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Man Spots Frightened Kitten In The Middle Of A Busy Road And Realizes Her Tiny Paws Were Glued To The Ground

Chuck Hawley

Chuck Hawley is a husband and father from Oregon. Each day, he would leave for work at 7 am and drive down Silverton Road Northeast. He drove the same way to work each day that he says that it feels like he is on autopilot. He never had to think much on his way to work. Fortunately, he was paying attention one day because a tiny creature’s life depended on it.

A Box?

On his way to work, Chuck noticed what looked like a box in the middle of the road. None of the cars on the road that day stopped. Maybe the drivers didn’t have time to stop. Perhaps they were on autopilot and just didn’t notice it. Chuck saw it, and instead of driving around it, he pulled over. He walked into the road to get a closer look. As he got closer, he realized that it wasn’t a box. It was a tiny kitten. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He didn’t know why the kitten was just standing there. At first, he thought that he was afraid of the cars speeding past him, and he was frozen with fear. When Chuck got closer, he discovered the horrifying reason why the kitten was just standing there.


When Chuck tried the pick the kitten up, he realized that he was stuck to the ground. Man spots frightened kitten in the middle of a busy road, then realizes her tiny paws are glued to the ground. Someone had spread glue on the little kitten’s paws and stuck him to the street. The poor little guy was wet and cold. Chuck knew that he had to do something quickly if he was going to save him.

The Rescue

Chuck knew that he had to do something quickly because he and the kitten were both in great danger. Cars weren’t stopping; they were just going around Chuck and the kitten. He tried to pry the kitten’s paws off the road gently. When he did, he knew right away that he needed medical treatment. He brought the kitten to his car, and he seemed terribly frightened. Chuck put the kitten in his jacket to help him feel safe and secure while driving to the vet.


When Chuck got the kitten to the vet, they took the kitten right in. The vet told Chuck that the kitten was about 5-weeks-old. The first thing they had to do was remove the glue and the asphalt from the kitten’s feet. The glue had caused a chemical burn on the soles of the kitten’s feet. The vet had to treat the burns to prevent infection. The vet also discovered puncture wounds on the kitten’s neck, which also needed to be treated. The vet told Chuck that the kitten needed a lot of care for the next few weeks because the kitten no longer had his mother. Chuck told the vet that he would take the kitten home.

Sticky the Kitty

Chuck says that he and his family had recently been talking about adopting a cat. He just never expected to get one in such a dramatic way. He called his family to let them know that he was coming home with a surprise. Before leaving, the vet gave Chuck detailed instructions for caring for the kitten’s injuries and his health over the next few weeks.

Calling the Authorities

Chuck was appalled that someone would do something so horrible to such an innocent and adorable animal, so he contacted the sheriff’s office to let them know what happened to Sticky. They told Chuck that they would file a report, but there was very little chance that they would ever find the person responsible.

Caring For Sticky

Because Sticky wasn’t ready to be weaned off his mother’s milk, the family had to feed him formula from a bottle. Chuck and his family had no problem with doing this because Sticky was so sweet. The family already had a dog, which made Chuck worry at first about how the two would get along. The dog sniffed Sticky for a minute and then gave him kisses. The two quickly became best friends.

Treating Sticky’s Wounds

For the next two weeks, the family had to be vigilant with Sticky’s burn medication. It was the only way to treat his burns and prevent infection. They also had to keep Sticky’s litter box clean to prevent infection.

A Forever Home

Sticky’s life started off in a horrific way. Thanks to Chuck and his family, all of that is over, and he has a wonderful forever home. Chuck will always be grateful that he pulled over and saved Sticky that day. He has become a wonderful addition to the family.

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