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World’s Largest Spiders

#1 Cerbalus Aravensis

While this spider is the smallest on this list, it is one of the largest in the world. It is a relatively new spider, as it was just discovered in Israel in 2009. It likes to hunt in the sand dunes in the deserts of Israel and they only come out at night. This could be the reason that it took us so long to discover this species. It has a leg span of 5 ½ inches and it lives underground where it peeks out every so often to jump on unsuspecting prey.

#2 The Brazilian Wandering Spider

Anyone who has a fear of spiders would not want to happen upon this species. Not only is it very large, with a leg span of 5.9 inches, but it has one of the deadliest venoms of all the species of spiders. Fortunately, it rarely kills humans, however, if it does bite you, you will be in extreme pain. While it is most commonly found in Brazil, it is not uncommon for these spiders to hitch a ride to the United States. One of these creepy looking spiders jumped into a banana box in Brazil, heading for a Whole Foods store in Oklahoma. The store employee who found the spider on the floor in the storeroom was very frightened not only by its size but by its intimidating appearance.

#3 The Camel Spider

There is a myth that this type of spider not only eats humans, it also eats camels. Fortunately, neither is true. They do have the power to really scare human, however. This spider is also called the scorpion spider because it is not only part of the spider family, it is also part of the scorpion family and it resembles both. This spider can grow up to 6 inches long, not counting its legs span. It is a very large, very frightening spider/scorpion.

#4 Hercules Baboon Spider

You will probably never see the Hercules Baboon spider in your life because it is the rarest spider in the world. This particular spider has not been seen or captured since the 1900’s. It is a huge spider, with a leg span of up to 8 inches. It did not get its name because it eats baboons. It actually got its name because it is furry and has the coloring of a baboon. The Hercules was added because it is such a big, strong spider. This spider is not dangerous to humans or animals since it only eats insects. Even though they are not threatening to us, just their size and appearance are enough to send your running away, screaming.

#5 Colombian Giant Black Tarantula

The technical name for this spider is the Xenesthis monstrosa. Because it is so difficult to pronounce, people call it the Colombian giant black tarantula. It has a leg span of up to a whopping 9.1 inches. The spider is mostly black, but can also have red and brown markings. When the spider gets old, it will start to go bald in the thorax area, the same way that all tarantulas do. This spider is harmless to humans, except the people who are afraid of spiders. The sheer size and appearance of this spider could give a person a heart attack.

#6 Brazilian Giant Tawny Red Tarantula

This is another spider that is native to Brazil. It can also be found in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. It has an amazing leg span of up to 10.2 inches. This spider is different from most in the way that it parents its young. Most spiders will abandon their egg sack before it breaks and they will be on their way. This is not the case with the Brazilian Giant Tawny Red Tarantula. The mother will actually stay around to help its young break free from the egg sack. This is also a very popular spider sold in pet stores all over the world.

#7 Poecilotheria Rajaei

The Poecilotheria Rajaei spider is another species who has just recently been discovered. It was discovered in Sri Lanka in late 2009. The leg span on this spider can be up to 8 inches long. It has very unique markings with a pink and gray band on its abdomen. These spiders are most often found in fallen trees and rocks in Sri Lanka. Many people have also found them in their homes. If you have a fear of spiders, you may want to think twice before moving to Sri Lanka. You never know if you will walk into your kitchen and find one under your table.

#8 Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater

Don’t let the name of this spider scare you. It doesn’t actually eat birds, it actually feeds on insects, lizards, mice, and frogs. This monster of a spider has a leg span of up to 10 inches long. It is yet another spider who is native to Brazil. You will find it in the rainforest where it hides until it can pounce on its prey. It kills its prey by shooting its salmon pink hair to disable it. Next, it will pounce on its spray and it spits its digestive juices on it. This will make the prey start being digested before the spider even sucks it up. It is very viscous when it eats, but it is not a threat to humans. Only the ones who are scared of monster sized spiders.

#9 The Huntsman Spider

The Huntsman spider is one of the most terrifying spiders in the world. Its body can grow up to one foot long and it has a leg span of up to 6 inches long. This spider is also known as the banana spider because it is known to hitchhike in banana boxes to get to a new destination. This spider is most commonly found in Asia, but it has also been seen in the subtropical areas of California, Texas, and Florida. It is not just its appearance that makes it look so menacing, it is also the way that it moves. It is one of the fastest moving spiders and it can walk sideways. It can easily scurry up smooth surfaces, such as a window, with no problem at all. This is how it can get around so easily.

#10 The Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula

This is by far one of the most frightening spiders on the face of the Earth. It is also one of the worlds largest spiders.It is also the largest spider on the face of the Earth. The technical name for this spider is the Theraphosa Blondi. It is called the Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula due to its size and its eating habits. This bird is called the Goliath bird-eating tarantula because it actually is large enough to eat birds and it often does. Its body can grow up to one foot in length and its fangs are a whole inch long. It is considered to be larger than the Huntsman spider because it has a much heavier body mass. This spider has very small hairs on its body. It shoots the hairs whenever it feels threatened. This spider is often found in the rainforests of South America and oddly enough, many people buy them for pets to keep in their homes. It is one of the only species of spider that actually makes noise. When it rubs its legs together, it makes a hissing sound. You can hear this horrifying sound from up to 15 feet away. While this spider feasts on birds, frogs, and insects, it will bite a human being if it feels threatened. Its bite won’t kill you, however, you can expect to experience severe pain, profuse sweating, and severe nausea. If you happen to see this spider, you might ant to run as far away as possible.

#11 The Giant Hawaiian Can Spider

This is one of the most terrifying spiders in the world. It can grow to 3 to 4 inches long, ad it is light brown. This spider is found on all of the Hawaiian Islands, as its name implies. These spiders will either live outdoors and they often find their way into people’s homes. This is one of the only species of spider that does not spin a web. The mother will carry the egg sack in her mouth for up to a month so that she can guard her children. While this may be one of the scariest looking spiders in existence, it is actually quite helpful. It feasts on all types of insects, including insects that infest your homes, such as silverfish and cockroaches. Even though the giant Hawaiian cane spider can grow to be extremely large, it doesn’t grow as large as it is in this photo. This spider is actually a wolf spider photoshopped onto this house. It is a scary spider, but not quite this scary.

#12 The Heteropoda Maxima

This is a very frightening species of spider that was just discovered in 2011. It was found in a dark cave in Laos. It has an incredibly amazing leg span of up to 12 inches. It is a very unique spider, due to the way that it moves. It can extend its legs very easily, so when it is moving fast, is closely resembles a crab. It is its quick crab-like movements that help it catch its prey very easily. It is actually a species of the Huntsman spider, but it is its own true species. You won’t need to worry about running into this spider since it only lives in dark caves. If you plan to go exploring the caves of Laos, you might want to be careful.

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