coins are stacked look like a magic trick. They are actually individually stacked coins, that hang over the edge without falling. Whoever pulled this off has some serious talent.

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